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Julkaisut 2009
Publications 2009

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1 Ahonen JJ et al. Outsourcing through combining software departments of several companies.
2 Asikainen M et al. Designing and simulating a sensor network of a virtual intelligent home using TOSSIM simulator [cd-rom].
3 Figueroa K, Fredriksson K. Speeding up permutation based indexing with indexing.
4 Fredriksson K. Succinct backward-DAWG-matching.
5 Fredriksson K, Grabowski S. Nested counters in bit-parallel string matching.
6 Fredriksson K, Grabowski S. Average-optimal string matching.
7 Fredriksson K, Grabowski S. Fast convolutions and their applications in approximate string matching.
8 Fredriksson K, Nikitin F. Simple random access compression.
9 Haataja K. Security Threats and Countermeasures in Bluetooth-Enabled Systems.
10 Holopainen J et al. Roller: adding target-oriented behavior to a wheeled mobile agent.
11 Hyppönen K. Open Mobile Identity. Secure Identity Management and Mobile Payments Using Hand-Held Devices.
12 Hyppönen K et al. Transforming mobile platform with PKI-SIM card into an open mobile identity tool.
13 Jäntti M. Defining requirements for an incident management system: a case study [cd-rom].
14 Jäntti M. Lessons learnt from the improvement of customer support processess: a case study on incident management.
15 Jäntti M et al. Knowledge management challenges in customer support: a case study [cd-rom).
16 Kolehmainen M et al., ed. Adaptive and Natural Computing Algorithms. 9th International Conference, ICANNGA 2009, Kuopio, Finland, April 23-25, 2009, Revised Selected Papers.
17 Lahtela A. Automaattiset tunnistusteknologiat terveydenhuollossa: vaatimukset ja rajoitukset RFID-teknologialle.
18 Lahtela A. A short overview of the RFID technology in healthcare [cd-rom].
19 Lahtela A, Hassinen M. Requirements for radio frequency identification in healtcare.
20 Lahtela A, Jäntti M. Automated identification system for medication care process - Part I: System specification.
21 Lahtela A, Saranto K. RFID and medication care [cd-rom].
22 Lyytinen H et al. Designing and implementing an embedded Linux for limited resource devices [cd-rom].
23 Marttila-Kontio M et al. A monolithic program vs. modifiability: enhancing a visual data flow program with object-oriented techniques.
24 Marttila-Kontio M, Honkanen R. Not-so-free data flow in a visual data flow programming language.
25 Marttila-Kontio M et al. Visual data flow languages with action systems.
26 Mielikainen J et al. GPUs for data parallel spectral image compression.
27 Mielikainen J, Toivanen P. Lossless compression of ultraspectral sounder data using linear prediction with constant coefficients.
28 Miettinen A et al. Menetelmän kehittäminen sosiaalihuollon toimintaprosessien kuvaamiseen.
29 Mykkänen J et al. Four-level process modeling in healthcare SOA analysis and design.
30 Ojasalo J et al. Responsibility and Decision Making Transfer in Public Safety and Security Emergencies - A Case Study of School Shootings.
31 Oleinicov O et al. Designing and implementing a novel VoIP-application for symbian based devices [cd-rom].
32 Parviainen J et al. Comparative efficiency analysis of LPR and raw TCP/IP printing protocols [cd-rom].
33 Pohjolainen P. The development of software testing in Finland 1950-2000.
34 Pääkkönen J et al. Texture analysis of tissue samples using DTOCS and approximated path DTOCS.
35 Pääkkönen J et al. Texture analysis of tissue samples using APDTOCS with Color Components.
36 Rissanen H et al. Designing and implementing an intelligent Bluetooth-enabled robot car [cd-rom].
37 Toivanen M et al. Three-level analysis for shared understanding of information systems development.
38 Toroi T. Testing Component-Based Systems. Towards Conformance Testing and Better Interoperability.
39 Valtanen A et al. Improving the product documentation process of a small software company.
40 Wiander T et al. Managing information security within critical infrastructure actors - current status in Finland.

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