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Julkaisut 2009
Publications 2009

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1 Ahola L et al. Sand floor for farmed blue foxes: Effects on claws, adrenal cortex function, growth and fur properties.
2 Amstislavsky S. Reproductive biology and embryo technology in Mustelidae.
3 Amstislavsky S et al. Reproduction in the European mink, Musteola lutreola: Oestrus cyclicity and early pregnancy.
4 Anttonen MJ, Karjalainen RO. Evaluation of means to increase the content of bioactive phenolic compounds in soft fruits.
5 Guglielmetti E et al. Transfer of plasmid-mediated resistance to tetracycline in pathogenic bacteria from fish and aquaculture environments.
6 Hanhineva K et al. Stilbene synthase gene transfer resulted in down regulation of endogenous chalcone synthase in strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa) and led to the identification of novel phenylpropanoid glucosides.
7 Hanhineva K et al. NMR and UPLC-qTOF-MS/MS characterisation of novel phenylethanol derivates of phenylpropanoid glucosides from the leaves of strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa cv. Jonsok).
8 Hassinen V et al. Correlation of foliar MT2b expression with Cd and Zn concentrations in hybrid aspen (Populus tremula x tremuloides) grown in contaminated soil.
9 Hassinen VH. Search for Metal-Responsive Genes in Plants.
10 Hassinen VH et al. Metallothioneins 2 and 3 contribute to the metal-adapted phenotype but are not directly linked to Zn accumulation in the metal hyperaccumulator, Thlaspi caerulescens.
11 Hyvönen P et al. Effect of bovine lactoferrin on the internationalization of coagulase-negative staphylococci into bovine mammary epitelial cells under in-vitro conditions.
12 Jaakola L et al. Molecular aspects of bilberry (V.myrtillus) fruit ripening.
13 Julkunen P et al. Biomechanical, biochemical and structural correlations in immature and mature rabbit articular cartilage.
14 Karjalainen R et al. A review on bioactive compounds in black currants (Ribes nigurum L.) and their potential health-promoting properties.
15 Kemppinen N. Refinement and Reduction Outcomes of Cage Furniture and Restricted Feeding in Laboratory Rats.
16 Koistinen T. Farmed Blue Foxes' (Vulpes lagopus) Need for a Sand Floor.
17 Koistinen T et al. Relative value of a nest box, sand floor and extra space during the breeding season in adult blue fox males.
18 Koistinen T, Korhonen HT. Siniketut tekevät työtä päästäkseen virikkeen luokse.
19 Koistinen T et al. Position of operant cost affects blue foxes' time budget between sand floor and mesh floor.
20 Koistinen T et al. Bones as enrichment for farmed blue foxes (Vulpes lagopus): interaction with the bones and preference for a cage with the bones.
21 Korhonen HT, Koistinen T. Use of simultaneously available enrichments by farmed blue fox (Alopex Lagopus).
22 Kärenlampi SO, White PJ. Potato proteins, lipids, and minerals.
23 Lätti AK et al. Characterization of anthocyanins in Caucasian blueberries (Vaccinium arctostaphylos L.) native to Turkey.
24 Lötjönen P et al. Strain-dependent modulation of ultrasound speed in articular cartilage under dynamic compression.
25 Martiskainen P et al. Cow behaviour pattern recognition using three-dimensional accelerometer and support vector machines.
26 Myllymaa K et al. Improved adherence and spreading of Saos-2 cells on polypropylene surfaces achieved by surface texturing and carbon nitride coating.
27 Myllymaa K et al. Interactions between Saos-2 cells and microtextured amorphous diamond or amorphous diamond hybrid coated surfaces with different wettability properties.
28 Piltti J et al. Proteomics of chondrocytes with special reference to phosphorylation changes of proteins in steched human chondrosarcoma cells.
29 Plumed-Ferrer C, von Wright A. Fermented pig liquid feed: nutritional, safety and regulatory aspects.
30 Pyykönen T et al. A note on the reproductive success of primiparous blue fox vixens in social groups.
31 Qu C-J et al. Glucosamine sulphate does not increase extracellular matrix production at low oxygen tension.
32 Savela H et al. Comparison of accuracy of ultrasonography, progesterone, and pregnancy-associated glycoprotein tests for pregnancy diagnosis in semidomesticated reindeer.
33 Silvast TS et al. Contrast agent-enhanced computed tomography of articular cartilage: association with tissue composition and properties.
34 Silvast TS et al. pQCT study on diffusion and equilibrium distribution of iodinated anionic contrast agent in human articular cartilage - associations to matrix composition and integrity.
35 Tervahauta AI et al. Effect of birch (Betula spp.) and associated rhizoidal bacteria on the degradation of soil polyaromatic hydrocarbons, PAH-induced changes in birch proteome and bacterial community.
36 Toivanen M et al. Binding of Neisseria meningtidis pili to berry polyphenolic fractions.
37 Tuomisto L et al. Different housing systems for growing dairy bulls in Northern Finland - effects on performance, behaviour and immune system.
38 Vasco C et al. Phenolic compounds in Rosaceae fruits from Ecuador.
39 Vasco C et al. Chemical composition and phenolic compound profile of Mortiño (Vaccinium floribundum Kunth).
40 Wang WZ et al. Comparative analysis of gene expression profiles between the normal human cartilage and the one with endemic osteoarthritis.

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