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Julkaisut 2009
Publications 2009

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1 Battié MC et al. The Twin Spine Study: Contributions to a changing view of disc degeneration.
2 Bendel P. Imaging of the Brain After Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. One-year MRI Outcome of Surgical and Endovascular Treatment.
3 Bendel P et al. Brain atrophy and neuropsychological outcome after treatment of ruptured anterior cerebral artery aneurysms: a voxel-based morphometric study.
4 Danner N et al. Altered cortical inhibition in Unverricht-Lundborg type progressive myoclonus epilepsy (EPM1).
5 Ederle J et al. Long-term outcome of endovascular treatment versus medical care for carotid artery stenosis in patients not suitable for surgery and randomised in the Carotid and Vertebral Artery Transluminal Angioplasty study (CAVATAS).
6 Jauhiainen AM et al. Discriminating accuracy of medial temporal lobe volumetry and fMRI in mild cognitive impairment.
7 Koskenkorva P et al. Motor cortex and thalamic atrophy in Unverricht-Lundborg disease: Voxel-based morphometric study.
8 Kuusela J et al. Infrapopliteal balloon angioplasty for chronic critical limb ischemia in diabetic patients with uremia: When is it worth the effort?
9 Lehto SM et al. Altered hemispheric balance of temporal cortex dopamine D2/3 receptor binding in major depressive disorder.
10 Manninen H et al. How often does an incomplete circle of Willis predispose to cerebral ischemia during closure of carotid artery? Postmortem and clinical imaging studies.
11 Nevala T et al. Finnish multicenter study on the midterm results of use of the Zenith Stent-Graft in the treatment of an abdominal aortic aneurysm.
12 Nuutinen J et al. Perfusion differences on SPECT and PWI in patients with acuta ischemic stroke.
13 Ruuskanen A et al. Pain after uterine fibroid embolisation is associated with the severity of myometrial ischaemia on magnetic resonance imaging.
14 Simula S et al. Hemikraniektomia pahanlaatuisen aivoinfarktin hoidossa.
15 Sipola P et al. Influence of 12 weeks of jogging on magnetic resonance-determined left ventricular characteristics in previously sedentary subjects free of cardiovascular disease.
16 Turpeinen AK et al. Cardiac sympathetic activity is associated with inflammation and neurohumoral activation in patients with idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy.
17 Tähtinen OI et al. Wide-necked intracranial aneurysms: Treatment with stent-assisted coil embolization during acute (<72 hours) subarachnoid hemorrhage - experience in 61 consecutive patients.
18 Vanninen R, Vanninen E. Uudet kuvantamismenetelmät epilepsian diagnostiikassa.

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