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Julkaisut 2009
Publications 2009

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1 Ala-Korpela M et al. Letter by Ala-Korpela et al regarding article, "Lipoprotein particle profiles by nuclear magnetic resonance compared with standard lipids and apoliproteins in predicting incident cardiovascular disease in women.
2 Hanhineva K et al. Stilbene synthase gene transfer resulted in down regulation of endogenous chalcone synthase in strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa) and led to the identification of novel phenylpropanoid glucosides.
3 Hanhineva K et al. NMR and UPLC-qTOF-MS/MS characterisation of novel phenylethanol derivates of phenylpropanoid glucosides from the leaves of strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa cv. Jonsok).
4 Hassinen VH et al. Metallothioneins 2 and 3 contribute to the metal-adapted phenotype but are not directly linked to Zn accumulation in the metal hyperaccumulator, Thlaspi caerulescens.
5 Hiltunen M et al. Focal cerebral ischemia in rats alters APP processing and expression of Abeta peptide degrading enzymes in the thalamus.
6 Huttunen KM et al. The first bioreversible prodrug of metformin with improved lipophilicity and enhanced intestinal absorption.
7 Huttunen KM et al. Determination of metformin and its prodrugs in human and rat blood by hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography.
8 Hyvönen MT et al. Divergent regulation of the key enzymes of polyamine metabolism by chiral alpha-methylated polyamine analogues.
9 Häkkinen MR. N-alkylated Polyamine Analogues.
10 Häkkinen MR et al. Synthesis of novel deuterium labelled derivates of N-alkylated polyamines.
11 Isaksson H et al. Physical exercise improves properties of bone and its collagen network in growing and maturing mice.
12 Jokiniemi J et al. Poly[[my-aqua-aqua[myy4-ethyl(dichloromethylene)diphosphonato]sesquicalcium(II)] acetone hemisolvate 4.5-hydrate].
13 Jokiniemi J et al. Poly[(acetone)tetraaqua[my6-ethyl(dichloromethylene)diphosphonato]-[my5-ethyl (dichloromethylene)-diphosphonato]tribarium(II)].
14 Jokiniemi J et al. catena-Poly[[diaquacadmium(II)]-mu-(methyl morpholino dicholromethylene-disphosphonato)-kappa3O,O':O''-[tetraaqua-cadmium(II)-mu-(methyl morpholino dichloromethylenediphosphonato)-kappa3O:O',O''].
15 Jokiniemi J et al. Synthesis of phenyl substituted bisphosphonates and crystal structures and characterization of Cd complexes of (dichloromethylene)bisphosphonic acid phenyl and alkyl ester derivatives.
16 Jukarainen N. NMR Metabolomics Techniques and Mathematical Tools as an Aid in Neurological Diagnosis.
17 Juntunen R et al. Suboptimal recognition of a T cell epitope of the major dog allergen Can f 1 by human T cells.
18 Kaikkonen MU et al. (Strept)avidin-displaying lentiviruses as versatile tools for targeting and dual imaging of gene delivery.
19 Khomutov AR et al. Methylated analogs of spermine and spermidine as tools to investigate cellular functions of polyamines and the enzymes of their metabolism.
20 Kunnas-Hiltunen S et al. Syntheses, X-ray diffraction study and characterisations of Ni an Zn complexes of clodronic acid and its dibenzoyl derivate.
21 Kunnas-Hiltunen S et al. X-ray diffraction study of bisphosphonate metal complexes: Mg, Sr and Ba complexes of (dichloromethylene)bisphosphonic acid P,P'-dibenzoyl anhydride.
22 Lehtivarjo J et al. 4D prediction of protein 1H chemical shifts.
23 Lähdesmäki K et al. Phospholipase A2-modified LDL particles retain the generated hydrolytic products and are more atherogenic at acidic pH.
24 Pulkkinen J et al., inventor. Novel beta-hydroxyketones and beta-alkoxyketones with estrogenic activity.
25 Pulkkinen J et al., inventor. Novel 4,5-dihydroisoxazoles with estrogenic activity.
26 Savolainen E et al. Prevalence of antibodies against Chlamydia trachomatis and incidence of C. trachomatis-induced reactive arthritis in an early arthritis series in Finland in 2000.
27 Soininen P et al. High-throughput serum NMR metabonomics for cost effect holistic studies on systematic metabolism.
28 Storvik M et al. 5-HT1A receptors in the frontal cortical brain areas in cloninger type 1 and 2 alcoholics measured by Whole-Hemisphere Autoradiography.
29 Tynkkynen T et al. From proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectra to pH. assessment of 1H NMR pH indicator compound set for deuterium oxide solutions.

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