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Julkaisut 2009
Publications 2009

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1 Eriksson P et al. Gender and sources of finance in Finnish SMEs: a contextual view.
2 Eriksson P et al. Gender and growth of SMEs: The Finnish case.
3 Eriksson P, Rajamäki H. Biotechnology marketing culture [cd-rom].
4 Huovinen J, Littunen H. Habitual entrepreneurship: situational factors at different start-ups .
5 Jormakka R et al. Laskentatoimi.
6 Katila S, Eriksson P. Competent but no so caring - positioning female and male managers.
7 Katila S, Meriläinen S. Practice-based knowing and identity work: From Nice Girls to Professional Bitches.
8 Kiander J et al. Suomalainen tulopolitiikka poliittisena vaihdantana: sosiaalisen pääoman ja sosiaalisen palkan kehittyminen.
9 Littunen H, Virtanen M. Differentiating factors of venture growth: from statics to dynamics.
10 Meriläinen S et al. Autonomous renewal of gendered practices: interventions and their pre-conditions at an academic workplace.
11 Meriläinen S et al. Diversity management versus gender equality: The Finnish case.
12 Niskanen M et al. Demand for audit quality in small private firms: evidence on ownership effects.
13 Niskanen M, Miettinen M. Survival of start-ups: evidence on personal characteristics and lender evaluations.
14 Pellikka J. Commercialisation Processes in Small Technology Firms in the Finnish Healthcare Technology and ICT Sectors.
15 Rajamäki H. Creating a biotechnology spin-off: an ethno-dramatic approach [cd-rom].
16 Rajamäki H, Rajamäki S. Bridging science and business: an ethno-dramatic approach [cd-rom].
17 Ralston D et al. Ethical preferences for influencing superiors: A 41-society study.
18 Steijvers T, Niskanen M. Cash holdings of small and medium size private family firms: exploratory evidence on the effect of generational evolution.
19 Tihula S, Huovinen J. Reasons and situational factors behind the formation of management teams and other teams in small firms.
20 Tikkanen I. Pupils´ school meal diet behaviour in Finland: two clusters.
21 Tikkanen I. Pupils´and parents´ suggestions for developing school meals in Finland.
22 Tikkanen I. Is a plate model being followed by the pupils? Nine hypotheses.
23 Tikkanen I. Maslow's hierarchy and pupils' suggestions for developing school meals.
24 Tikkanen I et al. Snack service model for a comprehensive school.
25 Tikkanen I, Urho U-M. Free school meals, the plate model and food choices in Finland.

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