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1 Aaltomaa SH et al. Eight years experience of local prostate cancer treatment with permanent I(125) seed brachytherapy - Morbidity and outcome results.
2 Ahtiainen S et al. Electret matrix sensor for measurement of dynamic pressure distributions.
3 Anttila T et al. Size-dependent activation of aerosols into cloud droplets at a subarctic background site during the second Pallas Cloud Experiment (2nd PaCE): method development and data evaluation.
4 Aula AS et al. Simultaneous computed tomography of articular cartilage and subchondral bone.
5 Aula AS et al. Effect of bone marrow on acoustic properties of trabecular bone - 3D finite difference modelling study.
6 Berberat JE et al. Assessment of interstitial water content of articular cartilage with T1 relaxation.
7 Birmili W et al. Measurements of humidified particle number size distributions in a Finnish boreal forest: derivation of hygroscopic particle growth factors.
8 Bragge T et al. A transportable camera based motion analysis system with application to monitoring of rehabilitation of hand.
9 Canagaratna MR et al. Evolution of organic aerosols in the atmosphere.
10 Di Girolamo S. Sensing of Multimode Optic-Fiber Dynamic Strains by Using Self-Adaptive Holographic Interferometers.
11 Fauch L et al. Fast acquisition of reflectance spectra using wide spectral lines.
12 Georgiadis S et al. Kalman smoother based time-varying spectrum estimation of EEG during single agent propofol anesthesia.
13 Georgiadis SD et al. Time-varying multivariate correlation analysis of EEG during low dose propofol anesthesia.
14 Gröhn A et al. Reduction of fine particle emissions from wood combustion with optimized condensing heat exchangers.
15 Hamed A et al. Nucleation events in a polluted continental boundary layers as a source of CCN.
16 Hamed A et al. Increased coagulation scavenging does not explain suppression of nucleation events at high relative humidities?
17 Hao LQ et al. New particle formation from the oxidation of direct emissions of pine seedlings.
18 Huttunen JMJ, Kaipio JP. Model reduction in state identification problems with an application to determination of thermal parameters.
19 Huttunen T et al. Comparison of two wave element methods for the Helmholtz problem.
20 Hytönen K et al. Gas-particle distribution of PAHs in wood combustion emission determined with annular denuders, filter, and polyurethane foam adsorbent.
21 Isaksson H et al. Long-term voluntary exercise of male mice induces more beneficial effects on cancellous and cortical bone than on the collagenous matrix.
22 Isaksson H et al. Physical exercise improves properties of bone and its collagen network in growing and maturing mice.
23 Isaksson H et al. Sensitivity of tissue differentiation and bone healing predictions to tissue properties.
24 Jaatinen A et al. The applicability of three different nucleation event day prediction methods at three measurement sites in Europe.
25 Jaatinen A et al. A comparison of new particle formation events in the boundary layer at three different sites in Europe.
26 Jalkanen T et al. Optical gas sensing properties of thermally hydrocarbonized porous silicon Bragg reflectors.
27 Joutsensaari J et al. SOA formation by ozonolysis of biogenic VOCs emitted from biotic stressed boreal trees.
28 Julkunen P et al. Biomechanical, biochemical and structural correlations in immature and mature rabbit articular cartilage.
29 Julkunen P et al. Comparison of single-phase isotropic elastic and fibril-reinforced poroelastic models for indentation of rabbit articular cartilage.
30 Julkunen P et al. Comparison of navigated and non-navigated transcranial megnetic stimulation for motor cortex mapping, motor threshold and motor evoked potentials.
31 Julkunen P et al. Composition of the pericellular matrix modulates the deformation behaviour of chondrocytes in articular cartilage under static loading.
32 Kaivosoja E et al. Piin soluyhteensopivuuden parantaminen mikrokuvioinnilla.
33 Kaivosoja E et al. Mikrokuvioinnin vaikutus mesenkymaalisten kantasolujen adheesioon, levittäytymiseen ja luuksi.
34 Kaleva E. Optimization of Quantitative High-Frequency Ultrasound Imaging of Articular Cartilage.
35 Kaleva E et al. Effects of ultrasound beam angle and surface roughness on the quantitative ultrasound parameters of articular cartilage.
36 Kaleva E et al. Effects of ultrasound frequency, temporal sampling frequency, and spatial sampling step on the quantitative ultrasound parameters of articular cartilage.
37 Kamchiline AA et al. Statistics of dynamic speckles in application to distance measurements.
38 Kamshilin A, Miridonov SV. Speckle-based systems for range measurements.
39 Kamshilin AA et al. Adaptive interferometry with photorefractive crystals.
40 Karhunen K et al. Locating reinforcing bars in concrete with Electrical Resistance Tomography.
41 Karjalainen J et al. Ultrasound backscattering outperforms the clinically used ultrasound parameters in discrimination of osteoporotic-like human trabecular bone samples.
42 Karjalainen JP et al. Ultrasound backscatter imaging provides frequency-dependent information on structure, composition and mechanical properties of human trabecular bone.
43 Kilpeläinen M et al. In vivo delivery of a peptide, ghrelin antagonist, with mesoporous silicon microparticles.
44 Kivekäs N et al. Physical and chemical characteristics of aerosol particles and cloud-droplet activation during the Second Pallas Cloud Experiment (Second PaCE).
45 Kiviranta P et al. Differences in acoustic properties of intact and degenerated human patellar cartilage during compression.
46 Kokkola H et al. Intercomparison of aerosol modules in the framework of ECHAM5 climate model.
47 Kokkola H et al. Aerosol microphysics modules in the framework of the ECHAM5 climate model - intercomparison under stratospheric conditions.
48 Kolehmainen V et al. Approximation errors and model reduction in three-dimensional diffuse optical tomography.
49 Koponen T et al. CFD-based multiobjective optimization of plate heat exchangers.
50 Korhonen H et al. Large increase of ccn from sea spray due to wind speed change in the southern ocean.
51 Kortelainen A et al. V-TDMA data from chamber experiments.
52 Kourunen J et al. Suitability of a PXI platform for an electrical impedance tomography system.
53 Kärkkäinen M et al. Physical tests for patient selection for bone mineral density measurements in postmenopausal women.
54 Laaksonen MML et al. Associations of genetic lactase non-persistence and sex with bone loss in young adulthood.
55 Lehtonen J et al. Principal component and sampling analysis of color spectra.
56 Leppä J et al. Ion-UHMA: a model for simulating the dynamics of neutral and charged aerosol particles.
57 Leskinen A et al. Overview of the research activities and results at Puijo semi-urban measurement station.
58 Leskinen A et al. Recent research activities at the Puijo semi-urban measurement station.
59 Leskinen A et al. Recent research activities at the Puijo semi-urban measurement station.
60 Leskinen J et al. Ultrasound induced activation of cell signaling on human MG-63 osteoblastic cells.
61 Linnala M et al. Dynamic multiobjective optimization in papermaking process simulation.
62 Lipponen A et al. Non-stationary inversion with convection-diffusion models - approximation errors induced by non-steady-state flow fields.
63 Lipponen A et al. Estimation of non-stationary velocity fields using electrical impedance tomography.
64 Lipponen JA et al. Baseline removal from near infrared spectroscopy measurements for lactate concentration estimation.
65 Lipponen JA et al. Estimation of T-wave morphology using Gaussian functions.
66 Lipponen P et al. On the importance of in-plane shrinkage and through-thickness moisture gradient during drying on cockling and curling phenomena.
67 Lipponen P et al. On the role of drying induced cross-machine shrinkage on paper cockling phenomenon.
68 Luostari T et al. Plane wave methods for approximating the time harmonic wave equation.
69 Lyytikäinen M. Modelling and Optimising of Chevron-type Plate Heat Exchangers.
70 Lyytikäinen M et al. A fast modelling tool for plate heat exchangers based on depth-averaged equations.
71 Lähivaara T, Huttunen T. Epäjatkuva Galerkinin menetelmä elastiselle aaltoyhtälölle.
72 Lähivaara T, Huttunen T. Discontinuous Galerkin method for solving the 3D acoustic wave equation.
73 Lähivaara T et al. Elastisten aaltopulssien mallintaminen.
74 Lötjönen P et al. Strain-dependent modulation of ultrasound speed in articular cartilage under dynamic compression.
75 Madetoja E et al., ed. Papermaking Research Symposium (PRS2009). Book of Abstracts. CD-ROM Proceedings.
76 Madetoja E et al., ed. Papermaking Research Symposium (PRS 2009) CD-ROM Proceedings.
77 Madetoja E et al. Approach for visualizing multi-dimensional pareto-optimal fronts using a 3D VR system.
78 Makkonen R et al. Sensitivity of aerosol concentrations and cloud properties to nucleation and secondary organic distripution in ECHAM5-HAM global circulation model.
79 Malila J et al. Densities of critical clusters from nucleation experiments.
80 Malila J et al. Densities of critical nuclei from measurements of the pressure dependence of nucleation rate.
81 Malinen H et al. Satakunnan ammattikorkeakoulun laadunvarmistusjärjestelmän auditointi.
82 Meigal AI et al. Novel parameters of surface EMG in patients with Parkinson's disease and healthy young and old controls.
83 Mielonen T et al. Comparison of caliop level 2 aerosol subtypes to aerosol types derived from aeronet inversion data.
84 Mielonen T et al. Comparison of CALIOP level 2 aerosol subtypes to aerosol types derived from AERONET inversion data.
85 Miettinen M et al. Development of a highly controlled gasphase nanoparticle generator for inhalation exposure studies.
86 Miettinen P, Laaksonen A. Size resolved aerosol particle flux measurements: sampling methods and quality monitoring.
87 Miettinen SSA et al. Effect of locally administered zoledronic acid on injury-induced intramembranous bone regeneration and osseointegration of a titanium implant in rats.
88 Mikkonen S et al. Statistical analysis of factors affecting to the number concentration of atmospheric aerosols in two polluted areas.
89 Miridonov SV et al. Accuracy of measuring systems using dynamic speckles.
90 Myllymaa K et al. Improved adherence and spreading of Saos-2 cells on polypropylene surfaces achieved by surface texturing and carbon nitride coating.
91 Myllymaa K et al. Interactions between Saos-2 cells and microtextured amorphous diamond or amorphous diamond hybrid coated surfaces with different wettability properties.
92 Myllymaa S et al. Fabrication and testing of polyimide-based microelectrode arrays for cortical mapping of evoked potentials.
93 Myllymaa S et al. Flexible implantable thin film neural electrodes.
94 Niinimäki K et al. Bayesian Multiresolution Method for Local Tomography [ CD-ROM ].
95 Niinimäki K et al. Bayesian multiresolution method for local X-ray tomography in dental radiology.
96 Nippolainen E et al. Optical orientation of dipolar centers: theory, experiment, application .
97 Niskanen E et al. Principal component approach for mapping functional connectivity in event-related fMRI.
98 Nissinen A et al. Compensation of errors due to discretization, domain truncation and unknown contact impedances in electrical impedance tomography.
99 Normi V et al. Predicting collapse of the solid content in a column flotation cell using tomographic imaging technique [CD-ROM].
100 Olkkonen H, Olkkonen JT. Shift-invariant complex CQF wavelets.
101 Paananen P et al. Evaluating mixing efficiency when paper chemicals are fed close to the headbox.
102 Paatero J et al. Finnish contribution to the Arctic Summer Cloud Ocean Study (ASCOS) expedition, Arctic Ocean 2008.
103 Palmgren J-E, Lahtinen T. Fingerprint recognition to assist daily identification of radiotherapy patiens.
104 Partanen A-I et al. Optimization of sulphur injections to the stratosphere: 1-D model study on artificially produced stratospheric sulphate aerosol.
105 Partanen AI et al. Optimization of geoengineering by using one dimensional aerosol-climate model.
106 Pietikäinen M et al. Exposure assessment of particulates of diesel and natural gas fuelled buses in silico.
107 Portin HJ et al. Aerosol-cloud interactions at Puijo semi-urban measurement station.
108 Portin HJ et al. Observations of aerosol-cloud interactions at Puijo semi-urban measurement station.
109 Portin HJ et al. Observations of aerosol-cloud interactions at the Puijo semi-urban measurement station.
110 Raatikainen T. Thermodynamic Modelling of Multicomponent Aerosols.
111 Raatikainen T et al. Aerosol composition and properties of the organic fraction in Hyytiälä, Finland.
112 Remvig L et al. Skin extensibility and consistency in patients with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and benign joint hypermobility syndrome.
113 Rieppo J et al. Changes in spatial collagen content andcollagen network architecture in porcine articular cartilage duirng growth and maturation.
114 Riikonen J et al. Determination of the physical state of drug molecules in mesoporous silicon with different surface chemistries.
115 Riikonen J et al. A novel method of quantifying the u-shaped pores in SBA-15.
116 Rimpiläinen V et al. An electrical impedance tomography-based approach to monitor in vitro sodium chloride dissolution from pharmaceutical tablets.
117 Rissanen SM et al. Analysis of dynamic voluntary muscle contractions in Parkinson's disease.
118 Romakkaniemi S et al. Effect of droplet number concentration on the radiative fog.
119 Romakkaniemi S et al. Large eddy simulations of radiative fog.
120 Romakkaniemi S et al. A comparison between trajectory ensemble and adiabatic parcel modeled cloud properties and evaluation against airborne measurements.
121 Ruotsalainen H et al. Nonlinear interactive multiobjective optimization method for radiotherapy treatment planning with Boltzmann transport equation.
122 Ruotsalainen H et al. Predicting the copy paper thickness with a statistical model using pressing variables.
123 Saarakkala S et al. Comprehensive optimization process of paranasal sinus radiography.
124 Saarelainen H et al. Flow mediated vasodilation and circulating concentrations of high sensitive C-reactive protein, interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha in normal pregnancy - The Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study.
125 Saarelainen M, Hirvonen PE. Designing a teaching sequence for electrostatics at undergraduate level by using educational reconstruction.
126 Semenov D et al. Distance sensing to rough semitransparent and multiscattering materials using dynamic speckles.
127 Seppälä J et al. Major reduction of monitor units with the avoidance of leaf-sequencing step by direct aperture based IMRT optimisation.
128 Seppänen A et al. Electrical resistance tomography imaging of concrete.
129 Seppänen A et al. State estimation in process tomography - reconstruction of velocity fields using EIT.
130 Sihto S-L et al. Aerosol dynamics simulations on the connection of sulphuric acid and new particle formation.
131 Silvast TS et al. Contrast agent-enhanced computed tomography of articular cartilage: association with tissue composition and properties.
132 Silvast TS et al. pQCT study on diffusion and equilibrium distribution of iodinated anionic contrast agent in human articular cartilage - associations to matrix composition and integrity.
133 Silvast TS et al. Diffusion and near-equilibrium distribution of MRI and CT contrast agents in articular cartilage.
134 Sirola J et al. Sister's fracture history may be associated with perimenopausal bone fragility and modifies the predictability of fracture risk.
135 Sorjamaa R et al. Case studies on satellite based and in situ measured cloud microphysical properties.
136 Tarvainen MP et al. Time-Varying spectrum estimation of heart rate variability signals with Kalman smoother algorithm.
137 Tarvainen MP et al. Analysis of heart rate variability dynamics during propofol anesthesia.
138 Tiihonen P. Novel Portable Devices for Recording Sleep Apnea and Evaluating Altered Consciousness.
139 Tiihonen P et al. Accuracy of automatic analysis of ambulatory recordings of nocturnal breathing disorders is significantly instrumentation dependent.
140 Tiihonen P et al. Evaluation of a novel ambulatory device for screening of sleep apnea.
141 Tiihonen P et al. Design, construction and evaluation of an ambulatory device for screening of sleep apnea.
142 Tiitta M et al. Spectral and chemical analyses of mould development on Scots pine heartwood.
143 Tiitta M et al. Electromagnetic and combined methods for wood material characterization.
144 Tiitta P. The Physical and Chemical Properties of Traffic-related and Biogenic Aerosols.
145 Tiitta P et al. Roadside ufp study using hygroscopic, organic and volatility tdmas.
146 Tiitta P et al. Roadside aerosol study using hygroscopic, organic and volatility TDMAs.
147 Tomppo L et al. Dielectric spectroscopy of Scots pine.
148 Tomppo L et al. Ultrasound evaluation of lathe check depth in birch veneer.
149 Tomppo L et al. Electromagnetic measurement of green and RH 65 % conditioned wood samples.
150 Tran Y et al. The relationship between spectral changes in heart rate variability and fatigue.
151 Vaattovaara P. The Organic Tandem Differential Mobility Analyzer: Instrument development and studies of freshly nucleated and Aitken mode size atmospheric nanoparticle compositions at marine and forest environments.
152 Vaattovaara P et al. The evolution of nucleation- and Aitken-mode particle compositions in a boreal forest environment during clean and pollution-affected new-particle formation events.
153 Vaattovaara P et al. Ultrafine particle observation on the open water arctic ocean close to ice edge: secondary organic contribution.
154 Vaattovaara P et al. Secondary organic contribution to particles formed on the ice melted Arctic ocean.
155 Vatanen T et al. Enhancement of electron-beam surface dose with an electron multi-leaf collimator (eMLC) : a feasibility study.
156 Vatanen T et al. Comparison of conventional inserts and an add-on electron MLC for chest wall irradiation of left-sided breast cancer.
157 Vatanen T et al. The effect of electron collimator leaf shape on the build-up dose in narrow electon MLC fielda.
158 Vatanen Tero et al. Comprarsion of conventional inserts and add-on electron MLC for chest wall irradiation of left-sided breast cancer.
159 Vesterinen M et al. The plant flow chamber simulation using a condensational growth model.
160 Viinikka J et al. Processing intrusion detection alert aggregates with time series modeling.
161 Viren T et al. Minimally invasive ultrasound method for intra-articular diagnostics of cartilage degeneration.
162 Voutilainen A, Kaipio JP. Model reduction and pollution source identification from remote sensing data.
163 Vuollekoski H et al. Iodine dioxide nucleation simulations in coastal and remote marine environments.
164 Väänänen P et al. Fixation properties of a biodegradable "free-form" osteosynthesis plate with screws with cut-off screw heads: biomechanical evaluation over 26 weeks.
165 Zacharopoulos A et al. 3D shape based reconstruction of experimental data in Diffuse Optical Tomography.

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