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Julkaisut 2009
Publications 2009

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1 Aaltonen J, Rades T. Towards physico-relevant dissolution testing: The importance of solid-state analysis in dissolution.
2 Annola K et al. Transplacental transfer of nitrosodimethylamine in perfused human placenta.
3 Chieng N et al. Formation kinetics and stability of carbamazepine-nicotinamide cocrystals prepared by mechanical activation.
4 del Amo EM et al. In vitro-in vivo correlation in p-glycoprotein mediated transport in intestinal absorption.
5 Egorova A et al. Chemokine-derived peptides as carriers for gene delivery to CXCR4 expressing cells.
6 Heikkinen A et al. Kinetics of cellular retention during Caco-2 permeation experiments: Role of lysosomal sequestration and impact on permeability estimates.
7 Jauhiainen M et al. Analysis of endogenous ATP analogs and mevalonate pathway metabolites in cancer cell cultures using liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization mass spectrometry.
8 Juuti M et al. Optical and terahertz measurement techniques for flat-faced pharmaceutical tablets: a case study of gloss, surface roughness and bulk properties of starch acetate tablets.
9 Jyrkkärinne J. Functional and Structural Studies on the Nuclear Receptor CAR.
10 Kilpeläinen M et al. In vivo delivery of a peptide, ghrelin antagonist, with mesoporous silicon microparticles.
11 Korjamo T et al. Analysis of unstirred water layer in in vitro permeability experiments.
12 Laitinen R. Physical Modification of Drug Release Controlling Structures. Hydrophobic Matrices and Fast Dissolving Particles.
13 Laitinen R et al. Intraorally fast-dissolving particles of a poorly soluble drug: Preparation and in vitro characterization.
14 Mannermaa E et al. Efflux protein expression in human retinal pigment epithelium cell lines.
15 Mannila J et al. Cyclodextrins and chitosan derivatives in sublingual delivery of low solubility peptides: A study using cyclosporin A, alpha-cyclodextrin and quaternary chitosan N-betainate.
16 Matero S et al. The feasibility of using acoustic emissions for monitoring of fluidized bed granulation.
17 Matero S et al. Monitoring the wetting phase of fluidized bed granulation process using multi-way methods: The separation of successful from unsuccessful batches.
18 Matilainen L et al. The stability and dissolution properties of solid glucagon/gamma-cyclodextrin powder.
19 Miettinen SSA et al. Effect of locally administered zoledronic acid on injury-induced intramembranous bone regeneration and osseointegration of a titanium implant in rats.
20 Mitrofan LM et al. The level of ATP analog and isopentenyl pyrophosphate correlates with zoledronic acid-induced apoptosis in cancer cells in vitro.
21 Paakkunainen M et al. Uncertainty in dissolution test of drug release.
22 Pajander J. Prolonged Release Starch Acetate Matrix Tablets. Relationships Between Formulation Properties and in vitro Dissolution Behaviour.
23 Pajander J et al. Effect of formulation parameters and drug-polymer interactions on drug release from starch acetate matrix tablets.
24 Pulkkinen J et al., inventor. Novel beta-hydroxyketones and beta-alkoxyketones with estrogenic activity.
25 Pulkkinen J et al., inventor. Novel 4,5-dihydroisoxazoles with estrogenic activity.
26 Pulkkinen M et al. In vivo implantation of 2,2'-bis(oxazoline)-linked poly-epsilon-caprolactone: Proof for enzyme sensitive surface erosion and biocompatibility.
27 Puttonen J. Pharmacokinetics of Levosimendan and its Metabolites in Humans with Special Emphasis on the Effect of Renal and Liver Impairment .
28 Rimpiläinen V et al. An electrical impedance tomography-based approach to monitor in vitro sodium chloride dissolution from pharmaceutical tablets.
29 Roelofs AJ et al. Peripheral blood monocytes are responsible for gammadelta T cell activation induced by zoledronic acid through accumulation of IPP/DMAPP.
30 Ruponen M et al. Intracellular DNA release and elimination correlate poorly with transgene expression after non-viral transfection.
31 Räikkönen J et al. Zoledronic acid induces formation of a pro-apoptotic ATP analogue and isopentenyl pyrophosphate in osteoclasts in vivo and in MCF-7 cells in vitro.
32 Vlasova MA et al. Cardiovascular effects of ghrelin antagonist in conscious rats.

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