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Julkaisut 2008
Publications 2008

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1 Ahlbom A et al. Possible effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on human health. Opinion of the scientific committee on emerging and newly identified health risks (SCENIR).
2 Akieh MN et al. Preparation and characterization of sodium iron titanate ion exchanger and its application in heavy metal removal from waste waters.
3 Asikainen V. Kiinteistön omistajan opas sisäilmaongelmaisten koulurakennusten kunnon tutkimiseen ja korjaushankkeisiin.
4 Asikainen V, Peltola S. Sisäilmaongelmaisten koulurakennusten korjaaminen. Osa 1. Kiinteistön omistajan opas sisäilmaongelmaisten koulurakennusten kunnon tutkimiseen ja korjaushankkeisiin.
5 Baverstock K. Implications of new radiobiological insights for the long term management of high level radioactive waste.
6 Baverstock K, Rönkkö M. Epigenetic regulation of the mammalian cell.
7 Biasi C et al. Direct experimental evidence for the contribution of lime to CO2 release from managed peat soil.
8 Biasi C et al. Initial effects of experimental warming on carbon exchange rates, plant growth and microbial dynamics of a lichen-rich dwarf shrub tundra in Siberia.
9 Björk EA. Measurements of ground effect under downward refracting conditions.
10 Blande JD et al. Host foraging for differentially adapted brassica-feeding aphids by the braconid parasitoid Diaeretiella rapae.
11 De Prisco G et al. SAR and efficiency evaluation of a 900 MHz waveguide chamber for cell exposure.
12 Eninger RM et al. Filter performance of N99 and N95 facepiece respirators against viruses and ultrafine particles.
13 Forsman J et al. Production of cobalt and nickel particles by hydrogen reduction.
14 Freiwald V et al. Elevated ozone modifies the feeding behaviour of the common leaf weevil on hybrid aspen through shifts in developmental, chemical, and structural properties of leaves.
15 Freiwald V. Does Elevated Ozone Predispose Northern Deciduous Tree Species to Abiotic and Biotic Stresses?
16 Heijari J et al. Effect of long-term forest fertilization on Scots pine xylem quality and wood borer performance.
17 Heijari J et al. Long-term effects of exogenous methyl jasmonate application on Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris) needle chemical defence and diprionid sawfly performance.
18 Heikkinen M et al. Modelling of activated sludge treatment process in a pulp mill using neutral networks.
19 Heikkinen M et al. Process states and their submodels using self-organizing maps in an activated sludge treatment plant.
20 Heikkinen M et al. SOM-based modelling for an sctivated sludge treatment process.
21 Heikkinen M et al. A modeling and optimization tool for the expandable polystyrene batch process.
22 Himanen SJ. Climate Change and Genetically Modified Insecticidal Plants. Plant-Herbivore Interactions and Secondary Chemistry of Bt Cry I Ac-Toxin Producing Oilseed Rape (Brassica napus L.) Under Elevated CO2 or O3.
23 Himanen SJ et al. Constitutive and herbivore-inducible glucosinolate concentrations in oilseed rape (Brassica napus) leaves are not affected by Bt Cry1Ac insertion but change under elevated atmospheric CO2 and O3.
24 Himanen SJ et al. Interactions of elevated carbon dioxide and temperature with aphid feeding on transgenic oilseed rape: are Bacilllus thuringiensis (Bt) plants more susceptible to nontarget herbivores in future climate?
25 Holopainen JK. Importance of olfactory and visual signals of autumn leaves in the coevolution of aphids and trees.
26 Holopainen R et al. Ilmanvaihtojärjestelmän puhdistus ja tasapainotus. Tavoitteena hyvä ja energiataloudellinen sisäilmasto.
27 Huang X et al. Water quality in the Tibetan Plateau: metal contents of four selected rivers.
28 Hyttinen M et al. Reverse aging of the sooty ventilation filters.
29 Hyttinen M et al. Reactions of ozone and air with soot on ventilation and quartz filter.
30 Hytönen K et al. State-of-the-art of small-scale biomass combustion with respect to fine particle emissions - country report from Finland.
31 Häikiö E et al. Differences in leaf characteristics between ozone-sensitive and ozone-tolerant hybrid aspen (Populus tremula x Populus tremuloides) clones.
32 Höytö A. Cellular Responses to Mobile Phone Radiation : Proliferation, Cell Death and Related Effects.
33 Höytö A et al. Proliferation, oxidative stress and cell death in cells exposed to 872 MHz radiofrequency radiation and oxidants.
34 Höytö A et al. Radiofrequency radiation does not significantly affect ornithine decarboxylase activity, proliferation, or caspase-3 activity of fibroblasts in different physiological conditions.
35 Ibrahim MA et al. The influence of different nutrient levels on insect-induced plant volatiles in Bt and conventional oilseed rape plants.
36 Ilonen K et al. Indoor transformer stations as predictors of residential ELF magnetic field exposure.
37 Jauhiainen J et al. Carbon dioxide and methane fluxes in drained tropical peat before and after hydrological restoration.
38 Jokiniemi J et al. Particle measurement and particle sampling.
39 Jokitulppo J et al. Military and leisure-time noise exposure and hearing thresholds of Finnish conscripts.
40 Juutilainen J. Do electromagnetic fields enhance the effects of environmental carcinogens?
41 Järnström H et al. Pintojen emissioiden vaikutus sisäilman laatuun uusissa asuinrakennuksissa.
42 Järnström H et al. The impact of emissions from structures on indoor air concentrations in newly finished buildings - predicted on on-site measured levels.
43 Kaartokallio H et al. Succession of sea-ice bacterial communities in the Baltic Sea fast ice.
44 Kalliokoski P. Mittausstrategia.
45 Kalliokoski P. Mittauksia ohjaavat normit.
46 Kemppinen N et al. Exposure in the shoebox: comparison of physical environment of IVCs and open rat cages.
47 Koivunen J, Heinonen-Tanski H. Dissolved air flotation (DAF) for primary and tertiary treatment of municipal wastewaters.
48 Korpi A, Naarala J. Flataattien vaikutuksista soluaktivaatioon ja solukuolemaan.
49 Korpi A et al. Altistuminen TBEP:lle siivoustyön aikana.
50 Korpi A et al. Exposure to TBEP during cleaning work.
51 Kurnitski J et al. Koulurakennusten sisäilmasto-ongelmien ja kosteusvaurioiden korjaaminen -opas.
52 Kusnetsov J et al. Jätevedet legionellojen ja ympäristömykobakteerien uusia potentiaalisia ympäristölähteitä.
53 Lehto T et al. Freezing tolerance of ectomycorrhizal fungi in pure culture.
54 Linnainmaa M et al. Laboratory and field testing of sampling methods for inhalable and respirable dust.
55 Liukkonen M et al. Selecting variables for quality predictions in wave soldering by using multi-layer perceptrons.
56 Lätti AK et al. Analysis of anthocyanin variation in wild populations of bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.) in Finland.
57 Markkanen A et al. Pre-Exposure to 50 Hz magnetic fields modifies menadione-Induced DNA damage response in murine L929 cells.
58 Mitrakos D et al. Aerosol flow in a tube furnace reactor of gas-phase synthesised silver nanoparticles.
59 Mustonen SM et al. Evaluating online data of water quality changes in a pilot drinking water distribution system with multivariate data exploration methods.
60 Mäkinen M et al. Exposure to flame retartands during a fire in two apartments.
61 Mäkinen M et al. Altistuminen palonestoaineille ja ftalaateille suomalaisissa kodeissa.
62 Mäkinen M et al. Exposure to flame retardants and phthalates in dwellings.
63 Mäntylä E et al. From plants to birds: higher avian predation rates in trees responding to insect herbivory.
64 Mörsky SK et al. Long-term ozone effects on vegetation, microbial community and methane dynamics of boreal peatland microcosms in open-field conditions.
65 Nerg A-M et al. The significance of ectomycorrhizas in chemical quality of Silver Birch foliage and above-ground insect herbivore performance.
66 Niska H et al. Characterisation of the chemical and biological properties of molecules with QSAR/QSPR and chemical grouping, and its application to a group of alkyl ethers.
67 Nissinen A. Towards Ecological Control of Carrot Psyllid (Trioza apicalis).
68 Oonnittan A et al. Remediation of hexachlorobenzene in soul by enhanced eletrokinetic Fenton process.
69 Oravisjärvi K et al. Air pollution and PEF measurements of children in the vicinity of a steel works.
70 Palosuo T et al. Projecting effects of intensified biomass extraction with alternative modelling approaches.
71 Peltonen Y, Kalliokoski P. Näytteenottopumput.
72 Pinto DM. Ozonolysis of Constitutively-emitted and Herbivory-induced Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from Plants. Consequences in Multitrophic Interactions.
73 Pinto DM et al. Host location behavior of Cotesia plutellae Kurdjumov (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) in ambient and moderately elevated ozone in field conditions.
74 Pirkanniemi K et al. Complexing agents in waste waters of Finnish electrolytic and chemical surface treatment plants.
75 Puton J et al. Ion mobility spectrometers with doped gases.
76 Putus T et al. Uimahallien henkilökunnan hengityselinoireet.
77 Rassaei L. Assembly and Characterization of Nanomaterials into Thin Film Electroanalysis.
78 Rassaei L et al. Binding site control in a layer-by-layer deposited chitosan-carbon nanoparticle film eletrode.
79 Rassaei L et al. Arsenite determination in phosphate media at electroaggregated gold nanoparticle deposits.
80 Rassaei L et al. Modified carbon nanoparticle-chitosan film electrodes: physisorption versus chemisorption.
81 Rassaei L et al. Layer-by-layer assembly of Ru3+ and Si8O8-20 into electrochemically active silicate films.
82 Riikonen J et al. Carbon gain and bud physiology in Populus tremuloides and Betula papyrifera grown under long-term exposure to elevated concentrations of CO2 and O3.
83 Riikonen J et al. Stomatal characteristic and infection biology of Pyrenopeziza betulicola in Betula pendula trees grown under elevated CO2 and O3.
84 Rinnan R et al. Plant-mediated effects of elevated ultraviolet-B radiation on peat microbial communities of a subarctic mire.
85 Roivainen P et al. Soil-to-plant transfer of uranium and its distribution between plant parts in boreal forest.
86 Rokhina EV et al. Optimization of pulp mill effluent treatment with catalytic absorbent using orthogonal second-order (Box-Behnken) experimental design.
87 Räsänen R-M et al. Determination of gas phase triacetone triperoxide with aspiration ion mobility spectrometry and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.
88 Räsänen T, Kolehmainen M. Neural Network based method for predicting regional visitor attendance levels in recreational areas.
89 Räsänen T et al. Reducing energy consumption by using self-organizing maps to create more personalized electricity use information.
90 Räsänen T et al. Neural networks in process life cycle profit modelling.
91 Saari A et al. Methane fluxes and methane oxidation in a littoral wetland of boreal freshwater lake: effects of water table and nitrogen load.
92 Saarnio S et al. The carbon balance and greenhouse gas exchange in peatlands.
93 Salonen H et al. Common VOCs and formaldehyde in indoor air of Finnish buildings.
94 Shrestha RA et al. Effects of Mn(II) and Fe(II) on microbial removal of arsenic (III).
95 Shrestha RA, Sillanpää M. Influence of Eh/pH - barriers on releasing / accumulation of manganese and iron at sediment-water interface.
96 Shurpali NJ et al. Bare soil and reed canary grass ecosystem respiration in peat extraction sites in Eastern Finland.
97 Silfver T et al. Interactive effects of the elevated ozone and springtime frost on growth and physiology of birch (Betula pendula) in field conditions.
98 Silvennoinen H. Nitrogen and Greenhouse Gas Dynamics in Rivers and Estuaries of the Bothnian Bay (Northern Baltic Sea).
99 Silvennoinen H et al. Greenhouse gas fluxes from the eutrophic Temmesjoki River and its Estuary in the Liminganlahti Bay (the Baltic Sea).
100 Silvennoinen H et al. Denitrification and nitrous oxide effluxes in boreal, eutrophic river sediments under increasing nitrate load: a laboratory microcosm study.
101 Silvennoinen H et al. Denitrification and N2O effluxes in the Bothnian Bay (northern Baltic Sea) river sediments as affected by temperature under different oxygen concentrations.
102 Sippula O et al. Effects of chlorine and sulphur on particle formation in wood combustion performed in a laboratory scale reactor.
103 Starck J et al. Työhygienia.
104 Särkkä H et al. Electrochemical inactivation of paper mill bacteria with mixed metal oxide electrode.
105 Tiiva P. Isoprene Emission from Northern Ecosystems Under Climate Change.
106 Tiiva P et al. Climatic warming increases isoprene emission from a subarctic heath.
107 Tissari J. Fine Particle Emissions from Residential Wood Combustion.
108 Tissari J. Puun pienpolton päästöt.
109 Tissari J et al. Fine particle and gaseous emissions from normal and smouldering wood combustion in a conventional masonry heater.
110 Tissari J et al. Fine particle and gas emissions from the combustion of agricultural fuels fired in a 20 kW burner.
111 Tran K-Q et al. In-situ catalytic abatement of NOx during fluidized bed combustion - a literature study.
112 Tuan P-A et al. Electro-dewatering of sludge under pressure and non-pressure conditions.
113 Uusi-Kämppä J, Heinonen-Tanski H. Evaluating slurry broadcasting and injection to ley for phosphorus losses and fecal microorganisms in surface runoff.
114 Valkeinen R et al. Uimahallien allastilojen työolosuhteet.
115 Vallius M et al. Comparison of multivariate source apportionment of urban PM2.5 with chemical mass closure.
116 Vilve M et al. Ozonation for the degradation of organic compounds from nuclear laundry water.
117 Virkutyte J et al. Heavy metal distribution and chemical partitioning in Lake Saimaa (SE Finland) sediments and moss Pleurozium schreberi.

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