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Julkaisut 2008
Publications 2008

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1 Eloranta S et al. Accommodative Belief Revision.
2 Fredriksson K, Grabowski S. Efficient algorithms for pattern matching with general gaps, character classes, and transposition invariance.
3 Grabowski S, Fredriksson K. Bit-parallel string matching under Hamming distance in O(n[m/w] worst case time.
4 Haataja K. Further classification of Bluetooth-enabled ad-hoc networks depending on a risk analysis within each classified group [cd-rom].
5 Haataja K, Toivanen P. Practical man-in-the-middle attacks against Bluetooth secure simple pairing [cd-rom].
6 Haataja KMJ. New efficient intrusion detection and prevention system for Bluetooth networks [cd-rom].
7 Haataja KMJ, Hyppönen K. Man-In-The-Middle attacks on Bluetooth: a comparative analysis, a novel attack, and countermeasures [cd-rom].
8 Hassinen M et al. Utilizing national public-key infrastructure in mobile payment systems.
9 Hassinen M, Marttila-Kontio M. EMS coordination in large scale emergencies using automated patient monitoring [cd-rom].
10 Hassinen M, Marttila-Kontio M. A highly automated documentation system: component design.
11 Hassinen M et al. Secure two-way transfer of measurement data.
12 Honkanen RT. Scheduled routing in an optical hypercube.
13 Hyppönen K. An open mobile identity tool: an architecture for mobile identity management.
14 Hyppönen K et al. Pseudonymous mobile identity architecture based on government-supported PKI.
15 Hyppönen K et al. Combining biometric authentication with privacy-enhancing technologies.
16 Hämäläinen W, Nykänen M. Efficient discovery of statistically significant association rules.
17 Johansson M et al. Designing and implementing an intelligent ZigBee and WLAN enabled robot car.
18 Jäntti M. Difficulties in Managing Software Problems and Defects.
19 Jäntti M. Improving customer support and maintenance processes: a single point of contact service model.
20 Jäntti M, Pylkkänen N. Establishing a knowledge base for problem management, part II.
21 Jäntti M, Pylkkänen N. Improving customer support processes: a case study.
22 Koskinen J et al. Developing support for industrial software evolution decision making.
23 Laavola T et al. Designing and implementing an intelligent X-10-enabled home: studies in home intelligence [cd-rom].
24 Lahtela A et al. RFID and NFC in healthcare: safety of hospitals medication care [cd-rom].
25 Liimatainen J-P, Honkanen RT. Work-optimal routing in wavelength-division multiplexed dense optical tori.
26 Marttila-Kontio M, Hassinen M. Implementation of an automated documentation system with a visual data flow programming language.
27 Mattila J et al. Is the ontological approach for the grade concept a necessity for successful product profitability calculation in a paper mill?
28 Mielikäinen J, Toivanen P. Lossless compression of hyperspectral images using a quantized index to lookup tables.
29 Mielikäinen J, Toivanen P. Optimal granule ordering for lossless compression of ultraspectral sounder data.
30 Mäyrä H, Rönkkö M. Reverse engineering functional classes: a middleware case study.
31 Pääkkönen J et al. The effect of color space and wavelet bases in lossy wavelet compression.
32 Pääkkönen J et al. The choice of resolution level in lossy wavelet compression of color images.
33 Rönkkö M et al. Beyond particle systems: operator networks.
34 Rönkkö M, Wong G. Modeling the C. elegans nematode and its environment using a particle system.
35 Suhonen J et al. Collecting visual analogue scales and health assesment of patients with rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis using an USB controller [cd-rom].
36 Suhonen J et al. The effect of interference in the operation of ZigBee and Bluetooth robot cars [cd-rom].
37 Tervo H, Ahonen JJ. IT and infrastructure's lost dependability.
38 Tervo H et al. The impact of decision-making on information system dependability [cd-rom].
39 Valtanen A, Ahonen JJ. Big improvements with small changes: improving the processes of a small software company.

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