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Julkaisut 2008
Publications 2008

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1 Ilmarinen T et al. Functional interaction of AIRE with PIAS1 in transcriptional regulation.
2 Jyrkkänen H-K et al. Nrf2 regulates antioxidant gene expression evoked by oxidized phospholipids in endothelial cells and murine arteries in vivo.
3 Karvonen U et al. ZNF451 is a novel PML body- and SUMO-associated transcriptional coregulator.
4 Leskinen JJ et al. Genome-wide microarray analysis of MG-63 osteoblastic cells exposed to ultrasound.
5 Makkonen H et al. Identification of ETS-like transcription factor as a novel androgen receptor target in prostate cancer cells.
6 Mikhaylova IV et al. Leukemia inhibitory factor as a regulator of steroidogenesis in human NCI-H295R adrenocortical cells.
7 Olkku A, Mahonen A. Wnt and steroid pathways control glutamate signalling by regulating glutamine synthetase activity in osteoblastic cells.
8 Rytinki MM, Palvimo JJ. SUMOylation modulates the transcription repressor function of RIP140.
9 Tatham MH et al. RNF4 is a poly-SUMO-specific E3 ubiquitin ligase required for arsenic-induced PML degradation.
10 Zhang F-P et al. Sumo-1 function is dispensable in normal mouse development .

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