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Julkaisut 2008
Publications 2008

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1 Alafuzoff I et al. Staging of neurofibrillary pathology in Alzheimer's disease: a study of the BrainNet Europe consortium.
2 Bello IO et al. Expression of claudins 1, 4, 5, and 7 and occludin, and reletionship with prognosis in squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue.
3 Bergamaschi A et al. Extracellular matrix signature identifies breast cancer subgroups with different clinical outcome.
4 Casalini P et al. Two distinct local relapse subtypes in invasive breast cancer: effect on their prognostic impact.
5 Diaconu N-C et al. Cervical squamous carcinoma cells are resistant to the combined action of tumor necrosis factor-alpha and histamine whereas normal keratinocytes undergo cytolysis.
6 Erkko H et al. Penetrance analysis of the PALB2 c.1592delT founder mutation.
7 Fagerholm R et al. NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase 1 NQ01*2 genotype (P187S) is a strong prognostic and predictive factor in breast cancer.
8 Garcia-Closas M et al. Heterogeneity of breast cancer associations with five susceptibility loci by clinical and pathological characteristics.
9 Harju T et al. Glutathione-S-transferases in lung and sputum specimens, effects of smoking and COPD severity.
10 Harvima IT et al. Is there a role for mast cells in psoriasis?
11 Järvelä S et al. Decreased expression of antioxidant enzymes is associated with aggressive features in ependymomas.
12 Järvelä S et al. Carbonic anhydrase IX in oligodendroglial brain tumors.
13 Kemppainen TA et al. Unkilned and large amounts of oats in the coeliac disease diet: a randomized, controlled study.
14 Ketola A et al. Oncolytic semliki forest virus vector as a novel candidate against unresectable osteosarcoma.
15 Komulainen P et al. BDNF is a novel marker of cognitive function in ageing women: the DR's EXTRA Study.
16 Kuulasmaa T et al. WNT-4 mRNA expression in human adrenocortical tumors and cultured adrenal cells.
17 Lehtonen ST et al. Does the oxidative stress in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease cause thioredoxin/peroxiredoxin oxidation?
18 Leinonen T et al. Increased expression of matrix metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2) predicts tumor recurrence and unfavourable outcome in non-small cell lung cancer.
19 Meriläinen S et al. Acute edematous and necrotic pancreatitis in a porcine model.
20 Mustonen E et al. Thrombospondin-4 expression is rapidly upregulated by carciac overload.
21 Määttä A-M et al. Replication competent Semliki Forest virus prolongs survival in experimental lung cancer.
22 Nyman H et al. Impact of germinal center and non-germinal center phenotypes on overall and failure-free survival after high-dose chemotherapy and auto-SCT in primary diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.
23 Pennanen H et al. Prognostic significance of p53 and matrix metalloproteinase-9 expression in follicular lymphoma.
24 Sankilampi U et al. Congenital Langerhans cell histiocytosis mimicking a "blueberry muffin baby".
25 Savonen KP et al. Chronotropic incompetence and mortality in middle-aged men with known or suspected coronary heart disease.
26 Savonen KP et al. Usefulness of chronotropic incompetence in response to exercise as a predictor of myocardial infarction in middle-aged men without cardiovascular disease.
27 Savonen KP et al. Workload at the heart rate of 100 beats/min and mortality in middle-aged men known or suspected coronary heart disease.
28 Seppinen L et al. Lack of collagen XVIII accelerates cutaneous wound healing, while overexpression of its endostatin domain leads to delayed healing.
29 Tammi RH et al. Hyaluronan in human tumors: Pathobiological and prognostic messages from cell-associated and stromal hyaluronan.
30 Väre P et al. Low claudin expression is associated with high Gleason grade in prostate adenocarcinoma.

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