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Julkaisut 2008
Publications 2008

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1 Danner N et al. Navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation and computed electric field strength reduce stimulator-dependent differences in the motor threshold.
2 Hyvärinen A et al. Cutaneous Electrical Stimulation treatment in unresolved facial nerve paralysis: an exploratory study.
3 Julkunen P et al. Navigated TMS combined with EEG in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease: a pilot study.
4 Julkunen P et al. Efficient reduction of stimulus artefact in TMS-EEG by epithelial short-circuiting by mini-punctures.
5 Kälviäinen R et al. Clinical picture of EPM1-Unverricht-Lundborg disease.
6 Raij T et al. Parallel input makes the brain run faster.
7 Säisänen L et al. Motor potentials evoked by navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation in healthy subjects.
8 Säisänen L et al. Factors influencing cortical silent period: Optimized stimulus location, intensity and muscle contraction.
9 Tarkka IM et al. Alterations in cortical excitability in chronic stroke after constraint-induced movement therapy.
10 Teitti S et al. Non-primary motor areas in the human frontal lobe are connected directly to hand muscles.
11 Tiihonen P et al. A portable device for intensive care brain function monitoring with event-related potentials.

Kliinisen neurofysiologian yksikkö Department of Clinical Neurophysiology
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