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Julkaisut 2008
Publications 2008

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1 Aarnisalo J et al. Reduced CD4+T cell activation in children with type 1 diabetes carrying the PTPN22/Lyp 620Trp variant.
2 Aarnisalo J et al. Cytomegalovirus infektion in early infancy: risk of induction and progression of autoimmunity associated with type 1 diabetes.
3 Aittoniemi J et al. Relation among mannose-binding lectin 2 genotype, B-cell autoantibodies, and risk for type 1 diabetes in Finnish children.
4 Diaconu N-C et al. Cervical squamous carcinoma cells are resistant to the combined action of tumor necrosis factor-alpha and histamine whereas normal keratinocytes undergo cytolysis.
5 Gullstrand C et al. Progression to type 1 diabetes and autoantibody positivity in relation to HLA-risk genotypes in children participating in the ABIS study.
6 Kondrashova A et al. Lower economic status and inferior hygienic environment may protect against celiac disease.
7 Kondrashova A et al. Serological evidence of thyroid autoimmunity among schoolchildren in two different socioeconomic environments.
8 Koskela RM et al. Human leucocyte antigen and TNF(alfa) polymorphism association in microscopic colitis.
9 Lundberg A et al. Lipopolysaccharide-induced immune responses in relation to the TLR4(Asp299Gly) gene polymorphism.
10 Luopajärvi K et al. Enhanced levels of cow´s milk antibodies in infancy in children who develop type 1 diabetes later in childhood.
11 Makkonen H et al. Identification of ETS-like transcription factor as a novel androgen receptor target in prostate cancer cells.
12 Marttila J et al. T-cell reactivity to insulin peptide A1-12 in children with recently diagnosed type 1 diabetes or multiple [beta]-cell autoantibodies.
13 Mäkinen A et al. Characterization of the humoral immune response to islet antigen 2 in children with newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes.
14 Mättö M et al. Human B cells and macrophages cooperate in T-cell-independent type 2 response.
15 Nuutinen U et al. PDTC enables type I TRAIL signaling in type II follicular lymphoma cells.
16 Näntö-Salonen K et al. Nasal insulin to prevent type 1 diabetes in children with HLA genotypes and autoantibodies conferring increased risk of disease: a double-blind, randomised controlled trial.
17 Oikarinen M et al. Analysis of pancreas tissue in a child positive for islet cell antibodies.
18 Saarelainen S. Immune Response to Lipocalin Allergens. IgE and T-cell Cross-Reactivity.
19 Saarelainen S et al. Animal-derived lipocalin allergens exhibit immunoglobulin E cross-reactivity.
20 Saarelainen SA et al. Immunotherapeutic potential of the immunodominant T-cell epitope of lipocalin allergen Bos d 2 and its analogues.
21 Tauriainen S et al. Temporal relationship between human parechovirus 1 infektion and otitis media in young children.
22 Uusitalo L et al. Intake of antioxidant vitamins and trace elements during pregnancy and risk of advanced (beta) cell autoimmunity in the child.
23 Uusitalo L et al. Serum [alpha]- and [gamma]-tocopherol concentrations and risk of advanced beta cell autoimmunity in children with HLA-conferred susceptibility to type 1 diabetes mellitus.
24 Vallittu A-M et al. MxA protein assay for optimal monitoring of IFN-(beta) bioactivity in the treatment of MS patients.
25 Virtanen T, Kinnunen T. Mammalian allergens.
26 Walldén J et al. No evidence for activation of Thl or Th17 pathways in unstimulated peripheral blood mononuclear cells from children with (beta)-cell autoimmunity or TID.
27 Walldén J et al. Effect of HLA genotype or CTLA-4 polymorphism on cytokine response in healthy children.
28 Zeiler T, Virtanen T. Mapping of human T-cell epitopes of allergens.
29 Zemlin M et al. Regulation of repertoire development through genetic control of Dh reading frame preference.

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