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Julkaisut 2008
Publications 2008

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1 Eriksson P et al. The Growth strategies of women-controlled SMEs: a case study on Finnish software companies.
2 Eriksson P et al. Organizations, art and gender.
3 Eriksson P et al. Managerial work and gender - ethnography of cooperative relationships in small software companies.
4 Eriksson P et al. Sources of finance in Finnish SMEs: does gender matter? [cd-rom].
5 Eriksson P, Kovalainen A. Qualitative Methods in Business Research.
6 Hendrikse G et al., ed. Strategy and Governance of Networks. Cooperatives, Franchising, and Strategic Alliances.
7 Huovinen J, Littunen H. Habitual entrepreneurship - situational factors at different start-ups [cd-rom].
8 Huovinen J, Littunen H. The influence of personal background and local environment on the phenomenon of habitual entrepreneurship.
9 Huovinen J, Tihula S. Management team in the backround of the portfolio entrepreneurship and as a management tool of firm portfolio.
10 Huovinen J, Tihula S. Entrepreneurial learning in the context of portfolio entrepreneurship.
11 Huovinen J, Tihula S. Family business and habitual entrepreneurship: differences and similarities.
12 Kangasniemi M et al. Managerial values among Finnish, Lithuanian and Russian managers [cd-rom].
13 Katila S. The gendered moral order of Chinese immigrant business families in Finland.
14 Kiander J et al., toim. Suomalainen tulopolitiikka, poliittinen vaihdanta ja sosiaalinen pääoma.
15 Kivijärvi M et al. Effect of gender on trust in online banking: a cross-national comparison.
16 Kivisaari S. Vuorovaikutteisuus ja systeemiset innovaatiot terveydenhuollossa.
17 Kivisaari S et al. Systeemisen innovaation polku sosiaali- ja terveydenhuollossa. Raision tilaaja-tuottajamallin levittämisen ensi askeleet.
18 Lappalainen J, Niskanen M. Does board composition and ownership structure affect firm growth? Evidence on Finnish SMEs.
19 Lappalainen J, Niskanen M. SME performance - do ownership structure and board composition matter? [cd-rom].
20 Lattunen H [oik. Littunen]. Management style in start-up family businesses in Finland.
21 Laukkanen M. Comparative Causal Mapping with CMAP3. A Method Introduction to Comparative Causal Mapping and a User's Manual for CMAP3.
22 Laukkanen P et al. Consumer Resistance to Internet Banking: Postponers, Opponents and Rejectors.
23 Laukkanen T, Cruz P. Barriers to mobile banking adoption.
24 Laukkanen T, Pasanen M. Mobile banking innovators and early adopters: how they differ from other online users?
25 Laukkanen T et al. Segmenting bank customers by resistance to mobile banking.
26 Niskanen M. Bank equity claims in borrowing and firms and loan availability.
27 Niskanen M, Niskanen J. Determinants of cash holdings in SMEs; evidence on Finnish data.
28 Pasanen M. E-business and firm performance: the impact of strategic choises [cd-rom].
29 Rajamäki H. Anticipating and managing the challenges of biotechnology marketing.
30 Rajamäki H. Narrative approach to study a learning organization.
31 Tanninen H. Kirja-arvostelu. The Nordic Model: Embracing Globalization and Sharing Risks.
32 Tanninen H. Sosiaalinen korporatismi ja taloudellinen hyvinvointi poliittisen vaihdannan näkökulmasta.
33 Tihula S. Management Teams in Managing Succession. Learning in the Context of Family-Owned SMEs.
34 Tihula S, Pihkala T. Management team in managing succession in family-owned SMEs.
35 Tikkanen I. Internationalization process of a music festival: case Kuhmo Chamber Music Festival .
36 Tikkanen I. Asiakaslähtöisen kokonaisvaltaisen kouluruokailumallin kehittäminen. Koululaisten, vanhempien, opettajien, kouluterveydenhoitajien ja keittiöhenkilökunnan näkemyksiä.
37 Tikkanen I. Innovations, exports, and Finnish electrical industry life cycle 1960-2005.
38 Torikka J, Tuunanen M. Member-franchisor satisfaction towards national franchising association: case Finland [cd-rom].
39 Tuunanen M. Franchisingyrittäjäksi ryhtyvä nauttii monista yritysyhteistyön eduista.
40 Tuunanen M, Torikka J. Franchisee discontinuance and failure empirical findings from Finland.

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