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Julkaisut 2008
Publications 2008

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1 Laaksonen A et al. The role of VOC oxidation products in continental new particle formation.
2 Kulmala M et al. Overview of the biosphere-aerosol-cloud-climate interactions (BACCI) studies.
3 Berberat née Kurkijärvi J. Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Native and Repaired Articular Cartilage.
4 Berndt T et al. SO2 oxidation products other than H2SO4 as a trigger of new particle formation. Part 1: Laboratory investigations.
5 Danner N et al. Navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation and computed electric field strength reduce stimulator-dependent differences in the motor threshold.
6 Di Girolamo S et al. Multiplexing of multimode optical fiber sensor by using vectorial wave mixing in Cdte:V photorefractive crystal.
7 Di Girolamo S et al. Multiplexed sensor of dynamic strains using photorefractive wave mixing in the reflection geometry.
8 Di Girolamo S et al. Fiber sensors multiplexing using vectorial wave mixing in a photorefractive crystal.
9 Duplissy J et al. Cloud forming potential of secondary organic aerosol under near atmospheric conditions.
10 Fauch L et al. Fast and accurate colours classification using a light source controlled by computer.
11 Fauch L et al. Accurate and fast recognition of colors using light source controlled by computer.
12 Georgiadis S et al. A signal subspace approach for single-trial evoked potential estimation.
13 Georgiadis SD et al. Tracking single-trial evoked potential changes with Kalman filtering and smoothing.
14 Grachev AI et al. Optical orientation of dipolar centers in Bi12SiO20 crystal grown in an oxygen-free atmosphere.
15 Hallikainen M et al. Effects of plant stanol esters on serum cholesterol concentrations, relative markers of cholesterol metabolism and endothelial function in type 1 diabetes.
16 Hamed A et al. Nucleation events in Italy, Germany and Finland: a comparative study.
17 Hamed A et al. A comparison of new particle formation events in Eastern Germany and in Northern Italy on a three-year analysis.
18 Heikkilä J, Hynynen K. Simulations of lesion detection using a combined phased array LHMI-technique.
19 Heiskanen N et al. Blood pressure and heart rate variability analysis of orthostatic challenge in normal human pregnancies.
20 Huttunen J. Approximation and Modelling Errors in Nonstationary Inverse Problems.
21 Huttunen T et al. An ultra-weak method for acoustic fluid-solid interaction.
22 Hyvärinen A et al. Cutaneous Electrical Stimulation treatment in unresolved facial nerve paralysis: an exploratory study.
23 Hämäläinen A et al. Apolipoprotein E epsilon4 allele is associated with increased atrophy in progressive mild cognitive impairment: a voxel-based morphometric study.
24 Hämäläinen J et al. CFD-based optimization for a complete industrial process: papermaking. Chapter 9.
25 Hämäläinen J et al. Simulation-based optimization and decision support of papermaking.
26 Hämäläinen T et al. Prediction of the sheet formation using the fibre floc evolution model [cd-rom].
27 Jauhiainen AM et al. Differential hypometabolism patterns according to mild cognitive impairment subtypes.
28 Joutsensaari J et al. Formation of secondary organic aerosols by ozonolysis of plant-released volatiles.
29 Julkunen P et al. Navigated TMS combined with EEG in mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease: a pilot study.
30 Julkunen P. Relationships between Structure, Composition and Function of Articular Cartilage.
31 Julkunen P et al. Uncertainties in indentation testing of articular cartilage: a fibril-reinforced poroviscoelastic study.
32 Julkunen P et al. Mechanical characterization of articular cartilage by combining magnetic resonance imaging and finite-element analysis - a potential functional imaging technique.
33 Julkunen P et al. Stress-relaxation of human patellar articular cartilage in unconfined compression: prediction of mechanical response by tissue composition and structure.
34 Jurvelin JS et al. Fysikaaliset ja kemialliset menetelmät nivelrikon varhaisessa osoittamisessa.
35 Järvinen T et al. Puun kosteuden jatkuvatoiminen mittaus.
36 Kaleva E et al. In-vitro comparison of time-domain, frequency-domain and wavelet ultrasound parameters in diagnostics of cartilage degeneration.
37 Kamchiline AA et al. Dynamic-speckle profilometer for online measurements of coating thickness.
38 Kamshilin AA. Optical sensing by using dynamic speckles.
39 Kamshilin AA et al. New approach for fast accurate color-pattern recognition.
40 Kamshilin AA et al. Statistics of dynamic speckles in application to distance measurements.
41 Karhunen K et al. Crack identification in concrete with electrical resistance tomography.
42 Karjalainen J et al. Recent developments and future prospects in bone ultrasound diagnostics.
43 Karjalainen J et al. Ultrasonic assessment of cortical bone thickness In Vitro and In Vivo.
44 Karjalainen J et al. Dual-frequency ultrasound technique minimizes errors induced by soft tissue in ultrasound bone densitometry.
45 Kaurijoki S et al. Association of serotonin transporter promoter regulatory region polymorphism and cerebral activity to visual presentation of food.
46 Kiviranta P et al. Indentation diagnostics of cartilage degeneration.
47 Kojo K et al. Reliability and validity of bioimpedance measurement device in the assessment of UVR damage to the skin.
48 Kokkola H et al. SALSA - a sectional aerosol module for large scale applications.
49 Kokkola H et al. Technical note: analytical formulae for the critical supersaturations and droplet diameters of CCN containing insoluble material.
50 Kolehmainen V et al. Limited data x-ray tomography using nonlinear evolution equations.
51 Korhonen H et al. Influence of oceanic dimethyl sulfide emissions on cloud condensation nuclei concentrations and seasonality over the remote Southern Hemisphere oceans: a global model study.
52 Korhonen RK et al. Importance of collagen orientation and depth-dependent fixed charge densities of cartilage on mechanical behavior of chondrocytes.
53 Kourunen J et al. Imaging of mixing of two miscible liquids using electrical impedance tomography and linear impedance sensor.
54 Kourunen J et al. Electrical tomography imaging of flotation process in a mechanical flotation cell.
55 Kourunen J et al. A PXI-based electrical impedance tomography system for industrial use.
56 Kurkijärvi JE et al. The zonal architecture of human articular cartilage described by T2 relaxation time in the presence of Gd-DTPA2-.
57 Kärkkäinen M et al. Association between functional capacity tests and fractures: an eight-year prospective population-based cohort study .
58 Laaksonen A et al. SO2 oxidation products other than H2SO4 as a trigger of new particle formation. Part 2: Comparison of ambient and laboratory measurements, and atmospheric implications.
59 Laaksonen A, Lehtinen KEJ. Nucleation.
60 Laitinen T et al. Electrocardiographic alterations during hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia in healthy subjects.
61 Lammentausta E et al. T2, Carr-Purcell T2 and T1rho of fat and water as surrogate markers of trabecular bone structure.
62 Leppänen T et al. Effect of fiber orientation structure on simulated cockling of paper.
63 Leskinen A et al. Activities at the Puijo semi-urban aerosol-cloud interaction measurement station.
64 Leskinen AP et al. Growth of nucleation mode particles: source rates of condensable vapour in a smog chamber.
65 Leskinen JJ et al. Genome-wide microarray analysis of MG-63 osteoblastic cells exposed to ultrasound.
66 LI LP et al. Fluid pressure driven fibril reinforcement in creep and relaxation tests of articular cartilage.
67 Lipponen P et al. Effect of drying on simulated cockling of paper.
68 Lipponen P et al. Effect of drying on simulated cockling of paper.
69 Lipponen P et al. Elasto-plastic approach for paper cockling phenomenon: on the importance of moisture gradient.
70 Lähivaara T et al. Computational aspects of the discontinuous Galerkin method for the wave equation.
71 Madetoja E et al. A decision support system for paper making based on simulation and optimization.
72 Madetoja E et al. New visualization aspects related to intelligent solution procedure in papermaking optimization [CD-ROM].
73 Madetoja E et al. Visualizing multi-dimensional pareto-optimal fronts with a 3D virtual reality system.
74 Madetoja E, Tarvainen P. Multiobjective process line optimization under uncertainty applied to papermaking.
75 Makkonen R et al. Sensitivity of aerosol concentrations and cloud properties to nucleation and secondary organic distribution in ECHAM5-HAM global circulation model.
76 Malila J et al. Displacement barrier heights from experimental nucleation rate data.
77 Malila J, Laaksonen A. Properties of supercooled water clusters from nucleation rate data with the effect of non-ideal vapour phase.
78 Malm TM et al. Minocycline reduces engraftment and activation of bone marrow-derived cells but sustains their phagocytic activity in a mouse model of alzheimer´s disease.
79 Meigal AI et al. Novel parameters of surface EMG in patients with Parkinson's disease and healthy young and old controls.
80 Mielonen T et al. Effect of aerosols on the infrared transmission in Lakiala, Finland.
81 Mikkonen S et al. New particle formation events in Northern Italy based on a three-year analysis.
82 Mikkonen S et al. Finding factors affecting to the number concentration of atmospheric aerosol with advanced statistical methods.
83 Mikkonen S et al. A linear mixed model with temporal covariance structures in modelling catch per unit effort of Baltic herring.
84 Myllymaa S et al. Development of flexible thin film microelectrode arrays for neural recordings.
85 Myllymaa S et al. Development of flexible microelectrode arrays for recording cortical surface field potentials.
86 Nippolainen E, Kamshilin AA. Computer controlled set of light-emitting diodes for 2d spectral analysis.
87 Niskanen H et al. Dependence of fibre orientation on turbulence of the headbox flow.
88 Nissi M. Magnetic Resonance Parameters in Quantitative Evaluation of Articular Cartilage. Studies on T(1) and T(2) Relaxation Time.
89 Nissinen A et al. The Bayesian approximation error approach for electrical impedance tomography - experimental results.
90 Olkkonen H, Olkkonen JT. Measurement and reconstruction of impulse train by parallel exponential filters.
91 Olkkonen H, Olkkonen JT. Simplified biorthogonal discrete wavelet transform for VLSI architecture design.
92 Olkkonen JT, Olkkonen H. Sampling and reconstruction of piecewise constant signals by parallel CR-network.
93 Orsila R et al. Perceived mental stress and reactions in heart rate variability - a pilot study among employees of an electronics company.
94 Prisle NL et al. Surfactant partitioning in cloud droplet activation: a study of C8,C10,C12 and C14 normal fatty acid sodium salts.
95 Raatikainen T et al. Surface tensions of multicomponent aqueous electrolyte solutions: predictive models based on binary limits.
96 Raatikainen T et al. Aerosol composition measurements using Q-ams in Hyytiälä, Finland.
97 Raatikainen T et al. The effect of surface active compounds on cloud droplet activation.
98 Raij T et al. Parallel input makes the brain run faster.
99 Ranta-aho PO et al. Estimation of single-trial fMRI BOLD responses using combined EEG and fMRI measurements.
100 Rey S et al. Dynamic time-varying analysis of heart rate and blood pressure variability in cats exposed to short-term chronic intermittent hypoxia.
101 Riekkinen O et al. Dual-frequency ultrasound - new pulse-echo technique for bone densitometry.
102 Rieppo J et al. Practical considerations in the use of polarized light microscopy in the analysis of the collagen network in articular cartilage.
103 Rissanen SM et al. Surface EMG and acceleration signals in Parkinson`s disease: feature extraction and cluster analysis.
104 Rissanen SM et al. Analysis of dynamic EMG and acceleration measurements in Parkinson`s disease.
105 Romakkaniemi S et al. Extension of Köhler theory for polydisperse aerosol population in the presence of semivolatile gases: applications for droplet growth from radiative fog to stratospheric supercooled ternary solution clouds.
106 Romakkaniemi S et al. Microphysics of ice particle and cloud droplet formation: effect of semivolatile gases.
107 Romashko R et al. Adaptive fiber-optical sensor system for pico-strain and nano-displacement metrology.
108 Romashko R et al. Multiplexed dynamic holograms for multi-channel adaptive measuring system.
109 Ruotsalainen H et al. Interactive Multiobjective Optimization in the BTE-based Radiotherapy Treatment Planning.
110 Ruotsalainen H et al. Navigation on a Pareto-optimal front utilizing gradient information in interactive multiobjective optimization [CD-ROM].
111 Ruotsalainen H et al. Interactive Multiobjective Optimization for HDR Brachytherapy.
112 Saarelainen H et al. Subtle changes in ADMA and l-arginine concentrations in normal pregnancies are unlikely to account for pregnancy-related increased flow-mediated dilatation.
113 Semenov D et al. Statistical properties of dynamic speckles formed by a deflecting laser beam.
114 Semenov D et al. Accuracy of optical sensors based on spatially filtered dynamic speckles.
115 Semenov DV et al. Correlation of spatially filtered dynamic speckles in distance measurement application.
116 Seppänen A et al. Adaptive meshing approach to locating internal metals with electrical resistance tomography.
117 Seppänen A et al. State estimation in process tomography - three-dimensional impedance imaging of moving fluids.
118 Sierra A et al. Water spin dynamics during apoptotic cell death in glioma gene therapy probed by T1rho and T2rho.
119 Sihto S-L et al. Aerosol dynamics simulations on the connection of sulphuric acid and new particle formation.
120 Sirola J et al. Grip strength may facilitate fracture prediction in perimenopausal women with normal BMD: a 15-year population-based study.
121 Sorjamaa R. Cloud Drop Activation of Surface Active and Insoluble Aerosols.
122 Säisänen L et al. Motor potentials evoked by navigated transcranial magnetic stimulation in healthy subjects.
123 Säisänen L et al. Factors influencing cortical silent period: Optimized stimulus location, intensity and muscle contraction.
124 Tarvainen MP et al. Kubios HRV- a software for advanced heart rate variability analysis.
125 Tarvainen T et al. Gauss-Newton reconstruction method for optical tomography using the finite element solution of the radiative transfer equation.
126 Tarvainen T et al. Utilizing the Radiative Transfer Equation in Optical Tomography.
127 Tarvainen T et al. Utilizing the radiative transfer equation in optical tomography.
128 Tervo J et al. Optimal control model for radiation therapy inverse planning applying the Boltzmann transport equation.
129 Tiihonen P et al. A portable device for intensive care brain function monitoring with event-related potentials.
130 Tiitta P et al. Determination of the characteristics of ultrafine particles and air ions from road-side measurements.
131 Vaattovaara P, Björkman M. Student experiences in CBACCI and ABS.
132 Vaattovaara P et al. Overview of organic TDMA studies during period 2002-2007.
133 Valtonen P et al. Serum L-homoarginine concentration is elevated during normal pregnancy and is related to flow-mediated vasodilatation.
134 Vatanen T et al. Dosimetric verification of a Monte Carlo electron beam model for an add-on eMLC.
135 Viskari T et al. Duration of tangent-linear regime in sectional multi-component aerosol dynamics.
136 Winkler PM et al. Heterogeneous nucleation experiments bridging the scale from molecular ion clusters to nanoparticles.

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