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Julkaisut 2007
Publications 2007

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1 Ahola L et al. A note on stereotyped behaviour in pair and group-housed farmed juvenile raccoon dogs.
2 Andersson MA et al. Toxicological profile of cerulide, the Bacillus cereus emetic toxin, in functional assays with human, animal and bacterial cells.
3 Anttonen MJ. Evaluation of Means to Increase the Content of Bioactive Phenolic Compounds in Soft Fruits.
4 Autio E et al. Thermographic evaluation of the lower critical temperature in weanling horses.
5 Fanouraki E et al. Endocrine regulation of skin blanching in red porgy, Pagrus pagrus.
6 Flórez AB et al. Antibiotic survey of Lactococcus lactis strains to six antibiotics by Etest, and establishment of new susceptibility-resistance cut-off values.
7 Hanhineva K et al. Generation of genetically modified strawberries in temporary immersion bioreactor system.
8 Hanhineva KJ, Kärenlampi SO. Production of transgenic strawberries by temporary immersion bioreactor system and verification by TAIL-PCR.
9 Hassinen V et al. Searching for genes involved in metal tolerance, uptake, and transport.
10 Hassinen VH et al. Isolation of Zn-responsive genes from two accessions of the hyperaccumulator plant Thlaspi caerulescens.
11 Hukkanen AT et al. Benzothiadiazole induces the accumulation of phenolics and improves resistance to powdery mildew in strawberries.
12 Huuskonen A et al. Effects of grazing on the performance and behaviour of beef bulls.
13 Keinänen SI et al. Isolation of genes up-regulated by copper in a copper-tolerant birch (Betula pendula) clone.
14 Koistinen KM et al. Comparison of growth-phase-dependent cytosolic proteomes of two Lactobacillus plantarum strains used in food and feed fermentations.
15 Koistinen T et al. Blue foxes´ motivation for access to an earth floor measured by operant conditioning.
16 Koistinen T, Korhonen HT. Kettu kertoo käyttäytymisellään mitä se haluaa.
17 Koistinen T, Korhonen HT. Reven forteller med sin atferd hva den vil (in Norwegian).
18 Korhonen JM et al. Characterization of dominant cultivable lactobacilli and their antibiotic resistance profiles from faecal samples of weaning piglets.
19 Korkea-aho T. Epidermal Papillomatosis in Roach (Rutilus rutilus) as an Indicator of Environmental Stressors.
20 Lehesranta SJ et al. Effects of agricultural production systems and their components on protein profiles of potato tubers.
21 Martiskainen P et al. Cubicle dimensions affect resting-related behaviour, injuries and dirtiness of loose-housed dairy cows.
22 Mustonen A-M et al. Lipid metabolism in the adipose tissues of a carnivore, the raccoon dog, during prolonged fasting.
23 Nestby R et al. Effect of fruit order, polyethylene mulch colour and early forcing on the fruit quality of tunnel-grown strawberry cv. 'Korona'.
24 Nurminen L. Rotta on kekseliäs ja varovainen.
25 Nurminen L. Eroon haittaeläimistä. Terve eläin.
26 Plumed-Ferrer C. Lactobacillus plantarum. From Application to Protein Expression.
27 Pyykkönen T et al. Aviation noise does not impair the reproductive success of farmed blue foxes.
28 Rintamäki M et al. Kohti parempaa pentutulosta, osa II: Kasvatuskaudesta nahkonta-aikaan. Siitoseläinten valinta on tilan tärkein työvaihe.
29 Rintamäki M et al. Mot bedre valperesultat, del II. Fra oppföringssesongen til pelsning: valget av avlsdyr er pelsdyrgårdens viktigste arbeid.
30 Rintamäki M, Pyykönen T. Kohti parempaa pentutulosta I: vieroitusaika ja siihen liittyvät toimenpiteet.
31 Rintamäki M, Pyykönen T. Kohti parempaa pentutulosta, osa III: Nahkonta-ajasta siemennyskauden alkuun.
32 Rintamäki M, Pyykönen T. Mot bedre valperesultat I: avvenning og aktuelle tiltak.
33 Saarela M et al. Tetracycline susceptibility of the ingested Lactobacillus acidophilus LaCH-5 and Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis Bb-12 strains during antibiotic/probiotic intervention.
34 Tuomisto L et al. Performance and behaviour of dairy bulls raised at pasture and in an uninsulated barn.
35 Tuomisto L et al. Laidunnuksen vaikutus sonnien käyttäytymiseen.
36 Tuovinen V et al. The virtual farm.
37 Välimaa A-L et al. Antimicrobial and cytotoxic knotwood extracts and related pure compounds and their effects on food-associated microorganisms.
38 Woodward C, Mononen J. Live video and augmented reality over internet as entertainment for dogs.

Soveltavan biotekniikan instituutti Institute of Applied Biotechnology
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