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Julkaisut 2007
Publications 2007

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1 Ademi Z et al. A comparison of three questionnaire-based measures of analgesic use over 11 years in adult males: a retrospective analysis of data from a prospective, population-based cohort study.
2 Bondia-Pons I et al. Moderate consumption of olive oil by healthy european men reduces systolic blood pressure in non-mediterranean participants.
3 Kampus P et al. Augmentation index and carotid intima-media thickness are differently related to age, C-reactive protein and oxidized low-density lipoprotein.
4 Karppi J et al. Adsorption of drugs onto a pH responsive poly (N,N-dimethyl aminoethyl methacrylate) grafted anion-exchange membrane in vitro.
5 Karppi J et al. Isolation of drugs from biological fluids by using pH sensitive poly(acrylic acid) grafted poly(vinylidene fluoride) polymer membrane in vitro.
6 Machowets A et al. Effect of olive oils on biomarkers of oxidative DNA stress in Northern and Southern Europeans.
7 Mursu J. The Role of Polyphenols in Cardivascular Diseases.
8 Mursu J et al. The intake of flavonoids and carotid atherosclerosis: the Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study.
9 Salonen JT et al. Type 2 diabetes whole-genome association study in four populations: the DiaGen Consortium.
10 The Emerging Risk Factors Collaboration. The Emerging Risk Factors Collaboration: analysis of individual data on lipid, inflammatory and other markers in over 1,1 millon participants in 104 prospective studies of cardiovascular diseases .
11 The Fibrinogen Studies Collaboration. Associations of plasma fibrinogen levels with established cardiovascular disease risk factors, inflammatory markers, and other characteristics:individual participant meta-analysis of 154,211 adults in 31 prospective studies.
12 Tuomainen AM et al. Serum matrix metalloproteinase-8 concentrations are associated with cardiovascular outcome in men.
13 Tuomainen T-P et al. Body iron is a contributor of oxidative damage of DNA.
14 Tuomainen TP et al. Risks and benefits of fish intake: To the editor.
15 Virtanen JK et al. Mercury as a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.
16 Voutilainen S et al. Coffee intake and the incidence of hypertension.
17 Voutilainen S et al. Functional COMT Val158Met polymorphism, risk of acute coronary events and serum homocysteine: the Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study.
18 Yang S et al. Socioeconomic and psychosocial exposures across the life course and binge drinking in adulthood: population-based study.

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