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Julkaisut 2007
Publications 2007

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1 Autio K et al. Structure of whole grain breads: Sensory perception and health effects.
2 Baroja ML et al. Anti-inflammatory effects of probiotic yogurt in inflammatory bowel disease patients.
3 Erkkilä AT et al. Phylloquinone intake and risk of cardiovascular diseases in men.
4 Erkkilä AT et al. Moderate increase in dietary sucrose does not influence fasting or postprandial serum lipids regardless of the presence of apolipoprotein E2 allele in healthy subjects.
5 Giacco R et al. Fish oil, insulin sensitivity, insulin secretion and glucose toleranse in healthy people: Is there any effect of fish oil supplementation in relation to the type of backround diet and habitual dietary intake of n-6 and n-3 fatty acids?
6 Gratz S. Aflatoxin binding by probiotics.
7 Gratz S et al. Lactobacillus rhamnosus strain GG reduces aflatoxin B1 transport, metabolism, and toxicity in Caco-2 cells.
8 Gråsten SM et al. High-fiber rye bread improves bowel function in postmenopausal women but does not cause other putatively positive changes in the metabolic activity of intestinal microbiota.
9 Gylling H. Terveysvaikutteiset elintarvikkeet.
10 Gylling H. Riittävä tieteellinen näyttö elintarvike vai lääke.
11 Gylling H et al. Cholesterol synthesis prevails over absorption in metabolic syndrome.
12 Gylling H et al. Markers of absorption and synthesis of cholesterol in men with type 1 diabetes.
13 Hallikainen M et al. Serum adipokines are associated with cholesterol metabolism in the metabolic syndrome.
14 Heinonen MV et al. Plasma ghrelin levels after two high-carbohydrate meals producing different insulin responses in patients with metabolic syndrome.
15 Juvonen KR et al. Effect of dietary fibre and protein on postprandial satiety and satiety peptides.
16 Järvenpää J et al. Fortified mineral water improves folate status and decreases plasma homocysteine concentration in pregnant women.
17 Järvinen R. Ravintotekijät syövän ehkäisyssä.
18 Kalavainen MP et al. Clinical efficacy of group-based treatment for childhood obesity compared with routinely given individual counseling.
19 Kallio P et al. Dietary carbohydrate modification induces alterations in gene expression in abdominal subcutaneous adipose tissue in persons weith the metabolic syndrome: the FUNGENUT study1-4.
20 Kallio P et al. Hiilihydraattien laatu säätelee geenien ilmentymistä rasvakudoksessa.
21 Katina K et al. Bran fermentation as a means to enchance technological properties and bioactivity of rye.
22 Kemppainen T et al. No observed local immunological response at cell level after five years of oats in adult coeliac disease.
23 Kilpeläinen TO et al. Physical activity modifies the effect of SNPs in the SLC2A2 (GLUT2) and ABCC8 (SUR1) genes on the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
24 Kirjavainen PV et al. Postnatal effects of obstetrical epidural anesthesia on allergic sensitization.
25 Kolehmainen M et al. Nutrigenomiikan hyödyntäminen rukiin terveysvaikutusten tutkimuksessa.
26 Komulainen P et al. Serum high sensitivity C-reactive protein and cognitive function in elderly women.
27 Koponen JM et al. Contents of anthocyanins and ellagitannins in selected foods consumed in Finland.
28 Laakso M, Uusitupa M. Tyypin 2 diabeteksen ehkäisy.
29 Laaksonen D et al. Physical activity, diet, and incident diabetes in relation to an ADRA2B polymorphism.
30 Laaksonen DE et al. Increased physical activity is a cornerstone in the prevention of type 2 diabetes in high-risk individuals.
31 Lapveteläinen A. Itä- ja Pohjois-Suomen jaosto tänään ja huomenna.
32 Lindgren P et al. Lifestyle intervention to prevent diabetes in men and women with impaired glucose tolerance is cost-effective.
33 Liukkonen K-H et al. Influence of germination conditions on the bioactivity of rye.
34 Länsimies-Antikainen H et al. Evaluation of informed consent: a pilot study.
35 Marquart L et al. The future of whole grains.
36 Martikainen JA et al. Plant stanol esters are potentially cost-effective in the prevention of coronary heart disease in men: Bayesian modelling approach.
37 Mattila P, Törrönen R. Elintarvikkeiden polyfenolit.
38 Miettinen TA et al. Blood glucose and the metabolism of cholesterol in coronary patients with and without simvastatin treatment.
39 Misikangas M et al. Three Nordic berries inhibit intestinal tumorigenesis in multiple intestinal neoplasia/+ mice by modulating beta-catenin signaling in the tumor and transcription in the mucosa1-3.
40 Montonen J et al. Consumption of sweetened beverages and intakes of fructose and glucose predict type 2 diabetes occurrence1 .
41 Mykkänen H, Lapveteläinen A. Hyvä ravitsemus vaatii yhteisvastuullista toimintaa.
42 Nissinen MJ et al. Respective hydrolysis and esterification of esterified and free plant stanols occur rapidly in human intestine after their duodenal infusion in triacyl- or diacylglycerol.
43 Orell-Kotikangas H et al. Undernäring - allmänt vid cancer i huvud- och halsregionen samt matsmältningskanalen.
44 Ottelin A-M et al. Costs of a self-selected, health-promoting diet among the participants of the Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study.
45 Polychronaki N. Biomarkers of Aflatoxin Exposure and a Dietary Intervention. Studies in Infants and Children from Egypt and Guinea and Young Adults from China.
46 Polychronaki N et al. A longitudinal assessment of aflatoxin M1 excretion in breast milk of selected Egyptian mothers.
47 Poutanen K et al. Nutrigenetiikan kaupalliset sovellukset - kohti personoitua ravitsemusta?
48 Sairanen U et al. The effect of probiotic fermented milk and inulin on the functions and microecology of the intestine.
49 Schwab U. Kihdin ravitsemushoito.
50 Schwab U. Sydän- ja verisuonitautien ehkäisy ja hoito.
51 Shiri R et al. The association between carotid intima-media thickness and sciatica .
52 Sillanpää P et al. CYP1A1 and CYP1B1 genetic polymorphisms, smoking and breast cancer risk in a Finnish caucasian population.
53 Simonen PP et al. The distribution of squalene and non-cholesterol sterols in lipoproteins in type 2 diabetes.
54 Sittiwet C et al. Cholesterol metabolism and non-cholesterol sterol distribution in lipoproreins of type 1 diabetes: The effect of improved glycemic control.
55 Tammela L et al. Geriatrisen hoidon kehityskeskus (Gerho) tähtää hyvään vanhuuteen.
56 Tolppanen A-M et al. Tenomodulin is associated with obesity and diabetes risk: The Finnish diabetes prevention study.
57 Törrönen R, Kolehmainen M. Mitä nutrigenomiikka merkistsee ravitsemustutkimukselle?
58 Uusitupa M. Kansantaudit, ravitsemus ja perimä.
59 Wang J et al. Variants of transcription factor 7-like 2 (TCF7L2) gene predict conversion to type 2 diabetes in the Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study and are associated with impaired glucose regulation and impaired insulin secretion.
60 Wu QK et al. Berry phenolic extracts modulate the expression of p21WAF1 and bax but not Bcl-2 in HT-29 colon cancer cells.

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