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Julkaisut 2007
Publications 2007

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1 Aronen HJ et al. Diffusion and perfusion-weighed magnetic resonance imaging techiques in stroke recovery.
2 Bendel P et al. Subarachnoid hemorrhage is followed by temporomesial volume loss: MRI volumetric study.
3 Berg M et al. CT angiography of the extracranial and intracranial circulation with imaging protocols.
4 Berg M et al. Computed tomography imaging in carotid artery stenosis.
5 Hämäläinen A et al. Increased fMRI responses during encoding in mild cognitive impairment.
6 Hämäläinen A et al. Voxel-based morphometry to detect brain atrophy in progressive mild cognitive impairment.
7 Joensuu M et al. Reduced midbrain serotonin transporter availability in drug-naive patients with depression measured by SERT-specific [(123)I] nor-beta-CIT SPECT imaging.
8 Kälviäinen R et al. Juvenile-onset neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis with infantile CNL1 mutation and palmitoyl-protein thioesterase deficiency.
9 Liu Y et al. Crossed cerebellar diaschisis in acute ischemic stroke: a study with serial SPECT and MRI.
10 Liu Y et al. Subarachnoid hemorrhage in the subacute stage: elevated apparent diffusion coefficient in normal-appearing brain tissue after treatment.
11 Mazen S et al. Rintasyöpäpotilaan preoperativinen magneettikuvaus paikallisen levinneisyyden arvioinnissa.
12 Toivanen AT et al. Agreement between clinical and radiological methods of diagnosing knee osteoarthritis.
13 Tuunanen H et al. Myocardial perfusion, oxidative metabolism, and free fatty acid uptake in patients with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy attributable to the Asp175Asn mutation in the alpha-tropomyosin gene: a positron emission tomography study.
14 Vanninen RL, Manninen I. Onyx, a new liquid embolic material for peripheral interventions: preliminary experience in aneyrysm, pseudoaneyrysm, and pulmonary arteriovenous malformation embolization.
15 Vottonen P et al. Electrocardiographic left ventrivular hyperthrophy has low diagnostic accuracy in midddle-aged subjects.

Kliinisen radiologian yksikkö Department of Clinical Radiology
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