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Julkaisut 2007
Publications 2007

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1 Ervasti M et al. Use of advanced red blood cell and reticulocyte indices improves the accuracy in diagnosing iron deficiency in pregnant women term.
2 Ervasti M et al. The relationship between red blood cell and reticulocyte indices and serum markers of iron status in the cord blood of newborns.
3 Ervasti M et al. Quantitative flow cytometric analysis of transferrin receptor expression on reticulocytes.
4 Helin-Tanninen M et al. Nifedipine capsules may provide a viable alternative to oral powders for paediatric patients.
5 Järvenpää J et al. Fortified mineral water improves folate status and decreases plasma homocysteine concentration in pregnant women.
6 Karppi J et al. Adsorption of drugs onto a pH responsive poly (N,N-dimethyl aminoethyl methacrylate) grafted anion-exchange membrane in vitro.
7 Karppi J et al. Isolation of drugs from biological fluids by using pH sensitive poly(acrylic acid) grafted poly(vinylidene fluoride) polymer membrane in vitro.
8 Komulainen P et al. Serum high sensitivity C-reactive protein and cognitive function in elderly women.
9 Kumpulainen E et al. Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) penetrates readily into the cerebrospinal fluid of children after intravenous administration.
10 Matinlauri IH et al. Human leukocyte antigen associations in Finnish liver transplantations due to primary sclerosing cholangitis and primary biliary cirrhosis .
11 Methuen T et al. Disialotransferrin, determined by capillary electrophoresis, is an accurate biomarker for alcoholic cause of acute pancreatitis.
12 Miettinen KH et al. Utility of plasma apelin and other indices of cardiac dysfunction in the clinical assessment of patients with dilated cardiomyopathy.
13 Penttilä IM et al. Imprecision of cardiac marker analyses among laboratories on the basis of external quality assurance results: Finnish experience.
14 Ritvanen T et al. Effect of aerobic fitness on the physiological stress responses at work.
15 Ruotsalainen E et al. Markers of endothelial dysfunction and low-grade inflammation are associated in the offspring of type 2 diabetic subjects. 2008!!
16 Tuomainen T-P et al. Body iron is a contributor of oxidative damage of DNA.
17 Utriainen P et al. Childhood metabolic syndrome and its components in premature adrenarche.

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