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Julkaisut 2007
Publications 2007

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1 Ala-Korpela M et al. The inherent accuracy of 1H NMR spectroscopy to quantify plasma lipoproteins is subclass dependent.
2 Grigorenko NA et al. Synthesis of novel optical isomers of [alpha]-methylpolyamines.
3 Hakalehto E et al. Aerobic and anaerobic growth modes and expression of type 1 fimbriae in Salmonella.
4 Hassinen VH et al. Isolation of Zn-responsive genes from two accessions of the hyperaccumulator plant Thlaspi caerulescens.
5 Helppolainen SH et al. Rhizavidin from Rhizobium etli: the first natural dimer in the avidin protein family.
6 Huttunen KM et al. Novel cyclic phosphate prodrug approach for cytochrome P450-activated drugs containing an alcohol functionality.
7 Hyvönen MT et al. Role of hypusinated eukaryotic translation initiation factor 5A in polyamine depletion-induced cytostasis.
8 Häkkinen MR et al. Analysis of underivatized polyamines by reversed phase liquid chromatography with electorspray tandem mass spectrometry.
9 Immonen A et al. The major horse allergen Equ c 1 contains one immunodominant region of T cell epitopes.
10 Immonnen AK et al. Use of multiple peptides containing T cell epitopes is a feasible approach for peptide-based immunotherapy in Can f 1 allergy.
11 Jarho EM et al. 2(S)-(cycloalk-1-enecarbonyl)-1-(4-phenyl-butanoyl)pyrrolidines and 2(S)-(aroyl)-1-(4-phenylbutanoyl)pyrrolidines as prolyl oligopeptidase inhibitors.
12 Jokiniemi J et al. Structural study of metal complexes of bisphosphonate amide ester: copper, magnesium, zinc and cadmium complexes of (dichloromethylene)bisphosphonic acid P-piperidinium-P´-methyl ester.
13 Keinänen TA et al. Alpha-methylated polyamines as potential drugs and experimental tools in enzymology.
14 Kinnunen T et al. Potential of an altered peptide ligand of lipocalin allergen Bos d 2 for peptide immunotherapy.
15 Korhonen S-P. FLUFF-BALL, a Fuzzy Superposition and QSAR Technique.
16 Merentie M et al. Oxidative stress and inflammation in the pathogenesis of activated polyamine catabolism-induced acute pancreatitis.
17 Niemitz M et al. Complete 1H NMR spectral fingerprint of huperzine A.
18 Pakkala M et al. Activity and stability of human kallikrein-2-specific linear and cyclic peptide inhibitors.
19 Räty JK et al. SPECT/CT imaging of baculovirus biodistribution in rat.
20 Simonian A et al. Novel CoA-polyamine conjugates for effective inhibition of spermine/spermidine-N1-acetyltransferase.
21 Soininen P et al. 1H NMR at 800 MHz facilitates detailed phospholipid follow-up during atherogenic modifications in low density lipoproteins.
22 Suna T et al. 1H NMR metabonomics of plasma lipoprotein subclasses: elucidation of metabolic clustering by self-organising maps.
23 Turhanen PA et al. A novel strategy for the preparation of naturally occurring phosphocitrate and its partially esterfied derivatives.
24 Vehtari A et al. A novel Bayesian approach to quantify clinical variables and to determine their spectroscopic counterparts in 1H NMR metabonomic data.

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