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Julkaisut 2007 (alustava)
Publications 2007 (preliminary)

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1 Laaksonen A et al. The role of VOC oxidation products in continental new particle formation.
2 Arola A et al. A case study on biomass burning aerosols: effects on aerosol optical properties and surface radiation levels.
3 Arra S et al. Ultrasonic power and data link for wireless implantable applications.
4 Boman E. Radiotherapy Forward and Inverse Problem Applying Boltzmann Transport Equation.
5 Brandt SS, Kolehmainen V. Structure-from-motion without correspondence from tomographic projections by Bayesian inversion theory.
6 Di Girolamo S et al. Fast adaptive interferometer on dynamic reflection hologram in CdTe:V.
7 Di Girolamo S et al. Sensing of multimode-fiber strain by a dynamic photorefractive hologram.
8 Ehn M et al. Hygroscopic properties of ultrafine aerosol particles in the boreal forest: diurnal variation, solubility and the influence of sulfuric acid .
9 Fauch L et al. Optical implementation of precise color classification using computer controlled set of light emitting diodes.
10 Georgiadis S. State-Space Modeling and Bayesian Methods for Evoked Potential Estimation.
11 Georgiadis SD et al. A subspace method for dynamical estimation of evoked potentials.
12 Grachev AI et al. Experimental observation of optical orientation of dipolar centers.
13 Hamed A et al. A comparison of new particle formation at different sites in the European boundary layer.
14 Hamed A et al. Nucleation and growth of new particles in Po Valley, Italy.
15 Hamed A et al. Nucleation events in Melpitz, Germany, and Po Valley, Italy: similarities and differences.
16 Huttunen JMJ, Kaipio JP. Approximation errors in nonstationary inverse problems.
17 Huttunen JMJ, Kaipio JP. Approximation error analysis in nonlinear state estimation with an application to state-spase identification.
18 Huttunen JMJ, Pikkarainen HK. Discretization error in dynamical inverse problems: one dimensional model case.
19 Huttunen T et al. Solving Maxwell´s equations using the ultra weak variational formulation.
20 Huttunen T, Monk P. The use of plane waves to approximate wave propagation in anisotropic media.
21 Hyensjö M et al. Modelling the effect of shear flow on fibre orientation anisotropy in a planar contraction.
22 Hämäläinen A et al. Increased fMRI responses during encoding in mild cognitive impairment.
23 Hämäläinen A et al. Voxel-based morphometry to detect brain atrophy in progressive mild cognitive impairment.
24 Hämäläinen T, Hämäläinen J. Modelling of fibre orientation in the headbox jet.
25 Hämäläinen T et al. Evolution of fibre flocs in a turbulent pipe expansion flow.
26 Joutsensaari J et al. Secondary organic aerosol formation by ozonolysis of volatiles emitted from trees.
27 Julkunen P et al. Characterization of articular cartilage by combining microscopic analysis with a fibril-reinforced finite-element model.
28 Julkunen P et al. Uncertainties in indentation testing of articular cartilage: a fibril-reinforced poroviscoelastic study. IN PRESS.
29 Kaipio J, Somersalo E. Statistical inverse problems: discretization, model reduction and inverse crimes.
30 Kaipio JP et al. Optimal current patterns in dynamical electrical impedance tomography imaging.
31 Kallioniemi AS et al. Contrast agent enhanced pQCT of articular cartilage.
32 Kamshilin AA. A novel multispectral measuring system.
33 Kamshilin AA, Nippolainen E. Chromatic discrimination by use of computer controlled set of light-emitting diodes.
34 Kamshilin AA et al. Accuracy of dynamic-speckle profilometers.
35 Kamshilin AA et al. Dynamic-speckle profilometer for online measurements of coating thickness.
36 Kerminen V-M et al. Charging state of the atmospheric nucleation mode: implications for separating neutral and ion-induced nucleation.
37 Kervella M et al. Efficiency of hybrid methods to model light propagation in biological tissues.
38 Kiviranta P et al. Comparison of novel clinically applicable methodology for sensitive diagnostics of cartilage degeneration.
39 Kolehmainen V et al. Reconstruction of thermal conductivity and heat capacity using a tomographic approach.
40 Kolehmainen V et al. The inverse conductivity problem with an imperfectly known boundary in three dimensions.
41 Kolehmainen V et al. Bayesian inversion method for 3D dental X-ray imaging.
42 Kourunen J et al. Imaging of mixing of two miscible liquids using electrical impedance tomography [CD-ROM].
43 Kronholm E et al. Spectral power and fractal dimension: methodological comparison in a sample of normal sleepers and chronic insomniacs.
44 Kulmala M et al. Toward direct measurement of atmospheric nucleation.
45 Kurkijärvi JE et al. Evaluation of cartilage repair in the distal femur after autologous chondrocyte transplantation using T2 relaxation time and dGEMRIC.
46 Lammentausta E. Structural and Mechanical Characterization of Articular Cartilage and Trabecular Bone With Quantitative NMR.
47 Lammentausta E et al. Quantitative MRI of parallel changes of articular cartilage and underlying trabecular bone in degeneration.
48 Lappi H et al. Effects of nutritive and non-nutritive sucking on infant heart rate variability during the first 6 months of life.
49 Lehikoinen A et al. A filtering approach for hydrological process monitoring with approximation error method [CD-ROM].
50 Lehikoinen A et al. Approximation errors and truncation of computational domains with application to geophysical tomography.
51 Lehtinen KEJ et al. Estimating nucleation rates from apparent particle formation rates and vice versa: revised formulation of the Kerminen - Kulmala equation.
52 Leppänen T. Effect of Fiber Orientation on Cockling of Paper.
53 Leppänen T et al. Effect of fiber orientation structure on simulated cockling of paper.
54 Leppänen T, Hämäläinen J. Effect of local curls on the cockling of paper.
55 Leskinen A et al. On aerosol-cloud studies at the Puijo semiurban measurement station.
56 Leskinen AP et al. Characterization of aging wood chip combustion aerosol in an environmental chamber.
57 Leskinen AP et al. Transformation of diesel engine exhaust in an environmental chamber.
58 Lihavainen H et al. Size distributions of atmospheric ions inside clouds and in cloud-free air at a remote continental site.
59 Liikavainio T et al. Reproducibility of loading measurements with skin-mounted accelerometers during walking.
60 Madetoja E. Novel Process Line Approach for Model-Based Optimization in Papermaking. Sensitivity and Uncertainty Analysis.
61 Mikkonen S et al. Multivariate mixed effects regression model in the analysis of number concentration of 50NM particles.
62 Mikkonen S et al. Analysing the number concentration of 50 nm particles with multivariate mixed effects model.
63 Napari I, Laaksonen A. Surface tension and scaling of critical nuclei in diatomic and triatomic fluids.
64 Nieminen H. Acoustic Properties of Articular Cartilage. Effect of Composition, Structure and Mechanical Loading.
65 Nieminen HJ et al. Ultrasound speed in articular cartilage under mechanical compression.
66 Niinimäki K et al. Bayesian multiresolution method for local tomography in dental x-ray imaging.
67 Niinimäki K et al. Multiresolution local tomography in dental radiology using wavelets.
68 Nippolainen E et al. Optical orientation of dipolar centers: Theory end experiments.
69 Nippolainen E et al. Fast and accurate optical profilometer.
70 Niskanen EI et al. Subspace approaches for fMRI time series estimation.
71 Nissi MJ et al. Estimation of mechanical properties of articular cartilage with MRI - dGEMRIC, T2 and T1 imaging in different species with variable stages of maturation.
72 Nissinen A et al. Approximation errors in electrical impedance tomography - an experimental study [CD-ROM].
73 Olkkonen H, Heikkinen P, inventors. Elektretwandler.
74 Olkkonen H, Heikkinen P, inventors. Electret transducer.
75 Olkkonen H, Olkkonen JT. Wavelet excited measurement of system transfer function.
76 Olkkonen H, Olkkonen JT. Half-delay B-spline filter for construction of shift-invariant wavelet transform.
77 Olkkonen H et al. FFT-based computation of shift invariant analytic wavelet transform.
78 Olkkonen JT, Olkkonen H. Discrete lattice wavelet transform.
79 Olkkonen JT, Olkkonen H. Fractional delay filter based on the B-spline transform.
80 Olkkonen JT, Olkkonen H. Fractional time-shift B-spline filter.
81 Papp A et al. Dielectric measurement in experimental burns: a new tool for burn depth determination (Letters and viewpoints).
82 Pinto DM et al. Effects of atmospheric ozone on biogenic volatile organic compounds: an atmospheric and ecological perspective.
83 Pinto DM et al. The effects of increasing atmospheric ozone on biogenic monoterpene profiles and the formation of secondary aerosols.
84 Pulkkanen K et al. Effective palliation without normal tissue toxicity using low-dosw ultrafractionated re-irradiation for tumor recurrence after radical or adjuvant radiotherapy.
85 Qu CJ et al. Human articular cartilage proteoglycans are not undesulfated in osteoarthritis.
86 Riekkinen O et al. Acoustic properties of trabecular bone-relationships to tissue composition.
87 Riekkinen O et al. Spatial variation of acoustic properties is related with mechanical properties of trabecular bone.
88 Riipinen I et al. Adipic and malonic acid aqueous solutions: surface tensions and saturation vapor pressures.
89 Riipinen I et al. Connections between atmospheric sulphuric acid and new particle formation during QUEST lll-IV campaigns in Heidelberg and Hyytiälä.
90 Rissanen S et al. Analysis of surface EMG signal morphology in Parkinson´s disease.
91 Romashko R et al. Adaptive fiber-optical sensor system for pico-strain and nano-displacement metrology.
92 Romashko RV et al. Fast-adaptive fiber-optic sensor for ultra-small vibration and deformation measurement.
93 Romashko RV et al. Optimal geometry for fast and efficient hologram recording in photorefractive crystal.
94 Saarakkala S. Pre-Clinical Ultrasound Diagnostics of Articular Cartilage and Subchondral Bone.
95 Saarakkala S et al. Quantitative information from ultrasound evaluation of articular cartilage should be interpreted with care.
96 Saarelainen J et al. Is discordance in bone measurements affected by body composition or anthropometry? A comparative study between peripheral and central devices.
97 Saarelainen M et al. Students' initial knowledge of electric and magnetic fields - more profound explanations and reasoning models for undesired conceptions.
98 Schultz DM et al. Weekly precipitation cycles? Lack of evidence from United States surface stations.
99 Semenov DV et al. Comparison of acousto-optic deflectors for dynamic-speckle distance-measurement application.
100 Seppänen A et al. An experimental evaluation of state estimation with fluid dynamical models in process tomography.
101 Seppänen A et al. State estimation in process tomography - experimental study in 3D multi-phase flow case [CD-ROM].
102 Sierpowska J. Electrical and Dielectric Characterization of Trabecular Bone Quality.
103 Sierpowska J et al. Effect of human trabecular bone composition on its electrical properties.
104 Sogacheva L et al. Relation of air mass history to nucleation events in Po Valley, Italy, using back trajectories analysis .
105 Sorjamaa R, Laaksonen A. The effect of H2O adsorption on cloud drop activation of insoluble particles: a theoretical framework.
106 Sorvari J et al. Paper as a viscoelastic material: comparison between different theories.
107 Sorvari J, Malinen M. Numerical interconversion between linear viscoelastic material functions with regularization.
108 Sorvari J, Malinen M. On the direct estimation of creep and relaxation functions.
109 Tarvainen MP et al. A principal component regression approach for estimating ventricular repolarization duration variability.
110 Tiitta P et al. Road-side measurements of aerosol and ion number size distributions:a comparison with remote site measurements.
111 Tiitta P et al. Road-side measurements of air ions.
112 Tossavainen O-P. Shape estimation in electrical impedance tomography.
113 Tossavainen O-P et al. A three-dimensional shape estimation approach for tracking of phase interfaces in sedimentation processes using electrical impedance tomography.
114 Vaattovaara P et al. Significant secondary organic effect of marine biota origin on coastal and open ocean aerosols.
115 Vaattovaara P et al. Organic fraction in recently formed nucleation event particles in mace head coastal atmosphere during map 2006 summer campaign.
116 Vesterinen M et al. Effect of particle phase oligomer formation on aerosol growth.
117 Videman T et al. Determinants of changes in bone density: a 5-year follow-up study of adult male monozygotic twings.
118 Virtanen H et al. The effect of authentic metallic implants on the SAR distribution of the head exposed to 900, 1800 and 2450 MHz dipole near field.
119 Virtanen M et al. Heart rate variability derived from exercise ECG in the detection of coronary artery disease.
120 Vottonen P et al. Electrocardiographic left ventrivular hyperthrophy has low diagnostic accuracy in midddle-aged subjects.
121 Voutilainen A et al. A filtering approach for estimating lake water quality from remote sensing data.

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