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Julkaisut 2007 (alustava)
Publications 2007 (preliminary)

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1 Katainen E et al. Quantification of the amphetamine content in seized street samples by Raman spectroscopy.
2 Korjamo T et al. Decrease in intracellular concentration causes the shift in Km value of efflux pump substrates.
3 Mannermaa E et al. Silmänpohjan nesteisen ikärappeuman uudet lääkkeet.
4 Matero S et al. Predicting the drug concentration in starch acetate matrix tablets from ATR-FTIR spectra using multi-way methods.
5 Mäki R et al. Modifying drug release and tablet properties of starch acetate tablets by dry powder agglomeration.
6 Männistö M. Polymeric Carriers in Non-viral Gene Delivery. A Study of the Physicochemical Properties and the Biological Activity in Human RPE Cell Line .
7 Männistö M et al. Polyplex-mediated gene transfer and cell cycle: effect of carrier on cellular uptake and intracellular kinetics, and significance of glycosaminoglycans.
8 Mönkkönen H et al. Zoledronic acid-induced IPP/ApppI production in vivo.
9 Mönkkönen J. Lääkemuodot ja antoreitit.
10 Nurmi T et al. Teollisen lääkkeenvalmistuksen opetusta lähes aidossa ympäristössä. Kuopion yliopiston teollisen lääkkeenvalmistuksen kurssi rantautui Sotilasapteekin Viitasaaren toimintayksikköön.
11 Paimela T et al. The effect of 17beta-estradiol on IL-6 secretion and NF-kappaB DNA-binding activity in human retinal pigment epithelial cells.
12 Pappinen S et al. Rat epidermal keratinocyte organotypic culture (ROC) compared to human cadaver skin: The effect of skin permeation enhancers.
13 Pitkänen L et al. Binding of betaxolol, metoprolol and oligonucleotides to synthetic and bovine ocular melanin, and prediction of drug binding to melanin in human choroid-retinal pigment epithelium.
14 Pulkkinen M et al. Effects of block length on the enzymatic degradation and erosion of oxazoline linked poly-epsilon-caprolactone.
15 Toropainen E. Corneal Epithelial Cell Culture Model for Pharmaceutical Studies.
16 Toropainen E et al. Corneal epithelium as a platform for secretion of transgene products after transfection with liposomal gene eyedrops.
17 Toropainen T et al. Crystal structure changes of gamma-cyclodextrin after the SEDS process in supercritical carbon dioxide affect the dissolution rate of complexed budesonide.
18 Valtola A et al. Does coronary artery bypass surgery affect metoprolol bioavailability.
19 Windshügel B et al. Comparison of homology models and X-ray structures of the nuclear receptor CAR: Assessing the structural basis of constitutive activity.

Farmasian teknologian ja biofarmasian laitos Department of Pharmaceutics
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