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Julkaisut 2007
Publications 2007

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1 Evanko SP et al. Hyaluronan-dependent pericellular matrix.
2 Feugaing DDS et al. Endocytosis of the dermatan sulfate proteoglycan decorin utilizes multiple pathways and is modulated by epidermal growth factor receptor signaling.
3 Jay GD et al. Association between friction and wear in diarthrodial joints lacking lubricin.
4 Kallioniemi AS et al. Contrast agent enhanced pQCT of articular cartilage.
5 Karihtala P et al. Hyaluronan in breast cancer: correlations with nitric oxide synthases and tyrosine nitrosylation.
6 Lammentausta E et al. Quantitative MRI of parallel changes of articular cartilage and underlying trabecular bone in degeneration.
7 Lammi MJ. Cellular signaling in cartilage tissue engineering.
8 Liikavainio T et al. Loading and gait symmetry during level and stair walking in asymptomatic subjects with knee osteoarthritis: Importance of quadriceps femoris in reducing impact force during heel strike?
9 Männistö M et al. Polyplex-mediated gene transfer and cell cycle: effect of carrier on cellular uptake and intracellular kinetics, and significance of glycosaminoglycans.
10 Nieminen H. Acoustic Properties of Articular Cartilage. Effect of Composition, Structure and Mechanical Loading.
11 Pappinen S et al. Rat epidermal keratinocyte organotypic culture (ROC) compared to human cadaver skin: The effect of skin permeation enhancers.
12 Pullinen O et al. Poly-L-D-Lactic acid scaffold in the repair of porcine knee cartilage lesions.
13 Pályi-Krekk Z et al. Hyaluronan-induced masking of ErbB2 and CD44-enhanced trastuzumab internalisation in trastuzumab resistant breast cancer.
14 Qu C. Articular Cartilage Proteoglycan Biosynthesis and Sulfation.
15 Qu C-J et al. Effects of glucosamine sulfate on intracellular UDP-hexosamine and UDP-glucuronic acid levels in bovine primary chondrocytes.
16 Qu CJ et al. Human articular cartilage proteoglycans are not undesulfated in osteoarthritis.
17 Riekkinen O et al. Acoustic properties of trabecular bone-relationships to tissue composition.
18 Saavalainen K et al. Integration of the activation of the human hyaluronan synthase 2 gene promoter by common cofactors of the transcription factors retinoic acid receptor and nuclear factor kappaB.
19 Sahlman J. Chondrodysplasias Caused by Defects in the Col2aI Gene .
20 Sierpowska J et al. Effect of human trabecular bone composition on its electrical properties.
21 Sillanpää S et al. Prognostic significance of extracellular matrix metalloproteinase inducer and matrix metalloproteinase 2 in epithelial ovarian cancer.
22 Sillanpää S et al. Prognostic significance of matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) in epithelial ovarian cancer.
23 Säämänen A-M et al. Analysis of arthritic lesions in the Del1 mouse: a model for osteoarthritis.
24 Vasara A. Autologous Chondrocyte Transplantation. Properties of the Repair Tissue in Humans and in Animal Models.

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