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Julkaisut 2006
Publications 2006

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1 Anttonen N et al. Franchising in Russia.
2 Ellonen H-K, Kuivalainen O. The development of an online success story: a case from the magazine publishing industry [cd-rom].
3 Granström R et al. Franchising Suomessa 2007.
4 Huovinen J, Tihula S. Management team in the backround of the portfolio entrepreneurship and as a management tool of firm portfolio.
5 Kantanen T, Tikkanen I. Advertising in low and high involvement cultural tourism attractions: four cases.
6 Katila S, Meriläinen S. Henkilökohtainen kokemus tiedon lähteenä: toimintatutkimus akateemisessa yhteisössä.
7 Kinnunen O, Huotari N. Regional development process or outcome? Case Centek [cd-rom].
8 Kivijärvi M et al. Gender differences in consumer online trust: results of an Internet survey [cd-rom].
9 Kuivalainen O et al. Geographical dimension - a missing link in the internationalisation of Born Global firms? (CP) [cd-rom].
10 Laukkanen M. Yritykset tervetuloa! Kehittämistoimi seututalouden käynnistäjänä.
11 Laukkanen T. Customer-perceived value of e-financial services: a means-end approach.
12 Laukkanen T. Consumer Value Drivers in Electronic Banking.
13 Laukkanen T et al. Multiple Perspectives to Consumer Behaviour In Electronic Commerce: Research Findings Of The KELPO Project.
14 Laukkanen T, Kantanen T. Consumer value segments in mobile bill paying.
15 Laukkanen T, Kantanen T. Customer perceived convenience in electronic financial services.
16 Littunen H, Niittykangas H. The Growth Models of New Firms During Various Stages of Entrepreneurship.
17 Littunen H, Virtanen M. Differentiating growing ventures from non-growth firms.
18 Moisander J, Eriksson P. Corporate narratives of information society: making up the mobile consumer subject.
19 Niskanen J, Niskanen M. The determinants of corporate trade credit policies in a bank-dominated financial environment: the case of finnish small firms.
20 Niskanen J, Niskanen M. Small business borrowing and the owner-manager agency costs: evidence on Finnish data.
21 Niskanen J, Niskanen M. Small business borrowing and the owner-manager agency costs: evidence on Finnish data.
22 Niskanen J, Niskanen M. Yritysrahoitus 3.-4. p.
23 Niskanen M. Bank equity claims in borrowing firms and loan availability.
24 Niskanen M, Niskanen J. The determinants of firm growth in small and micro firms - evidence on relationship lending effects.
25 Niskanen M et al. Small business borrowing and the agency costs of family ownership.
26 Pasanen M. SME growth strategies: organic or non-organic? [cd-rom].
27 Pasanen M. SME growth strategies: a comparison of young and long-lived firms [cd-rom].
28 Pasanen M. Portfolio entrepreneurship as a growth strategy.
29 Pasanen M. The role of teams in innovative SMEs: a strategic management perspective [cd-rom].
30 Pasanen M, Laukkanen T. Team-managed growing SMEs: a distinct species?
31 Saarenketo S et al. Linking knowledge and internationalization In ICT SMEs.
32 Sinkkonen S, Laukkanen T. Consumer resistance to digital television: preliminary findings from Finland.
33 Sinkkonen S, Laukkanen T. Segmenting non-users of digital television [cd-rom].
34 Tanninen H. Tulonjako 1900-luvun alkupuolelta nykyaikaan: rikkaat ovat taas rikastumassa.
35 Tihula S, Pasanen M. Entrepreneurial and management teams: comparative analysis focusing on SME performance.
36 Tohmo T et al. Backward and forward linkages, specialization and concentration in Finnish manufacturing in the period 1995-1999.
37 Tuunanen M. Franchiseyrittäjien vaihtuvuus ja epäonnistuminen - franchiseantajien näkökulma.
38 Tuunanen M et al. Franchising - multifaceted form of entrepreneurship [cd-rom].
39 Varis M et al. Regional industrial transformation and knowledge-intensive clustering: the case of the Northern Savo Region in Finland.
40 Wadsworth F H et al. Comparison Of Finnish, American, and New Zealand franchisee satisfaction.

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