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Julkaisut 2006
Publications 2006

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1 Al Natsheh A. Quantum Mechanics Study of Molecular Clusters Composed of Atmospheric Nucleation Precursors .
2 Al Natsheh A et al. Theoretical investigation of the coexistence of alpha and beta-nitric acid trihydrates (NAT) molecular conformations.
3 Al Natsheh A et al. Coexistence of metastable nitric acid dihydrates: a molecular level contribution to understanding the formation of polar stratospheric clouds crystals.
4 Asikainen A. Use of Computational Tools for Rapid Sorting and Prioritising of Organic Compounds Causing Environmental Risk with Estrogenic and Cytochrome P450 Activity.
5 Asikainen A et al. Structure-based classification of active and inactive estrogenic compounds by decision tree, LVQ and kNN methods.
6 Asikainen V et al. Kondensoivien puhallinkonvektorijärjestelmien hygienia.
7 Asikainen V et al. The microbial contamination on the drip pans of the fan coils.
8 Barisic V et al. Catalytic reduction of NO by CO over bed materials from a 12 MWth CFB boiler burning biomass fuels and wastes.
9 Barisic V et al. Comparison of the catalytic activity of bed materials from the combustion of biomass and waste fuels in a circulating fluidized bed boiler toward NO reduction by CO.
10 Baverstock K, Williams D. The Chernobyl accident 20 years on: an assessment of the health consequences and the international response.
11 Björkroth M et al. A study of mixing coefficients in a displacement ventilated room.
12 Brown DP et al. A method of moments based CFD model for polydisperse aerosol flows with strong interphase mass and heat transfer.
13 Frey A et al. Aerosol composition in fireplace emissions.
14 Geebelen W et al. Transplanted lichens as biomonitors for atmospheric fluoride pollution near two fluoride point sources in Flanders (Belgium).
15 Halinen A et al. Jätekompostit lannoitteena peltoviljelyssä - biologiset ja kemialliset vaikutukset.
16 Hallikainen A et al. Voiko silakkaa edelleen syödä? Dioksiinien saanti elintarvikkeista arvioitu uudelleen.
17 Hamed A et al. Characterization of new particle formation events in highly polluted area.
18 Hamed A et al. Correlation of nucleation events with environmental variables in highly polutted area, Po Valley, Italy.
19 Hamed A et al. Nucleation and growth of new particles in Po Valley, Italy.
20 Hautamäki M et al. Evaluation of the use of low flow passive sampling technique in offset printing plants.
21 Hautamäki M et al. Sisäilman hiukkaspitoisuuksiin vaikuttavat lähteet koneellisesti ilmastoiduissa rakennuksissa.
22 Hautamäki M et al. Determinants of indoor air particle concentrations in mechanically ventilated buildings.
23 Heikkinen M et al. Self-organizing maps for analysis of EPS-batch process.
24 Heikkinen M et al. Neural network based method for analysis of eps-batch process.
25 Heikkinen P. Studies on Cancer-related Effects of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields.
26 Heikkinen P et al. No effects of radiofrequency radiation on 3-chloro-4-(dichloromenthyl)-5-hydroxy-2(5H)-furanone-induced tumorigenesis in female wistar rats.
27 Heinonen-Tanski H. Luonto vanhojen ja uusien tarpeittemme tyydyttäjänä.
28 Heinonen-Tanski H et al. Methods to reduce pathogen microorganisms in manure.
29 Hernandez Carucci JR, Kilpinen P. Homogeneous oxidation of volatile nitrogen (NH3, HCN) to nitrogen oxides: a modeling study of the effect of alkali vapors.
30 Hiltunen LJ et al. An apparatus for studying vapor adsorption on nanoparticles.
31 Hiltunen LJ et al. A new method for studying vapor adsorption on nanoparticles.
32 Hiltunen LJ et al. A novel method for measuring vapor adsorption on nanoparticles.
33 Hiltunen Y et al. A som-based tool for process state monitoring and optimization.
34 Huttunen JT, Martikainen PJ. Long-term effects of northern reservoirs on the landscape-scale CH4 and N2O exchanges.
35 Huttunen JT et al. Methane fluxes at the sediment-water interface in some boreal lakes and reservoirs.
36 Huttunen M et al. Emission formation during wood log combustion in fireplaces - part I: volatile combustion stage.
37 Hyttinen M et al. Tuloilmasuodattimelle kertyneen pölyn kemiallinen koostumus ja sen aiheuttamat hajupäästöt.
38 Hyttinen M et al. Removal of ozone on clean, dusty and sooty supply air filters.
39 Hyttinen M et al. Characterization of supply air filter dust by headspace- and thermodesorption mass spectrometer.
40 Hytönen K et al. PAH-emissions from a masonry heater in small scale wood combustion.
41 Höytö A et al. Modest increase in temperature affects ODC activity in L929 cells: low-level radiofrequency radiation does not.
42 Isosaari P et al. Polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins, dibenzofurans, biphenyls, naphthalenes and polybrominated diphenyl ethers in the edible fish caught from the Baltic Sea and lakes in Finland.
43 Jarnstorm H et al. The usefulness of pre-collected reference values in verifying excessive VOC emission from a moisture damaged, PVC coated floor.
44 Jokiniemi J et al. Biomassan ja raskaan polttoöljyn pienhiukkaspäästöt ilman tehokasta suodatusta - BIOPOR.
45 Joutsensaari J et al. Formation of secondary organic aerosols by ozonolysis of plant-released volatiles.
46 Jumpponen M, Pasanen P. Ilmanvaihtolaitosten puhdistaja ja nuohooja kohtaavat työssään monia erilaisia vaaroja.
47 Junninen H et al. Explaining atmospheric aerosol nucleation events using data mining tools, back-trajectories and land cover characteristics.
48 Juutilainen J, Huuskonen H. Välitaajuisten kenttien vaikutuksia.
49 Juutilainen J, Kumlin T. Occupational magnetic field exposure and melatonin: interaction with light-at-night.
50 Juutilainen J et al. Do extremely low frequency magnetic fields enhance the effects of environmental carcinogens? A meta-analysis of experimental studies.
51 Juutilainen J et al. Radiotaajuisten kenttien ja säteilyn vaikutukset.
52 Juutilainen J et al. Hyvin pientaajuisten kenttien vaikutuksia.
53 Järnström H et al. Reference values for indoor air pollutant concentrations in new, residential buildings in Finland.
54 Kalliokoski P et al. Odor and organic emissions from ventilation filters.
55 Kettunen R et al. Increase of N2O fluxes in agricultural peat and sandy soil under elevated CO2 concentration: concomitant changes in soil moisture, groundwater table and biomass production of Phleum pratense.
56 Kilpinen P, Sillanpää M. Kuopion yliopistossa tehdään katalyysitutkimusta ympäristön hyväksi.
57 Kiviranta H et al. PCDD/F, PCB and PBDE Levels in finnish Foodstuffs in 2003-2005.
58 Kokkola H et al. On the hygroscopic growth of ammoniated sulfate particles of non-stoichiometric composition.
59 Kontro M et al. Selected ion monitoring in quantitative gas-liquid chromatographic - mass spectrometric detection of fatty acid methyl esters from environmental samples.
60 Koponen HT et al. Temperature responses of NO and N2O emissions from boreal organic soil.
61 Koponen HT et al. Microbial communities, biomass, and activities in soils as affected by freeze thaw cycles.
62 Korpi A. Ftalaattien määrittäminen ilma- ja huonepölynäytteistä, kirjallisuuskatsaus.
63 Korpi A et al. The Nordic Expert Group for Criteria Documentation of Health Risks from Chemicals. Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds (MVOCs).
64 Kortelainen P et al. Sediment respiration and lake trophic state are important predictors of large CO2 evasion from small boreal lakes.
65 Laatikainen T. Pesticide Induced Responses in Ectomycorrhizal Fungi and Symbiont Scots Pine Seedlings.
66 Lanki T. Fine Particles in Urban Air Exposure and Cardiovascular Health Effects.
67 Larmola T et al. Spatial patterns of litter decomposition in the littoral zone of boreal lakes.
68 Lehtola MJ et al. The effects of changing water flow velocity on the formation of biofilms and water quality in pilot distribution system consisting of copper or polyethylene pipes.
69 Lehtola MJ et al. Resuspension of biofilms and sediments to water from pipelines as a result of pressure shocks in drinking water distribution system.
70 Lehtola MJ et al. The effects of pipeline material on drinking water quality and formation of biofilms.
71 Liikanen A et al. Temporal and seasonal changes in greenhouse gas emissions from a constructed wetland purifying peat mining runoff waters.
72 Lind T et al. Electrostatic precipitator performance and trace element emissions from two kraft recovery boilers.
73 Lind T et al. Fine particle emissions from fluidized bed combustion of biomass - a prediction method.
74 Lind T et al. Effect of chlorine and sulfur on fine particle formation in pilot-scale CFBC of biomass.
75 Loikkanen J et al. Effect of glutamate and extracellular calcium on uptake of inorganic lead (Pb2+) in immortalized mouse hypothalamic GT1-7 neuronal cells.
76 Lyyränen J et al. Fine particle characterisation by electron microscopy in a small scale masonry heater during poor and good combustion conditions.
77 Maljanen M et al. Methane and nitrous oxide fluxes, and carbon dioxide production in boreal forest soil fertilized with wood ash and nitrogen.
78 Maljanen M et al. Greenhouse gas fluxes of coniferous forest floors as affected by wood ash addition.
79 Martikainen PJ et al. Greenhouse gas dynamics of terrestrial and aquatic environments: pristine ecosystems and land-use effects.
80 Metsärinne S. Degradation of Novel and Conventional Complexing Agents.
81 Miettinen M et al. Fine particle transformations during dilution.
82 Miettinen P et al. Particle formation by ozonolysis of inducible plant volatiles.
83 Mikkonen S et al. Using discriminant analysis as a nucleation event classification method.
84 Mikkonen S et al. Using discriminant analysis as a nucleation event classification method.
85 Mikkonen S et al. Modelling the size distribution of 3-50 Nm particles with generalized models.
86 Mäkinen M, Korpi A. Palonestoaineina käytettyjen organofosforiyhdisteiden ja tetrabromibisfenoli-A:n määritys sisäympäristönäytteistä, kirjallisuuskatsaus.
87 Mäkinen M et al. Palonestoaineiden määritys - analyyttinen haaste.
88 Nadykto AB et al. Quantum nature of the sign preference in ion-induced nucleation.
89 Naumov AV et al. Shallow lakes as a source greenhouse gases in taiga and tundra regions of western Siberia.
90 Niska H et al. Genetic algorithms and sensitivity analysis applied to select inputs of a multi-layer perceptron for the prediction of air pollutant time-series.
91 Nousiainen M et al. Phosphoproteome analysis of the human mitotic spindle.
92 Nuortio T et al. Improved route planning and scheduling of waste collection and transport.
93 Parmanne R et al. The dependence of organohalogen compound concentrations on herring age and size in the Bothnian Sea, northern Baltic.
94 Pasanen P et al. Cleanliness of ventilation systems - opaskirja ilmanvaihtojärjestelmien puhtauden hallintaan.
95 Penttinen P et al. Source-specific fine particles in urban air and respiratory function among adult asthmatics.
96 Rantakokko P et al. Dietary intake of organotin compounds in Finland: a market-basket study.
97 Raunemaa T et al. Uimahallien aerosolipitoisuudet ja koostumus, ilmanjako, vedenkäsittely sekä uimahallin käyttäjien hengitystiealtistuminen.
98 Regina K et al. Kasvihuonekaasupäästöt laitumilta ja suojakaistoilta.
99 Ruokojärvi P et al. Levels of persistent organic compounds in the sediments of Gulf of Bothnia, The Baltic Sea.
100 Räsänen T et al. Self-refreshing SOM for dynamic process state monitoring in a circulating fluidized bed energy plant.
101 Räsänen T et al. Data-based approaches improving the accuracy of life cycle profit models.
102 Saarijärvi K et al. Heinä- ja apilalaitumen tuotto ja ympäristövaikutukset.
103 Saarijärvi K et al. Säilörehu- ja laidunnurmen pohjavesikuormitus.
104 Saastamoinen J et al. Emission formation during wood log combustion in fireplaces - part II: char combustion stage.
105 Sovik AK et al. Emission of the greenhouse gases nitrous oxide and methane from constructed wetlands in Europe.
106 Stockmann-Juvala H et al. Fumonisin B1-induced apoptosis in neuroblastoma, glioblastoma and hypothalamic cell lines.
107 Tiitta P et al. Determination of the chemical characteristics of particles from road-side measurements.
108 Tiitta P et al. Determination of the characteristics of ultrafine particles from road-side measurements.
109 Tiitta P et al. Road-side measurements of air ions.
110 Tissari J, Jokiniemi J. Pienpolton pienhiukkaset.
111 Tissari J et al. Puun polton pienhiukkaspäästöt - PIPO 1-2.
112 Tissari JM et al. Comparison of emissions from a small masonry heater in good and poor combustion conditions.
113 Tissari JM et al. Fine particle emissions from milled peat production.
114 Tuomainen J et al. Community structure of the bacteria associated with Nodularia sp. (Cyanobacteria) aggregates in the Baltic sea.
115 Tuppurainen K et al. Performance of multicomponent self-organizing regression (MCSOR) in QSPR, and multivariate calibration: comparison with partial least-squares (PLS) and validation with large external data sets.
116 Turrek T et al. Estimation of flue gas and ambient air mixing rate with the help of IR-visualisation.
117 Tyczynski JE et al. Atlas of Cancer Incidence & Mortality in Ohio 1996-2001.
118 Uusi-Kämppä J et al. Faecal microorganisms in run-off from cattle farming.
119 Uusi-Kämppä J et al. Laitumen ja suojakaistan typpitalous.
120 Vaattovaara P et al. The composition of nucleation and Aitken modes particles during coastal nucleation events: evidence for marine secondary organic contribution.
121 Vaattovaara P et al. Marine secondary organic contribution to ultrafine particles.
122 Vaattovaara P et al. Evidence for marine secondary organic contribution to newly-formed nanometer-sized particles formation.
123 Verschaeve L et al. Investigation of co-genotoxic effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields in vivo.
124 Verta M et al. Risks of contaminated sediments by river Kymijoki.
125 Vilve MK et al. The application of ozone in the treatment of nuclear laundry water.
126 Virkutyte J, Sillanpää M. Chemical evaluation of potable water in Eastern Qinghai Province, China: human health aspects.
127 Virkutyte J et al. Electrokinetic copper and iron migration in anaerobic granular sludge.
128 Virkutyte J et al. Sensor and detector technologies for chemical warfare agents.
129 Voipio H-M et al. Role of cage material, working style and hearing sensitivity in perception of animal care noise.
130 Williams D, Baverstock K. Too soon for a final diagnosis.
131 Yli-Pirilä P et al. Particle emissions from two district heating units operating on biofuel and heavy fuel oil.
132 Ålander T. Carbon Composition and Volatility Characteristics of the Aerosol Particles Formed in Internal Combustion Engines .

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