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Julkaisut 2006
Publications 2006

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1 Cavigelli SA et al. Fecal corticoid metabolites in aged male and female rats after husbandry-related disturbances in the colony room.
2 Kaliste EK et al. Environmental modification and agonistic behavior in NIH/S male mice: nesting material enhances fighting but shelters prevent it.
3 Nevalainen T et al. Refinement alternative for animal housing - enrichment. Theme 2: Laboratory animal welfare and refinement. Workshop 2.1: Environmental enrichment and housing standard.
4 Nevalainen T et al. Processes and policies for ethical evaluation in Nordic countries and Europe. Theme 3: Moral Issues of Animals, Alternatives and Public Policy.
5 Okva K et al. Refinements for intragastric gavage in rats.
6 Voipio H-M et al. Role of cage material, working style and hearing sensitivity in perception of animal care noise.

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