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Julkaisut 2006
Publications 2006

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1 Ahonen JJ et al. Three case-studies on common software process problems in software company acquisitions.
2 Ahonen JJ et al. Defining the process for making software system modernization decisions.
3 Grönfors T, Päivinen NS. Comparison of vector quantization methods for medical fidelity preserving lossy compression of EMG signals.
4 Grönfors T et al. Vector quantization as a method fo integer EMG signal compression.
5 Grönfors T et al. Spectral factors and medical parameters of EMG signals.
6 Grönfors TK, Päivinen NS. The effect of vector lenght and gain quantization level on medical parameters of EMG signals on lossy compression.
7 Haapio T, Ahonen JJ. A case study on the success of introducing general non-construction activities for project management and planning improvement.
8 Haapio T, Eerola A. Post-project effort analysis method.
9 Haataja K. Bluetooth network vulnerability to disclosure, integrity and denial-of-service attacks.
10 Hassinen M. Java-based public key infrastructure for SMS messaging.
11 Hassinen M et al. A mobile tool for research and diagnosis of acute mountain sickness (AMS).
12 Hassinen M et al. Highly automated documentation for mobile medical services.
13 Hassinen M et al. An open, PKI-based mobile payment system.
14 Hassinen M, Immonen A. SMS messaging between emergency response centres and emergency medical services [cd-rom].
15 Hassinen M, Marttila-Kontio M. Disaster relief coordination using a documentation system for emergency medical services [cd-rom].
16 Hassinen M et al. Mobile documentation system for emergency medical services.
17 Hassinen M et al. Secure two-way transfer of measurement data.
18 Holopainen J, Rönkkö M. Embedding control into a particle system: a case study.
19 Honkanen R. Towards Optical Communication in Parallel Computing.
20 Honkanen RT. Nearly-all-optical routing in sparse optical tori.
21 Jäntti M, Eerola A. A conceptual model of IT service problem management.
22 Jäntti M, Kinnunen K. Improving the software problem management process: a case study.
23 Jäntti M, Miettinen A. Implementing a software problem management model, a case study [cd-rom].
24 Jäntti M et al. Difficulties in establishing a defect management process: a case study.
25 Jäntti M, Vähäkainu K. Challenges in implementing a knowledge base for software problem management.
26 Karhunen H. Business negotiation agents in composite services and supply chains [cd-rom].
27 Karhunen H et al. Improving service management in supply chains.
28 Koponen T. Life cycle of defects in open source software projects.
29 Koponen T. Evaluation framework for open source software maintenance [cd-rom].
30 Koponen T. RaSOSS - remote analysis system for open source software [cd-rom].
31 Koponen T, Lintula H. Are the changes induced by the defect reports in the open source software maintenance?
32 Koponen T et al. Defects reports in open source software maintenance process - openoffice.org case study.
33 Korpela M et al. Information systems practice for development in Africa: results from INDEHELA.
34 Koskinen J et al. Assessing software replacement success: an industrial case study applying four approaches.
35 Lintula H et al. Exploring the maintenance process through the defect management in the open source projects - four case studies [cd-rom].
36 Marttila-Kontio M. Hops-kurssin kehittäminen tietojenkäsittelytieteessä. Palautteen avulla kohti parempaa hopsia.
37 Marttila-Kontio M. Affordable prototyping of handheld home care measurement system by using visual programming language [cd-rom].
38 Mykkänen J et al. Toiminnallisten vaatimusten jäljitettävyys tietotarpeisiin ja ohjelmistoratkaisuihin terveydenhuollon tietojärjestelmissä.
39 Päivinen N, Grönfors T. Finding the optimal number of clusters from artificial datasets [cd-rom].
40 Päivinen NS, Grönfors TK. Modifying the scale-free clustering method.
41 Saarelainen M-M et al. Software modernization and replacement decision making in industry: a qualitative study.
42 Sihvonen H-M, Savolainen P. Towards improved software engineering in small and medium-sized software companies through focused training.
43 Sihvonen H-M et al. The craving for external training in small and medium-sized software companies - a trigger effect towards software process improvement.
44 Tervo H et al. Towards generic layouts for multi-channel publishing: "XF-extensible formatting".
45 Tervo H et al. Automating the XML conversion and XSL formatting of textual legacy data.
46 Tiihonen T et al. Creating a framework to recognize context-originated factors in IS in organizations.
47 Toroi T. Improving software test processes.
48 Toroi T, Eerola A. Ohjelmistotestauksen taso ja käytössä olevat menetelmät terveydenhuollon yrityksissä ja sairaanhoitopiireissä. Kyselyn tulokset.
49 Toroi T, Eerola A. Requirements for the testable specifications and test case derivation in conformance testing.
50 Toroi T et al. Conformance testing of open interfaces in healthcare applications - case context management.
51 Vertanen O. Java type confusion and fault attacks.
52 Vertanen O. Current trends in smart card research.

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