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Julkaisut 2006
Publications 2006

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1 Aksglaede L et al. Natural history of seminiferous tubule degeneration in Klinefelter syndrome.
2 Böhm J et al. Case report: central neurocytoma with concomitant cerebral involvement by acute lymphatic leukemia.
3 Don M et al. Simkania negevensis and pneumonia in children.
4 Dunkel L. Use of aromatase inhibitors to increase final height.
5 Dunkel L. Management of children with idiopathic short stature.
6 Erkkila K et al. Regulation of human male germ cell death by modulators of ATP production.
7 Haverinen-Shaughnessy U et al. Children's homes - determinants of moisture damage and asthma in Finnish residences.
8 Hero M et al. Blockade of oestrogen biosynthesis in peripubertal boys: effects on lipid metabolism, insulin sensitivity, and body composition.
9 Hero M et al. Treatment with the aromatase inhibitor letrozole during adolescence increases near-final height in boys with constitutional delay of puberty.
10 Hyvärinen MK et al. Responses to inhaled bronchodilators in infancy are not linked with asthma in later childhood.
11 Höglund P et al. Disruption of the SLC26A3-mediated anion transport is associated with male subfertility.
12 Jääskeläinen J et al. Human androgen receptor gene ligand-binding-domain mutations leading to disrupted interaction between the N- and C-terminal domains.
13 Jääskeläinen J et al. Five novel androgen receptor gene mutations associated with complete androgen insensitivity syndrome.
14 Kajantie E et al. Placental 11beeta-HSD2 activity, early postnatal clinical course, and adrenal function in extremely low birth weight infants.
15 Kemppinen K et al. Recurrent and transient depressive symptoms around delivery and maternal sensitivity.
16 Kemppinen K et al. The continuity of maternal sensitivity from infancy to toddler age.
17 Korhonen K et al. Skin test reactivity to molds in pre-school children with newly diagnosed asthma.
18 Korppi M et al. Simkania negevensis and newly diagnosed asthma: A case-control study in 1- to 6-year-old children.
19 Niemelä S et al. Childhood predictors of drunkenness in late adolescence among males: a 10-year population-based follow-up study.
20 Nuutinen U et al. Inhibition of P13-kinase-Akt pathway enhances dexamethasone-induced apoptosis in a human follicular lymphoma cell line.
21 Paavola L et al. Maternal sensitivity, infant co-operation and early linguistic development: Some predictive relations.
22 Paavola L et al. Characteristics of mother-infant communicative interaction. Relations to the ratings of maternal sensitivity and infant co-operation.
23 Piippo-Savolainen E. Wheezy Babies - Wheezy Adults? Asthma, Bronchial Reactivity and Lung Function in Adulthood After Hospitalisation for Bronchiolitis in Early Life.
24 Piippo-Savolainen E et al. Early predictors for adult asthma and lung function abnormalities in infants hospitalized for bronchiolitis: A prospective 18- to 20-year follow-up.
25 Poutanen T et al. Diastolic dysfunction without left ventricular hypertrophy is an early finding in children with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy-causing mutations in the beeta-myosin heavy chain, alfa-tropomyosin, and myosin-binding protein C genes.
26 Poutanen T et al. Normal mitral and aortic valve areas assessed by three- and two-dimensional echocardiography in 168 children and young adults.
27 Riikonen R. Childhood convulsive status epilepticus.
28 Riikonen R. Insulin-like growth factor delivery across the blood-brain barrier.
29 Riikonen R. Therapy and outcome of infants with infantile spasms.
30 Riikonen R et al. Cerebrospinal fluid insulin-like growth factors IGF-1 and IGF-2 in infantile autism.
31 Sourander A et al. Childhood predictors of male criminality: A prospective population-based follow-up study from age 8 to late adolescence.
32 Subcommittee on Diagnosis and Management of Brochiolitis. Diagnosis and management of bronchiolitis.
33 Tenhola S. Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Adrenal Function in 12-year-old Children Born Small for Gestational Age or After Preeclamptic Pregnancy.
34 Tenhola S et al. Maternal preeclampsia predicts elevated blood pressure in 12-year-old children: Evaluation by ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.
35 Utriainen P et al. Inhibition of DNA methylation increases follistatin expression and secretion in the human adrenocortical cell line NCI-H295R.
36 Vera Y et al. Involvement of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase and inducible nitric oxide synthase in apoptotic signaling of murine and human male germ cells after hormone deprivation.
37 Wikström AM et al. Serum insulin-like factor 3 levels during puberty in healthy boys and boys with Klinefelter syndrome.
38 Wikström AM et al. Are adolescent boys with Klinefelter Syndrome androgen deficient? A longitudinal study of finnish 47,XXY boys.
39 Wikström AM et al. Genetic features of the X chromosome affect pubertal development and testicular degeneration in adolescent boys with Klinefelter syndrome.

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