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Julkaisut 2006
Publications 2006

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1 Böhm J et al. Case report: central neurocytoma with concomitant cerebral involvement by acute lymphatic leukemia.
2 Fischer M et al. Mast cell CD30 ligand is upregulated in cutaneus inflammation and mediates degranulation-independent chemokine secretion.
3 Hartikainen JM et al. Refinement of the 22q12-q13 Breast Cancer-Associated Region:Evidence of TMPRSS6 as a Candidate in an Eastern Finnish Population.
4 Harvima IT et al. Hyaluronic acid inhibits the adherence and growth of monolayer keratinocytes but does not affect the growth of keratinocyte epithelium.
5 Karhunen V et al. Radiographic assessment of dental health in middle-aged men following sudden cardiac death.
6 Karinen H et al. Gene dose effect of the DQB1*0201 allele contributes to severity of coeliac disease.
7 Karinen H et al. HLA genotyping is useful in the evaluation of the risk for coelic disease in the 1st-degree relatives of patients with coeliac disease.
8 Kholová I, Kautzner J. Current treatment in cardiac amyloidosis.
9 Leinonen T et al. Expression of matrix metalloproteinases 7 and 9 in non-smal cell lung cancer relation to clinicopathological factors,ß-catenin and prognosis.
10 Leppänen P et al. Short and long-term effects of hVEGF-A165 in Cre-activated transgenic mice.
11 Puranen MH et al. Myeloid sarcoma: Case report with an unusual presentation in radicular cyst capsule.
12 Sallinen H et al. A highly reproducible xenograft model for human ovarian carcinoma and application of MRI and ultrasound in longitudinal follow-up.
13 Sillanpää SM et al. Prognostic significance of matrix metalloproteinase-7 in epithelial ovarian cancer and its relation to beta-catenin expression.
14 The Breast Cancer Association Consortium. Commonly studied single-nucleotide polymorphism and breast cancer: results from the breast cancer association consortium.
15 Tuhkanen H. DNA Copy Number Changes in the Stromal and Epithelial Cells of Ovarian and Breast Tumours.
16 Tuhkanen H et al. Frequent gene dosage alterations in stromal cells of epithelial ovarian carcinomas.
17 Voutilainen KA et al. Prognostic significance of E-cadherin-catenin complex in epithelial ovarian cancer.

Kliinisen patologian ja oikeuslääketieteen laitos Department of Pathology and Forensic Medicine
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