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Julkaisut 2006
Publications 2006

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1 Asikainen A et al. Structure-based classification of active and inactive estrogenic compounds by decision tree, LVQ and kNN methods.
2 Hekim C et al. Novel peptide inhibitors of human kallikrein 2*.
3 Holappa J et al. Antimicrobial activity of chitosan N-betainates.
4 Holappa J et al. A novel and selective synthesis of di- and trimethylpiperazinium acetic acid iodide salts.
5 Holappa J et al. Synthesis of novel quaternary chitosan derivatives via N-Chloroacyl-6-O-triphenylmethylchitosans.
6 Holoppa J et al. Synthesis and characterization of novel water-soluble quaternary piperazine derivatives of chitosan.
7 Huttunen KM et al. Efficient strategy to prepare water-soluble prodrugs of ketones.
8 Hyvönen MT et al. Activated polyamine catabolism in acute pancreatitis. Alpfa-methylated polyamine analogues prevent trypsinogen activation and pancreatitis-associated mortality .
9 Hyvönen MT et al. Polyamine-regulated unproductive splicing and translation of spermidine/spermine N1 -acetyltransferase.
10 Jarho EM et al. An introduction of a pyridine group into the structure of prolyl oligopeptidase inhibitors.
11 Jokiniemi J et al. Novel one-pot synthesis of amide derivatives of methylenebisphosphonate utilizing the mesyl moiety as leaving group.
12 Järvinen A et al. Guide molecule-driven stereospecific degradation of alpha-methylpolyamines by polyamine oxidase.
13 Järvinen AJ et al. Alfa-methyl polyamines: efficient synthesis and tolerance studies in vivo and vitro. First evidence for dormant stereospecificity of polyamine oxidase.
14 Keinänen T et al., inventor. Controlling the regio- and stereospecifity of enzyme catalysis with guide molecules.
15 Kolehmainen E et al. A computationally feasible quantum chemical model for 13c nmr chemical shifts of pcb-derived carboxylic acids.
16 Kumpulainen H et al. Evaluation of hydroxyimine as cytochrome P450-selective prodrug structure.
17 Kumpulainen H et al. Convenient microwave-assisted synthesis of 1-chloroethyl phosphates.
18 Lewandowicz AM et al. The 'allosteric modulator' SCH-202676 disrupts G protein-coupled receptor function via sulphydryl-sensitive mechanisms.
19 Liimatainen T et al. Identification of mobile cholesterol compounds in experimental gliomas by (1)H MRS in vivo: Effects of ganciclovir-induced apoptosis on lipids.
20 Malm T et al. Beta-amyloid infusion results in delayed and age-dependent learning deficits without role of inflammation or beta-amyloid deposits .
21 Mäkinen S et al. Human umbilical cord blood cells do not improve sensorimotor of cognitive outcome following transient middle cerebral artery occlusion in rats.
22 Mäkinen S et al. Human umbilibal cord blood cells do not improve sensorimotor or cognitive outcome following transient middle cerebral artery occlusion in rats. .
23 Mäkinen V-P et al. Diagnosing diabetic nephropathy by 1H NMR metabonomics of serum.
24 Mäntylä T et al. Targeted magnetic resonance imaging of Scavidin-receptor in human umbilical vein endothelial cells in vitro.
25 Mönkkönen H et al. A new endogenous ATP analog (ApppI) inhibits the mitochondrial adenine nucleotide translocase (ANT) and is responsible for the apoptosis induced by nitrogen-containing bisphosphonates.
26 Raitio KH et al. Synthesis and in vitro evaluation of novel 2-oxo-1,2-dihydroquinoline CB2 receptor inverse agonists.
27 Raitio KH et al. Synthesis and SAR studies of 2-oxoquinoline derivatives as CB2 receptor inverse agonists.
28 Räty JK et al. Magnetic resonance imaging of viral particle biodistribution in vivo.
29 Simonyan AR et al. Aminooxy analogues of spermine and their monoacetyl derivatives.
30 Turhanen P, Vepsalainen JJ. Synthesis of novel (1-alkanoyloxy-4-alkanoylaminobutylidene)-1,1-bisphosphonic acid derivatives.
31 Zhu L et al. A sensitive proximity ligation assay for active PSA.

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