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Julkaisut 2006
Publications 2006

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1 Abedin SA et al. Epigenetic corruption of VDR signalling in malignancy.
2 Carlberg C, Dunlop TW. An integrated biological approach to nuclear receptor signaling in physiological control and disease.
3 Carlberg C, Dunlop TW. The impact of chromatin organization of vitamin D target genes.
4 Carlberg C, Molnar F. Detailed molecular understanding of agonistic and antagonistic vitamin D receptor ligands.
5 Degenhardt T et al. The insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 1 gene is a primary target of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors.
6 Gomes AV, Wong G. Ihmistautien sukkulamatomallit ovat tieteellisiä kultakaivoksia.
7 Kankainen M et al. POXO: a web-enabled tool series to discover transcription factor binding sites.
8 Lammi MJ et al. Proteomic analysis of cartilage- and bone-associated samples.
9 Molnár F. Structural Analysis of the Ligand-binding Domains of Human and Mouse CAR, Human VDR and Human PPARs.
10 Molnár F et al. Vitamin D receptor agonists specifically modulate the volume of the ligand-binding pocket.
11 Paananen J et al. CROPPER: A metagene creator resource for cross-platform and cross-species compendium studies.
12 Paananen J, Wong G. Integration of genomic data for pharmacology and toxicology using Internet resources.
13 Saramäki A et al. Regulation of the human p21(waf1/cip1) gene promoter via multiple binding sites for p53 and the vitamin D3 receptor.
14 Schleich S et al. Activity-guided isolation of an antiandrogenic compound of Pygeum africanum.
15 Schleich S et al. Extracts from Pygeum africanum and other ethnobotanical species with antiandrogenic activity.
16 Sorg BL et al. Analysis of the 5-lipoxygenase promoter and characterization of a vitamin D receptor binding site.
17 Storvik M et al. Distinct gene expression profiles in adult rat brains after acute MK-801 and cocaine treatments.
18 Vartiainen S et al. Increased lifespan in transgenic Caenorhabditis elegans overexpressing human alpha-synuclein.
19 Vartiainen S et al. Identification of gene expression changes in transgenic C. elegans overexpressing human alpha-synuclein.

Biokemian laitos Department of Biochemistry
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