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Julkaisut 2005
Publications 2005

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1 Ahonen JJ, Sihvonen H-M. How things should not be done: a real-world horror story of software engineering process improvement.
2 Haataja K. Bluetooth security threats and possible countermeasures.
3 Haataja KMJ. Two practical attacks against Bluetooth security using new enhanced implementations of security analysis tools.
4 Hassinen M. SafeSMS - End-to-end encryption for SMS messages.
5 Hassinen M, Hyppönen K. Strong mobile authentication [cd-rom].
6 Hassinen M, Laitinen P. End-to-end encryption for SMS messages in the health care domain.
7 Hassinen M, Markovski S. Differential cryptanalysis of the quasigroup cipher.
8 Hassinen M, Mussalo P. Client controlled security for web applications.
9 Honkanen R et al. Sparse torus as large-scale routing switch.
10 Honkanen RT. Systolic routing in an optical butterfly.
11 Honkanen RT. Systolic routing in an optical fat tree.
12 Hämäläinen N et al. Why to evaluate enterprise and software architectures objectives and use cases [cd-rom].
13 Jäntti Marko. The rationale for building a business case in software development: a case study.
14 Kankaanpää I et al. ISEBA - a framework for IS evolution benefit assessment [cd-rom].
15 Karhunen H. Dynamic method for service-oriented software design [cd-rom].
16 Karhunen H et al. Service-oriented software engineering (SOSE) framework.
17 Kontio M, Rönkkö M. Functional classes.
18 Koponen T, Hotti V. Defects in open source software maintenance - two case studies: Apache and Mozilla.
19 Koponen T, Hotti V. Open source software maintenance process framework.
20 Korpela M et al. Informatics development for health in Africa - INDEHELA.
21 Koskinen J et al. Software modernization decision criteria: an empirical study.
22 Koskinen J et al. Using NIMSAD meta framework in three software engineering contexts.
23 Koskinen J et al. Empirical study of industrial decision making for software modernizations.
24 Leppänen V, Penttonen M. Solving recurrence equations for hot-potato routing.
25 Lintula H et al. A diagnostic score for children with suspected appendicitis.
26 Marttila-Kontio Maija, Honkanen Risto. Tutkimus opetuksen kehittämisen tukena - Toimintatutkimus opettajan pedagoogisen kehittymisen menetelmänä.
27 Minkkinen I et al. Importance of the approach to requirements engineering [cd-rom].
28 Mursu A et al. Contextual issues impacting the appropriateness of ICT: setting the stage for sociotechnical research in Africa.
29 Mykkänen J et al. Designing web services in health information systems: from process to application level.
30 Päivinen N. Clustering with a minimum spanning tree of scale-free-like structure.
31 Päivinen N et al. Epileptic seizure detection: A nonlinear viewpooint.
32 Soriyan HA et al. Nigerian university software development training: from building walls to building bridges.
33 Tervo H et al. Automating the XML conversion and XSL formatting of textual legacy data.
34 Toroi T et al. Conformance testing of open interfaces in healtcare applications - case context management.
35 Trichina E, Korkishko L. Secure and efficient AES software implementation for smart cards.
36 Trichina E et al. Small size, low power, side channel-immune AES coprocessor: design and synthesis results.
37 Trichina Elena, Korkishko T. Secure AES hardware module for resource constrained devices.

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