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Julkaisut 2005
Publications 2005

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1 Buchert J et al. Effect of enzyme-aided pressing on anthocyanin yield and profiles in bilberry and blackcurrant juices.
2 Callaway J et al. Efficacy of dietary hempseed oil in patients with atopic dermatitis.
3 Erkkilä AT et al. Phylloquinone intake as a marker for coronary heart disease risk but not stroke in women.
4 Erkkilä AT et al. Cereal fiber and whole-grain intake are associated with reduced progression of coronary-artery atherosclerosis in postmenopausal women with coronary artery disease.
5 Erkkilä AT et al. Association between school performance, breast milk intake and fatty acid profile of serum lipids in ten-year-old cleft children.
6 Erkkilä AT et al. Determinants of plasma dihydrophylloquinone in men and women.
7 Erkkilä AT et al. Antibodies against oxidized LDL and cardiolipin and mortality in patients with coronary heart disease.
8 Fogelholm M, Uusitupa M. Kehon koostumuksen arviointi.
9 Gratz S et al. Aflatoxin B1 binding by a mixture of lactobacillus and propionibacterium: in vitro versus ex vivo.
10 Gylling H. Tarvitaanko raskauden aikana ravintolisiä?
11 Gylling H. Miksi laihtuva potilas on riskipotila?
12 Gylling H, Miettinen TA. The effect of plant stanol- and sterol-enriched foods on lipid metabolism, serum lipids and coronary heart disease.
13 Gylling H, Miettinen TA. Cholesterol absorption: influence of body weight and the role of plant sterols.
14 Haapalahti M. Nutrition, Gastrointestinal Food Hypersensitivity and Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders in Schoolchildren and Adolescents (Ravitsemus, ruokayliherkkyys ja toiminnalliset vatsaoireet lapsilla ja nuorilla).
15 Haapalahti M et al. Nutritional status in adolescents and young adults with screen-detected celiac disease.
16 Hartikainen JM et al. An autosome-wide scan for linkage disequilibrium-based association in sporadic breast cancer cases in Eastern Finland: three candidate regions found.
17 Heiniö R-L, Lapveteläinen A. Näytteiden välisten erojen mittaaminen.
18 Huovinen J et al. Elintarviketuotannon sivuvirroista selvitys Pohjois-Savossa.
19 Hämäläinen H et al. Improved fibrinolysis by an intensive lifestyle intervention in subjects with impaired glucose tolerance. The Finnish diabetes prevention study.
20 Kaltiala U et al. Tyypin 2 diabeetikko kaipaa ajankohtaista tietoa ruokavaliosta.
21 Kaput J et al. The case for strategic international alliances to harness nutritional genomics for public and personal health.
22 Karhunen L, Liukkonen K-H. Kuitu ja proteiini tekevät kylläisemmäksi.
23 Karhunen L, Tuorila H. Aistien toiminta ja aistihavaintojen luokitukset.
24 Ketomäki A et al. Non-cholesterol sterols in serum, lipoproteins, and red cells in statin-treated FH subjects off and on plant stanol and sterol ester spreads.
25 Kolehmainen M et al. Nutrigenomiikka - avain ravintotekijöiden molekulaaristen vaikutusten selvittämiseen. Ravinnon ja perintötekijöiden yhteisvaikutusten salat julki.
26 Laaksonen DE et al. Physical activity in the prevention of type 2 diabetes. The Finnish diabetes prevention study.
27 Laaksonen DE et al. Dietary carbohydrate modification enchances insulin secretion in persons with the metabolic syndrome1-3.
28 Laitinen J, Uusitupa M. Nuorten nopea lihominen hätkähdyttää.
29 Lapveteläinen A, Appelbye U. Aistinvarainen laaduntarkkailu.
30 Lapveteläinen A. Juomat osana ruokakulttuuria.
31 Laukkanen O et al. Polymorphisms in the SLC2A2 (GLUT2) gene are associated with the conversation from impaired glucose tolerance to type 2 diabetes.The Finnish diabetes prevention study.
32 Lindi V. Role of the Human PPAR-gamma2 Gene in Obesity, Insulin Resistance and Tupe 2 Diabetes.
33 Linko A-M et al. Whole-grain rye bread consumption by women correlates with plasma alkylresorcinols and increases their concentration compared with low-fiber wheat bread.
34 Metsola K et al. XRCC1 and XPD genetic polymorphisms, smoking and breast cancer risk in the Finnish case-control study.
35 Miettinen TA, Gylling H. Effect of statins on noncholesterol sterol levels: Implications for use of plant stanols and sterols.
36 Miettinen TA, Gylling H. Overview of intestinal lipid metabolism.
37 Miettinen TA et al. Plant sterols in serum and in atherosclerotic plaques of patients undergoing carotid endarterectomy .
38 Montonen J et al. Food consumption and incidence of type II diabetes mellitus.
39 Montonen J et al. Dietary patterns and the incidence of type 2 diabetes.
40 Mykkänen H, Kärenlampi S. Funktionaaliset, muuntogeeniset ja uuselintarvikkeet.
41 Mykkänen H et al. Fecal and urinary excretion of aflatoxin B1 metabolites (AFQ1, AFM1 and AFB-N7-guanine) in young Chinese males.
42 Määttä-Riihinen KR et al. Catechins and procyanidins in berries of vaccinium species and their antioxidant activity.
43 Ottelin A-M et al. Ravitsemushoidon terveystaloudellinen arviointi kannattaa.
44 Pedersen TR et al. High-dose atorvastatin vs usual-dose simvastatin for secondary prevention after myocardial infarction. The IDEAL study: A randomized controlled trial.
45 Poutanen K. Nutritional importance of carbohydrate quality in cereal foods.
46 Raatikainen O et al. Multivariate modelling of fish freshness index based on ion mobility spectrometry measurements.
47 Raats M et al. Consumer needs regarding dietetic products for pregnant and lactating women and for baby foods.
48 Riihinen K. Phenolic Compounds in Berries.
49 Salminen S et al. Probiotics: Synenergy with drugs and carcinogens in diet.
50 Salopuro T et al. Genetic variation in leptin receptor gene is associated with type 2 diabetes and body weight: The Finnish diabetes prevention study.
51 Sillanpää P et al. NAT2 slow acetylator genotype as an important modifier of breast cancer risk.
52 Sillanpää P et al. Sulfotransferase 1A1 genotype as a potential modifier of breast cancer risk among premenopausal women.
53 Tahvonen RL et al. Black currant seed oil and fish oil supplements differ in their effects on fatty acid profiles of plasma lipids, and concentrations of serum total and lipoprotein lipids, plasma glucose and insulin.
54 Tammela L et al. Ikääntyvän, ikääntyneen ja vanhuksen ravitsemuksessa haasteita.
55 Törrönen R, Mykkänen H. Vierasaineet ja lisäaineet.
56 Uusitupa M. Lihavuus.
57 Uusitupa M. Ravitsemus ja diabetes.
58 Uusitupa M. Liikunta, energiankulutus ja ravitsemus.
59 Uusitupa M. Muuttaako lihavuusepidemia kansanterveytemme kehityssuunnan.
60 Uusitupa M, Fogelholm M. Antropometriset mittaukset.
61 Uusitupa M, Fogelholm M. Ravitsemustilan arviointi.
62 Uusitupa M. Sokeri ja diabetes - onko syytä kiristää suitsia?
63 Uusitupa M. Gene-diet interaction in relation to the prevention of obesity and type 2 diabetes: Evidence from the Finish diabetes prevention study.
64 Vauhkonen I et al. Subtle hyperproinsulinaemia characterises the defective insulin secretory capacity in offspring of glutamic acid decarboxylase antibody-positive patients with latent autoimmune diabetes mellitus in adults.
65 von Wright A, Mykkänen H. Ravinto ja suolistomikrobisto.
66 Von Wright A, Mykkänen H. Terveysvaikutteiset elintarvikkeet.
67 Vuorio A et al. Hyperlipidemian hoito heterotsygoottisessa familiaalisessa hyperkolesterolemiassa - elämänmittainen haaste.

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