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Julkaisut 2005
Publications 2005

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1 Könönen M et al. Increased perfusion in motor areas after constraint-induced movement therapy in chronic stroke: a single-photon emission computerized tomography study.
2 Mervaala E. Diabetic neuropathy.
3 Mervaala E. Peripheral neuropathies: examination of the patient.
4 Mervaala E. Nerve entrapment and compression disorders.
5 Mervaala E, Kälviäinen R. Examination of patients with epileptic symptoms.
6 Mervaala E, Nousiainen U. Sleep disorders.
7 Mervaala E, Partanen J. Polyneuropathies.
8 Määttä S. Event-Related Potential Studies on Novelty Processing and Distractibility.
9 Määttä S et al. P3 amplitude and time-on-task effects in distractible adolescents.
10 Määttä S et al. Selective attention event-related potential effects from auditory novel stimuli in children and adults.
11 Määttä S et al. Event-related potentials to elementary auditory input in distractible adolescents.
12 Määttä S et al. Processing of highly novel auditory events in children and adults: an evebt-related potential study.
13 Nurminen M et al. Enhanced attention-dependent auditory processing by electroconvulsive therapy in psychotic depression.
14 Pirttilä TJ et al. Cystatin C expression is associated with granule cell dispersion in epilepsy.
15 Valkonen-Korhonen M et al. Electrical brain responses evoked by human faces in acute psychosis.
16 Westerén-Punnonen SM et al. Recovery of N100 component of auditory event-related potentials and EEG after cardiac arrest during propofol sedation.

Kliinisen neurofysiologian yksikkö Department of Clinical Neurophysiology
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