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Julkaisut 2005
Publications 2005

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1 Brunefreef B et al. Personal, indoor, and outdoor exposures to PM2.5 and its components for groups of cardiovascular patients in Amsterdam and Helsinki.
2 Jagomägi K et al. Recording of dynamic arterial compliance changes during hand elevation.
3 Juonala M et al. Geographic origin as a determinant of carotid artery intima-media thickness and brachial artery flow-mediated dilation. The cardiovascular risk in young finns study.
4 Karjalainen PA et al. Principal component regression approach for QT variability estimation.
5 Knuuti J et al. Sydämen ei-invasiivinen kuvantaminen sepelvaltimotaudin diagnostiikassa Suomessa.
6 Korhonen RK et al. Can mechanical myotonometry or electromyography be used for the prediction of intramuscular pressure?
7 Kuikka JT. Fractal analysis of day-to-day variation of heart rate and blood pressure: A case report.
8 Kuikka JT. Heterogeneity of cerebral blood flow in dementia.
9 Könönen M et al. Increased perfusion in motor areas after constraint-induced movement therapy in chronic stroke: a single-photon emission computerized tomography study.
10 Laasonen -Balk T. Neuroimaging of Depression Using Single-Photon Emission Computerized Tomography.
11 Lyyra-Laitinen T et al. Comparison of three edge detection methods in the analysis of brachial artery diameter from ultrasound images.
12 Riikonen RS et al. Deep serotonergic and dopaminergic structures in fetal alcoholic syndrome: A study with nor-beeta-CIT-single-photon emission computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging volumetry.
13 Saarelainen J et al. Cross-calibration of lunar DPX-IQ and DPX dual-energy X-ray densitometers for bone mineral measurements in women.
14 Saarinen PI et al. An outcome of psychodynamic psychotherapy: a case study of the change in serotonin transporter binding and the activation of the dream screen.
15 Sipola P. Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Hyperthrophic Cardiomyopatthy.
16 Sohlberg A et al. Imaging D2-receptors in quinolinic acid lesioned rat striatum with high resolution pinhole SPECT.
17 Tarkiainen TH et al. Stability over time of short-term heart rate variability.
18 Timonen K et al. PET-rekka vieraili sairaalan pihalla. Varsinaisella PET-kameralla ja gamma-PET-kameralla otettujen kuvien vertailu.
19 Tuomainen P . Physical Exercise in Clinically Healthy Men and in Patients with Angiographically Documented Coronary Artery Disease with Special Reference to Cardiac Autonomic Control and Warm-up Phenomenon.
20 Tuomainen P et al. Warm-up phenomenon and cardiac autonomic control in patients with coronary artery disease.
21 Udd M et al. The effect of regular and high doses of omeprazole on the intragastric acidity in patients with bleeding peptic ulcer treated endoscopically: a clinical trial with continuous intragastric pH monitoring.
22 Vanninen E. Isotooppitutkimukset.

Kliinisen fysiologian ja isotooppilääketieteen yksikkö Department of Clinical Physiology
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