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Julkaisut 2005
Publications 2005

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1 Airaksinen AJ et al. Synthesis and biological evaluation of 6/7-exo-methyl-3beta-(4-iodo)phenyltropane-2beta-carboxylic acid methyl esters.
2 Asikainen AH et al. Alternative QSAR models for selected estradiol and cytochrome P450 ligands: comparison between classical, spectroscopic, CoMFA and GRID/GOLPE methods.
3 Grigorenko NA et al. New syntheses of alfa-methyl- and alfa,alfa'-dimethylspermine.
4 Grigorenko NA et al. Synthesis of (R)- and (S)-isomers of 1-methylspermidine.
5 Holappa J et al. N-chloroacyl-6-O-triphenylmethylchitosans: Useful intermediates for synthetic modifications of chitosan.
6 Immonen A et al. T cell epitope-containing peptides of the major dog allergen can f 1 as candidates for allergen immunotherapy.
7 Jyrkkärinne J et al. Amino acids important for ligand specificity of the human constitutive androstane receptor.
8 Järvinen A et al. Metabolic stability of alfa-methylated polyamine derivatives and their use as substitutes for the natural polyamines.
9 Khomutov AR et al. A charge-deficient analogue of spermine with chelating properties.
10 Khomutov AR et al. New oxaanalogues of spermine.
11 Kinnunen T et al. Immunomodulatory potential of heteroclitic analogs of the dominant T-cell epitope of lipocalin allergen Bos d 2 on specific T cells.
12 Koistinen KM et al. Birch PR-10c interacts with several biologically important ligands.
13 Koivula T et al. Simplified synthesis of N-(3-[18F]-fluoropropyl)-2beta-carbomethoxy-3beta-(4-fluorophenyl)-nortropane([18F]beta-CFT-FP using [18F]fluoropropyl tosylate as the labelling reagent.
14 Kontturi M et al. Structures of bisphosphonate metal complexes: zinc and cadmium complexes of clodronate and its partial ester derivatives.
15 Kontturi M et al. X-ray diffraction study of bisphosphonate metal complexes: Mg and Ca complexes of (dichloromethylene)bisphosphonic acid P,P'-diisopropyl ester.
16 Kontturi M et al. Catena-poly[diaquacadmium(II)-my-(diethyl dichloromethylenebisphosphonato)-kappa3 O,O':O'' -tetraaquacadmium(II)-my -(diethyl dichloromethylenebisphosphonato-)kappa3 O:O',O''].
17 Kontturi M et al. Catena-Poly[diaquazinc(II)--(diethyl dichloromethylenebisphosphonato)-3O,O':O''-tetraaquazinc(II)--(diethyl dichloromethylenebisphosphonato)-3O:O',O''].
18 Kontturi M et al. Catena-poly[diaquazinc(II)-my-(diethyl dichloromethylenebisphosphonato)-k3 o,ó:o" -tetraaquazinc(II)-my-(diethyl dichloromethylenebisphosphonato)-k3 o:ó,o"].
19 Korhonen S-P et al. Comparing the performance of FLUFF-BALL to SEAL-CoMFA with a large diverse estrogen data set: from relevant superpositions to solid predictions.
20 Korhonen SP et al. Improving the performance of SOMFA by use of standard multivariate methods.
21 Kritzyn AM et al. Polymethylene derivatives of nucleic bases with omega-functional groups: IV.1[7-(2-oxocyclohexyl)-7-oxoheptyl]purines.
22 Kumpulainen H et al. An efficient strategy for the synthesis of 1-chloroethyl phosphates and phosphoramidates.
23 Laitinen J, Pulkkinen J. Biomonitoring of 2-(2-alkoxyethoxy)ethanols by analysing urinary2-(2-alkoxyethoxy)acetic acids.
24 Lempiäinen H et al. Antagonist- and inverse agonist-driven interactions of the vitamin D receptor and the constitutive androstane receptor with corepressor protein.
25 Loog M et al. Screening for the optimal specificity profile of protein kinase C using electrospray mass-spectrometry.
26 Mäntylä T et al. Effect of temporin A modifications on its cytotoxicity and antimicrobial activity.
27 Peräkylä M et al. Gene regulatory potential of nonsteroidal vitamin D receptor ligands.
28 Simonyan AR et al. New charge-deficient agmatine analogues.
29 Sivets GG et al. Synthesis of 9-[2-O-(2-methoxyethyl)-beta-D-ribofuranosyl]purines using 1-methanesulfonyloxy-2-methoxyethane.
30 Soininen P et al. Strategies for organic impurity quantification by 1H NMR spectroscopy: constrained total-line-shape fitting.
31 Turhanen PA, Vepsäläinen JJ. The first synthesis of novel (1-alkoxycarbonyloxyethylidene)-1,1-bisphosphonic acid derivatives taking advantage of the rearrangement characteristic of the tetramethyl ester of etidronate.
32 Turhanen PA, Vepsäläinen JJ. Synthesis of novel fatty acid derivatives of etidronic acid.
33 Vepsäläinen JJ et al. Isolation and characterization of yuremamine, a new phytoindole.

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