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Julkaisut 2005
Publications 2005

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1 Aarnio J et al. A new ultrasound method for determining the acoustic phase shifts caused by the skull bone.
2 Aarnio J et al. Accuracy of the resonance ultrasound method in determination of the acoustic phase shifts in plastic and bone.
3 Arokoski JPA et al. Feasibility of the use of a novel soft tissue stiffness meter.
4 Boman E et al. Modelling the transport of ionizing radiation using the finite element method.
5 Bragge T et al. High-resolution QRS fiducial point corrections in sparsely sampled ECG recordings.
6 Brommer H et al. Functional adaptation of articular cartilage from birth to maturity under the influence of loading: a biomechanical analysis.
7 Brommer H et al. Influence of age, site, and degenerative state on the speed of sound in equine articular cartilage.
8 Brommer H et al. Functional consequences of cartilage degeneration in the equine metacarpophalangeal joint: quantitative assesment of cartilage stiffness.
9 Clement G.T., Hynynen K. Ultrasound phase-contrast transmission imaging of localized thermal variation and the identification of fat/tissue boundaries.
10 Clement G.T. et al. A Magnetic Resonance Imaging-Compatible, Large-Scale Array for Trans-Skull Ultrasound Surgery and Therapy.
11 Clement GT et al. Superresolution ultrasound imaging using back-projected reconstruction.
12 Dal Maso M et al. Formation and growth of fresh atmospheric aerosols: eight years of aerosols size distribution data from SMEAR II, Hyytiälä, Finland.
13 Duncan S et al. Control systems.
14 Duncan S. et al. Process imaging for automatic control.
15 Garrick SC et al. Nanoparticle coagulation via a Navier-Stokes/nodal methodologyI: evolution of the particle field.
16 Georgiadis SD et al. Single-trial dynamical estimation of event-related potentials: a Kalman filter-based approach.
17 Grachev AI, Kamshilin AA. Electric polarization induced by optical orientation of dipolar centers in non-polar piezoelectrics.
18 Grachev AI, Kamshilin DAA. Polarization of recombination radiation induced by electrical current in crystals.
19 Grini A et al. A combined photochemistry/aerosol dynamics model: model development and a study of new particle formation.
20 Hakulinen MA et al. Prediction of density and mechanical properties of human trabecular bone in vitro by using ultrasound transmission and backscattering measurements at 0.2-6.7 MHz frequency range.
21 Heikkilä J. et al. 3D simulations of difference frequency effects in ultrasound-stimulated vibro-acoustography.
22 Heikkinen L. Statistical Estimation Methods for Electrical Process Tomography.
23 Heikkinen LM et al. Real time three-dimensional electrical impedance tomography applied in multiphase flow imaging.
24 Heikkinen LM et al. Real time three-dimensional electrical impedance tomography applied in multiphase flow imaging.
25 Heikkinen LM et al. Utilizing prior information in the estimation of volume fraction distribution.
26 Heino J et al. Compensation for geometric mismodelling by anisotropies in optical tomography.
27 Holopainen R et al. A model to simulate the particle concentration and size distribution of indoor air and to evaluate the exposure of occupants [CD ROM].
28 Hussein T et al. Emission rates due to indoor activities: indoor aerosol model development, evaluation and applications.
29 Huttunen T et al. A full-wave Helmholtz model for continuous-wave ultrasound transmission.
30 Huttunen T et al. Femlab as a front-end for large-scale acoustic modelling. Parallelized wave basis solver for the 3D Helmholtz problems.
31 Hyvärinen A-P et al. Surface tensions and densities of H2SO4 + NH3 + water solutions.
32 Hämäläinen J. et al. HOCS FIBRE - New tool for optimized fibre orientation angles.
33 Hämäläinen JP, keksijä. Paperikoneen/kartonkikoneen perälaatikon säätömenetelmä ja paperikoneen/kartonkikoneen perälaatikkorakenne.
34 Jagomägi K et al. Recording of dynamic arterial compliance changes during hand elevation.
35 Joutsensaari J et al. Nanoparticle formation by ozonolysis of inducible plant volatiles.
36 Jurvelin J. Radiologiset kuvantamismenetelmät.
37 Jurvelin JS. Aineen ja energian vuorovaikutukset.
38 Jurvelin JS. Röntgenkuvaus.
39 Jurvelin JS. Isotooppikuvaus.
40 Jurvelin JS. Ultraäänikuvaus.
41 Jurvelin JS. Digitaalinen röntgenosasto.
42 Jurvelin JS. Lääketieteellinen kuvankäsittely.
43 Jurvelin JS. Radiologiset kuvantamismenetelmät.
44 Jurvelin JS, Nieminen M. Magneettikuvaus.
45 Kaipio J.P. et al. Process imaging for automatic control.
46 Kaipio JP et al. State estimation.
47 Kamshilin AA et al. A novel light source for precise spectral color imaging.
48 Kamshilin AA et al. Quality inspection of composite structures using laser ultrasonics.
49 Karjalainen PA et al. Principal component regression approach for QT variability estimation.
50 Kawaiji H. et al. Effect of different surface conditions of cemented femoral stem-shaped metallic pins on subsidence in cyclic fatique testing.
51 Kawaji H. et al. Effect of surface condition of metallic pins simulating cemented femoral stem on subsidence in cyclic fatique testing.
52 Kinoshita M., Hynynen K. Intracellular Delivery of Bak BH3 Peptide by Microbubble-Enhanced Ultrasound.
53 Koistinen A et al. Effect of bone mineral density and amourphous diamond coatings on insertion torque of bone screws.
54 Kolehmainen V et al. The inverse conductivity problem with an imperfectly known boundary.
55 Korhonen H et al. CCN activation and cloud processing in sectional aerosol models with low size resolution.
56 Korhonen RK et al. The effect of geometry and abduction angle on the stresses in cemented UHMWPE acetabular cups - finite element simulations and experimental tests.
57 Korhonen RK et al. Can mechanical myotonometry or electromyography be used for the prediction of intramuscular pressure?
58 Kuittinen T et al. Very acute cardiac toxicity during BEAC chemotherapy in non-Hodgkin's lymphoma patients undergoing autologous stem cell transplantation.
59 Kulmala M et al. Research unit of physics, chemistry and biology of atmospheric composition and climate change: overview of recent results.
60 Kulmala M et al. On the existence of neutral atmospheric clusters.
61 Kulmala M et al. Why formation rate of 3 nm particles dependes lineary on sulphuric acid concentration.
62 Kulmala M et al. On the growth of nucleation mode particles: source rates of condensable vapor in polluted and clean environments.
63 Kulmala M., Lehtinen K.E.J. Formation and initial growth of atmospheric aerosols.
64 Könönen M et al. Increased perfusion in motor areas after constraint-induced movement therapy in chronic stroke: a single-photon emission computerized tomography study.
65 Laaksonen A et al. Cloud condensation nucleus production from nucleation events at a highly polluted region.
66 Laaksonen A et al. Commentary on cloud modelling and the mass accommodation coefficient of water.
67 Laasanen MS et al. Site-specific ultrasound reflection properties and superficial collagen content of bovine knee articular cartilage.
68 Lappalainen R, Santavirta SS. Potential of coatings in total hip replacement.
69 Lappalainen R. Fundamentals and current knowledge of biomaterials in joint arthroplasty .
70 Lappalainen R. Amorphous diamond coatings for biomedical application.
71 Leppänen T et al. Mathematical modelling of moisture induced out-of-plane deformation of a paper sheet.
72 Li LP et al. The role of viscoelasticity of collagen fibers in articular cartilage: axial tension versus compression.
73 Liu H-L. et al. Focal beam distortion and treatment planning in abdominal focused ultrasound surgery.
74 Malinen M et al. Optimization and control methods for ultrasound surgery.
75 Malinen M et al. Scanning path optimization for ultrasound surgery.
76 Malinen M. et al. Feedfforward and feedback control of ultrasound surgery.
77 McDannold N et al. MRI-guided targeted blood-brain barrier disruption with focused ultrasound: histological findings in rabbits.
78 Mcfiggans G et al. The effect of physical and chemical aerosol properties on warm cloud droplet activation.
79 Mäkinen RAE, Hämäläinen J. Optimal control of a turbulent fibre suspension flowing in a planar contraction.
80 Mönkkönen P et al. Fine particle number and mass concentration measurements in urban Indian households.
81 Nieminen J et al. Abnormal response to physical activity in femurs after heterozygous inactivation of one allele of the Col2al1 gene for type II collagen in mice.
82 Nippolainen E et al. Fast distance sensing by use of the speckle effect.
83 Nippolainen E et al. Dynamic speckle effect induced by an acousto-optic deflector for fast range sensing.
84 Nissilä I et al. Instrumentation and calibration methods for the multichannel measurement of phase and amplitude in optical tomography.
85 Olkkonen H et al. Efficient lifting wavelet transform for microprocessor and VLSI applications.
86 Olkkonen HO, Heikkinen PJ, keksijät. Elektreettianturi.
87 Paivasaari K et al. Highly sensitive photorefractive interferometry using external ac-field.
88 Papp A et al. Microdialysis for detection of dynamic changes in tissue histamine levels in experimental thermal injury.
89 Papp A et al. Red blood cell and tissue water content in experimental thermal injury.
90 Pesonen J et al. High bone mineral density among perimenopausal women.
91 Petäjä T et al. Effects of SO2 oxidation on ambient aerosol growth in water and ethanol vapours.
92 Raatikainen T, Laaksonen A. Application of several activity coefficient models to water-organic electrolyte aerosols of atmospheric interest.
93 Raatikainen T, Laaksonen A. Application of several activity coefficient models to water-organic electrolyte aerosols of atmospheric interest.
94 Raymond SB, Hynynen K. Acoustic transmission losses and field alterations due to human scalp hair.
95 Remes T et al. Bone mineral density, body height, and vitamin D receptor gene polymorphism in middle-aged men.
96 Riipinen I. et al. A method for determining thermophysical properties of organic material in aqueous solutions:succinic acid.
97 Romakkaniemi S. Modification of the properties of haze and cloud droplets by water soluble gases.
98 Romakkaniemi S et al. Parameterization of the nitric acid effect on CCN activation.
99 Romakkaniemi S et al. Soluble trace gas effect on cloud condensation nuclei activation: influence of initial equilibration on cloud model results.
100 Romakkaniemi S et al. The influence of nitric acid on the cloud processing of aerosol particles.
101 Romashko RV et al. Linear phase demodulation via reflection photorefractive holograms.
102 Ruuskanen AR et al. The effect of linearizing the EIT observation model in concentration control problems.
103 Saarelainen J et al. Cross-calibration of lunar DPX-IQ and DPX dual-energy X-ray densitometers for bone mineral measurements in women.
104 Salonen M et al. Evaluation of surface composition of surface active water-alcohol type mixtures: a comparison of semiempirical models.
105 Sandini L et al. Increased bone mineral content but not bone mineral density in the hip in surgically treated knee and hip osteoarthritis.
106 Sassaroli E, Hynynen K. Resonance frequency of microbubbles in small blood vessels: a numerical study.
107 Selenius M. et al. Wear simulation of five most commonly used THR implants in Finland.
108 Semenov D.V. et al. Measurements of the paper thickness by use of dynamic speckles.
109 Semenov DV et al. Fast distance measurements by use of dynamic speckles.
110 Semenov DV et al. Dynamic speckles for 3D profile measuremants.
111 Seppänen A. State Estimation in Process Tomography.
112 Sierpowska J et al. Prediction of mechanical properties of human trabecular bone by electrical measurements.
113 Sihto S.-L. et al. Role of sulphuric acid in particle formation events in Finland.
114 Sirola J et al. Associations between grip strength change and axial postmenopausal bone loss-a 10-year population-based follow-up study .
115 Sokka S.D. et al. Theretical and experimental validation of a dual-frequency excitation method for spatial control of cavitation.
116 Tarvainen MP et al. Time-varying analysis of heart rate variability with Kalman smoother algorithm.
117 Tarvainen T et al. Computational calibration method for optical tomography.
118 Tarvainen T et al. Coupled radiative transfer equation and diffusion approximation model for photon migration in turbid medium with low-scattering and non-scattering regions.
119 Tarvainen T et al. Hybrid radiative-transfer-diffusion model for optical tomography.
120 Tarvainen T et al. Coupled radiative transfer equation and diffusion approximation.
121 Tervo J et al. Optimal control model for inverse radiation therapy treatment planning.
122 Tiitta M. Electrical impedance testing of wood components.
123 Tiitta M. Development of new nondestructive methods for wood material characterisation.
124 Tiitta M et al. Monitoring of particles in a real-world driving conditions.
125 Töyräs J et al. Improvement of arthroscopic cartilage stiffness probe using amorphous diamond coating.
126 Vaattovaara P et al. A method for detecting the presence of organic fraction in nucleation mode sized particles.
127 van Veen B et al. The effect of powder blend and tablet structure on drug release mechanisms of hydrophobic starch acetate matrix tablets.
128 Vasara AI et al. Arthroscopic cartilage indentation and cartilage lesions of anterior cruciate ligament-deficient knees.
129 Vasara AI et al. Indentation stiffness of repair tissue after autologous chondrocyte transplantation.
130 Vauhkonen PJ et al. Iterative image reconstruction in three-dimensional electrical impedance tomography.
131 Virtanen H et al. Interaction of mobile phones with superficial passive metallic implants.
132 Virtanen H. et al. Effect of superficial implants on absorption of electromagnetic field from a mobile phone.
133 Voutilainen A., Kaipio JP. Sequential Monte Carlo estimation of aerosol size distributions.
134 Väänänen P. et al. Abduktiokulman vaikutus lonkkatekonivelen sementoidun UHMWPE-kupin toimivuuteen.
135 White J et al. Transcranial ultrasound focus reconstruction with phase and amplitude correction.

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