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Julkaisut 2005
Publications 2005

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1 Heijari J et al. Resistance of scots pine wood to brown-rot fungi after long-term forest fertilization.
2 Heijari J et al. Application of methyl jasmonate reduces growth but increases chemical defence and resistance against Hylobius abietis in Scots pine seedlings.
3 Himanen S et al. Effects of cyclamen mite (Phytonemus pallidus) and leaf beetle (Galerucella tenella) damage on volatile emission from strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch.) plants and orientation of predatory mites (Neoseiulus cucumeris, N. californicus,...
4 Holopainen J. Possibilities to manipulate direct and indirect chemical defence of the crop plants - benefits and drawbacks for IPM.
5 Holopainen J. Geneettisesti muunneltujen kasvien riskit ja mahdollisuudet kasvinsuojelussa.
6 Holopainen JK. Improvement of biological control by volatile plant compounds.
7 Holopainen T et al. Alkusanat.
8 Ibrahim MA. Plant Essential Oils as Plant Protectants and Growth Activators.
9 Ibrahim MA et al. Response of Plutella xylostella and its parasitoid Cotesia plutellae to volatile compounds.
10 Joutsensaari J et al. Nanoparticle formation by ozonolysis of inducible plant volatiles.
11 Kasurinen A et al. Below-ground responses of silver birch trees exposed to elevated CO2 and O3 levels during three growing seasons.
12 Kivimäenpää M et al. Ozone-induced changes in the chloroplast structure of conifer needles, and their use in ozone diagnostics.
13 Luomala E-M. Photosynthesis, Chemical Composition and Anatomy of Scots Pine and Norway Spruce Needles Under Elevated Atmospheric CO2 Concentration and Temperature.
14 Nissinen A. Tuhoeläimet [Kaali, lanttu, nauris ja muut ristikukkaiset].
15 Nissinen A. Tuhoeläimet [Porkkana, selleri, tilli ja muut sarjakukkaiset].
16 Nissinen A. Tuhoeläimet [Sipuli ja purjo].
17 Nissinen A et al. Influence of carrot psyllid (Trioza apicalis) feeding or exogenous limonene or methyl jasmonate treatment on composition of carrot (Daucus carota) leaf essential oil and headspace volatiles.
18 Oksanen E et al. Photosynthesis of birch (Betula pendula) is sensitive to springtime frost and ozone.
19 Oksanen E et al. Structural characteristics and chemical composition of birch (Betula pendula) leaves are modified by increasing CO2 and ozone.
20 Padu E et al. Components of apoplastic ascorbate use in Betula pendula leaves exposed to CO2 and O3 enrichment.
21 Riikonen J et al. Leaf photosynthetic characteristics of silver birch during three years of exposure to elevated concentrations of CO2 and O3 in the field.
22 Rinnan R et al. Ambient ultraviolet radiation in the Arctic reduces root biomass and alters microbial community composition but has no effects on microbial biomass.
23 Rinnan R et al. Emission of non-methane volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from boreal peatland microcosms-effects of ozone exposure.
24 Vapaavuori E et al. Lehtipuut - menestyjiä tulevaisuuden ilmastossa? Tuloksia Suonenjoen kenttäkokeesta rauduskoivulla.
25 Vuorinen T. Induced Volatile Emissions of Plants Under Elevated Carbon Dioxide and Ozone Concentrations, and Impacts on Indirect Antiherbivore Defence.
26 Vuorinen T et al. Emission of volatile organic compounds from two silver birch (Betula pendula Roth) clones grown under ambient and elevated CO2 and different O3 concentrations.

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