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Julkaisut 2004
Publications 2004

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1 Asikainen AH et al. Performance of (consensus) kNN QSAR for predicting estrogenic activity in a large diverse set of organic compounds.
2 Asikainen AH et al. Consensus kNN QSAR: a versatile method for predicting the estrogenic activity of organic compounds in silico. A comparative study with five estrogen receptors and a large, diverse set of ligands.
3 Hakulinen P et al. Potent inhibition of gap junctional intercellular communication by 3-chloro-4-(dichloromethyl)-5-hydroxy-2(5H)-furanone (MX) in BALB/c 3T3 cells.
4 Hallikainen A et al. Kotimaisen järvi- ja merikalan dioksiinien, furaanien, dioksiinien kaltaisten PCB-yhdisteiden ja polybromattujen difenyylieettereiden pitoisuudet.
5 Heikkinen JEP et al. Carbon balance in East European tundra.
6 Heinonen-Tanski H et al. Hydrated lime and velox rapidly reduce enteric micro-organisms of manure .
7 Heinonen-Tanski H et al. Lietelannasta lämpöä ja lannoitetta.
8 Hemmilä M et al. Evaluation of toxicity and irritation potency of a white buoy smoke for marine use.
9 Hosiokangas J et al. Resuspended dust episodes as an urban air-quality problem in subarctic regions.
10 Huttunen JT et al. Potential springtime greenhouse gas emissions from a small southern boreal lake (Keihäsjärvi, Finland).
11 Huttunen JT et al. Reed canary grass cultivation on cut-away peatlands and the ecosystem carbon balance.
12 Hyttinen M. Otsonin pitoisuuksista ja reaktioista sisäilmassa.
13 Isosaari P. Polychlorinated Dibenzo-p-dioxin and Dibenzofuran Contamination of Sediments and Photochemical Decontamination of Soils .
14 Isosaari P et al. Accumulation and distribution of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxin, dibenzofuran, and polychlorinated biphenyl congeners in atlantic salmon (salmo salar).
15 Isosaari P et al. Photodegradation of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans in soil with vegetable oil.
16 Junninen H et al. Methods for imputation of missing values in air quality data sets.
17 Juutinen S et al. Stand-specific diurnal dynamics of CH4 fluxes in boreal lakes: patterns and controls.
18 Keinänen MM et al. Microbial community structure and biomass in developing drinking water biofilms.
19 Kiviranta H et al. Market basket study on dietary intake of PCDD/Fs, PCBs, and PBDEs in Finland.
20 Koistinen J et al. Levels of persistent orginac pollutants in Baltic herring.
21 Koistinen KJ et al. Sources of fine particulate matter in personal exposures and residential indoor, residential outdoor and workplace microenvironments in the Helsinki phase of the EXPOLIS study.
22 Kolehmainen M. Data Exploration with Self-organizing Maps in Environmental Informatics and Bioinformatics.
23 Koponen HT et al. Nitrous oxide emissions from agricultural soils at low temperatures: a laboratory microcosm study.
24 Koponen HT, Martikainen PJ. Soil water content and freezing temperature affect freeze-thaw related N2O production in organic soil.
25 Korpi A. Puolihaihtuvat orgaaniset yhdisteet sisäilmassa.
26 Korpi A et al. Detection of mouse and rat urinary aeroallergens with an improved ELISA.
27 Kumlin T. Studies on Cancer-related Effects of 50 Hz Magnetic Fields.
28 Kärkkäinen M et al. Partial amino acid sequence of a cellullase-like component with IgE-binding properties from stachybotrys chartarum.
29 Laatikainen T. Ympäristötieteilijöiden sijoittuminen työelämään.
30 Larmola T et al. Contribution of vegetated littoral zone to winter fluxes of carbon dioxide and methane from boreal lakes.
31 Larmola T et al. Floods can cause large interannual differences in littoral net ecosystems productivity.
32 Lehtola MJ et al. Formation of biofilms in drinking water distribution networks, a case study in two cities in Finland and Latvia.
33 Lehtola MJ et al. Removal of soft deposits from the distribution system improves the drinking water quality.
34 Liikanen A et al. Phosphorus removal in a wetland constructed on former arable land.
35 Lipponen A et al. The role of the chorda tympani nerve and histaminergic system in TCDD toxicity.
36 Lipponen MTT et al. Occurrence of nitrifiers and diversity of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in developing drinking water biofilms.
37 Lundebye A-K et al. Dietary uptake of dioxins (PCDD/PCDFs) and dioxin-like PCBs in atlantic salmon (Salmo salar).
38 Maljanen M et al. Does afforestation lower N2O emissions from organic (histosols) agricultural soils.
39 Maljanen M et al. Does afforestation lower N2O emissions from peat soils drained for agriculture?
40 Maljanen M et al. Carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane dynamics in boreal organic agricultural soils with different soil characteristics.
41 Markkanen A et al. Apoptosis induced by ultraviolet radiation is enhanced by amplitude modulated radiofrequency radiation in mutant yeast cells.
42 Mohaibes M, Heinonen-Tanski H. Aerobic thermophilic treatment of farm slurry and food wastes.
43 Mäkiranta P et al. Does afforestation decrease CO2 -fluxes in peat fields?
44 Nadykto AB et al. Effect of molecular structure and hydration on the uptake of gas-phase sulfuric acid by charged clusters/ultrafine particles.
45 Niska H et al. Evolving the neural network model for forecasting air pollution time series.
46 Nuortio T et al. Data and information utilisation in waste management systems.
47 Pasanen P et al. Cleanliness requirements for ventilation ducts in the new finnish labeling system: practical consequences.
48 Rantakokko P. Analytical Methods for the Determination of Bromide Ion and Brominated Disinfection By-products from Drinking Water .
49 Rantakokko P et al. Ion chromatographic method for the determination of selected inorganic anions and organic acids from raw and drinking waters using suppressor current switching to reduce the background noise.
50 Rantakokko P et al. Matrix effect in the gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric determination of brominated analogues of 3-chloro-4-(dichloromethyl)-5-hydroxy-2(5H)-furanone.
51 Rautiala S et al. Potentially pathogenic, slow-growing mycobacteria released into workplace air during the remediation of buildings.
52 Rinta-Kanto JM et al. Rapid enumeration of virus-like particles in drinking water samples using SYBR green I-staining.
53 Ruokojärvi P et al. Mussel incubation in the monitoring of PCDDs, PCDFs, PCBs, PBDEs and PCNs in two Finnish watercources.
54 Ruokojärvi PH et al. Chemical inhibition of PCDD/F formation in incineration processes.
55 Räisänen M-L. Kosteikot kaivosympäristön vesien puhdistajana.
56 Saari A et al. Methane oxidation in boreal forest soils: kinetics and sensitivity to pH and ammonium.
57 Saari A et al. Methane consumption in a frequently nitrogen-fertilized and limed spruce forest soil after clear-cutting.
58 Saarijärvi K et al. N and P leaching and microbial contamination from intensively managed pasture and cut sward on sandy soil in Finland.
59 Schuhmacher M et al. Monitoring dioxins and furans in a population living near a hazardous waste incinerator: levels in breast milk.
60 Schuhmacher M et al. Concentrations of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in breast milk of women from Catalonia, Spain.
61 Sippula O et al. The penetration characteristics of a foam dust sampler at different dust loads.
62 Sippula O et al. PM1 and CO emissions from five wood species combusted in a top-feed pellet stove.
63 Stockmann-Juvala H et al. Fumonisin B1 -induced toxicity and oxidative damage in U-118MG glioblastoma cells.
64 Tuomisto J, Vartiainen T. Dioksiinit ja terveys - molekyylibiologiasta ehkäisytoimiin.
65 Tuomisto JT et al. Soft-tissue sarcoma and dioxin: a case-control study.
66 Tuomisto JT et al. Risk-benefit analysis of eating farmed salmon.
67 Tuovinen K, Tarhanen J. Clearance of cyclopentyladenosine and cyclohexyladenosine in rats following a single subcutaneous dose.
68 Verkasalo PK et al. Cancer risk near a polluted river in Finland.
69 Villberg K et al. Sisäilman laadun hallinta.
70 Voutilainen A et al. Theoretical analysis of the influence of aerosol size distribution and physical activity on particle deposition pattern in human lungs.
71 Vuorinen PJ et al. Differences in PCDD/F concentrations and patterns in herring (Clupea harengus) from southern and northern Baltic Sea.
72 Ålander T et al. Characterization of diesel particles: effects of fuel reformulation, exhaust aftertreatment, and engine operation on particle carbon composition and volatility.

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