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Julkaisut 2004
Publications 2004

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1 Kaliste E, ed. The Welfare of Laboratory Animals.
2 Kaliste E et al. The bedding of laboratory animals as a source of airborne contaminants.
3 Kaliste E, Mering S. The welfare of laboratory rats.
4 Korpi A et al. Detection of mouse and rat urinary aeroallergens with an improved ELISA.
5 Nevalainen T. Training for reduction in laboratory animal use.
6 Nevalainen T. Research, animals and welfare. Regulations, alternatives and guidelines.
7 Nevalainen T. Search for optimal enrichment.
8 Uurto I et al. Biodegradable self-expanding poly-L/D lactic acid vascular stent: A pilot study in canine and porcine iliac arteries.
9 Voipio H-M et al. Nordic-European workshop on ethical evaluation of animal experiments. Workshop report on the cost-benefit principle in Hanasaari, Helsinki, Finland 7-9 November 2003.
10 Ökva K et al. Litter has an effect on the behavioural changes caused by the administration of the nitric oxide synthase inhibitor NG-nitro-L-arginine and ethanol in mice.

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