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Julkaisut 2004
Publications 2004

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1 Bertelsen OW et al., ed. ATIT 2004. Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Activity Theory Based Practical Methods for IT-Design [http://www.daimi.au.dk/publications/PB/574/PB-574.pdf].
2 Jäntti M, Toroi T. UML-based testing: a case study.
3 Kilpeläinen P., Tuhkanen R. Towards efficient implementation of XML schema content models.
4 Koponen T, Hotti V. Evaluation framework of open source software.
5 Korpela M et al. Information systems research and development by activity analysis and development: dead horse or the next wave?
6 Leinonen P. Automation of Document Structure Transformations.
7 Mursu A. Analyzing the present state of an activity [online].
8 Mursu A et al. A generic framework for analyzing the sustainability of information systems.
9 Mykkänen J et al. Integration models in health information systems: experiences from the PlugIT project.
10 Päivinen N, Grönfors T. Minimum spanning tree clustering of EEG signals [cd-rom].
11 Rönkkö M. Previsualization in robotics: an atomic approach.
12 Sihvonen T. et al. Lightweight Embedded System for Acquiring Simultaneuos Electromyogenic Activity and Movement Data (Function-EMG).
13 Toivanen M. IT needs exploration [online].
14 Toivanen M et al. Gathering, structuring and describing information needs in home care: a method for requirements exploration in a "gray area".
15 Toroi T et al. Testing component-based systems - the integrator viewpoint [cd-rom].

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