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Julkaisut 2004
Publications 2004

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1 Aukee P et al. The effect of home biofeedback training on stress incontinence.
2 Faisel F et al. Susceptibility to pre-eclampsia in Finnish women is associated with R485K polymorphism in the factor V gene, not with Leiden mutation.
3 Heikkilä K et al. A survey of the attitudes of infertile and parous women towards the availability of assisted reproductive technology.
4 Heikkinen A-M et al. Leucine7 to proline7 polymorphism in prepro-NPY gene and femoral neck bone mineral density in postmenopausal women .
5 Heinonen S. Sikiöseulonnat lääkärin näkökulmasta.
6 Heinonen S. Gynekologit johtajakoulussa - kokemuksia erikoisalakohtaisesta hallinnon koulutuksesta.
7 Heinonen S et al. The 121Q allele of the plasma cell membrane glycoprotein 1 gene predisposes to polycystic ovary syndrome.
8 Heinonen S, Puolakka J. Raskauden jälkipuoliskon verenvuodot.
9 Huopio J et al. Calcaneal ultrasound predicts early postmenopausal fractures as well as axial BMD. A prospective study of 422 women.
10 Jääskeläinen E et al. M385T polymorphism in the factor V gene, but not leiden mutation, is associated with placental abruption in finnish women.
11 Kantola M et al. Selenium in pregnancy: is selenium an active defective ion against environmental chemical stress?
12 Keski-Nisula L et al. Spontaneous and stimulated interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor-alpha production at delivery and three months after birth.
13 Keski-Nisula L et al. Stimulated cytokine production correlates in umbilical arterial venous blood at delivery.
14 Laasanen J. The Search for Genes Predisposing to Preeclampsia.
15 Laurema A et al. Fetal membranes act as a barrier for adenoviruses: gene transfer into exocoelomic cavity of rat features does not affect cells in the fetus.
16 Niemimaa M et al. Downin oireyhtymän seulonta alkuraskaudessa.
17 Paavonen J, Heinonen S. Lääketieteen perusopetustaa uudistettu perusteellisesti - Onko tuloksena parempia vai huonompia lääkäreitä?
18 Parkkinen A et al. Physiotherapy for female stress urinary incontinence: individual therapy at the outpatient clinic versus home-based pelvic floor training: a 5-year follow-up study.
19 Randell K. Effects of Hormonal and Others Factors on Fractures in Peri- and EEarly Postmenopausal Women.
20 Saarikoski S. Raskauden keston häiriöt.
21 Sirola J et al. Factors related to postmenopausal muscle performance: a cross-sectional population-based study.
22 Taipale P et al. Cloacal anomaly simulating megalocystis in the first trimester.
23 Toivonen S et al. Obstetric prognosis after placental abruption.
24 Toivonen S et al. Risk of placental abruption in first-degree relatives of index patients.
25 Toivonen S et al. Low-activity haplotype of the microsomal epoxide hydrolase gene is protective against placental abruption.
26 Tuhkanen H et al. Marked allelic imbalance on chromosome 5q31 does not explain a-catenin expression in epithelial ovarian cancer.
27 Tuhkanen H et al. Genetic alterations in the peritumoral stromal cells of malignant and borderline epithelial ovarian tumors as indicated by allelic imbalance on chromosome 3p.
28 Tuomainen R, Saarikoski S. Kokemukset synnytysten keskittämisestä onnistuneita.
29 Tuppurainen M et al. The combined contraceptive vaginal ring (NuvaRing) and lipid metabolism: a comparative study.
30 Tuppurainen M, Komulainen M. Osteoporoosi.
31 Valpas A et al. Tension-free vaginal tape and laparoscopic mesh colposuspension for stress urinary incintinence.

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