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Julkaisut 2004
Publications 2004

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1 Astuti D et al. Investigation of the role of SDHB inactivation in sporadic phaeochromocytoma and neuroblastoma.
2 Haavisto A et al. Factors associated with depressive symptoms among 18-year-old boys: a prospective 10-year follow-up study.
3 Immonen J et al. Bronchial reactivity in students from moisture and mold-damaged schools: Changes in relation to changes in exposure.
4 Kanerva J et al. Favorable outcome in 20-year follow-up of children with very-low-risk ALL and minimal standard therapy, with special reference to TEL-AML1 fusion.
5 Kannisto S et al. Serum dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate concentration as an indicator of adrenocortical suppression during inhaled steroid therapy in adult asthmatic patients.
6 Kiiveri S et al. Transcription factors GATA-4 and GATA-6 human adrenocortical tumors.
7 Koivula I et al. Vakavat pneumokokki-infektiot ja epäonnistunut makrolidihoito.
8 Korhonen K et al. Do inhaled steroids differ from cromones in terms of hospital admission rates for asthma in children?
9 Korppi M. Non-specific host response markers in the differentation between pneumococcal and viral pneumonia: What is the most accurate combination?
10 Korppi M et al. Incidence of community-acquired pneumonia in children caused by Mycoplasma pneumoniae: Serological results of a prospective, population-based study in primary health care.
11 Korppi M et al. Rhinovirus-associated wheezing in infancy. Comparison with respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis.
12 Korppi M et al. Chlamydia pneumoniae and newly diagnosed asthma: a case-control study in 1 to 6-year-old children.
13 Korppi M et al. Respiratory morbidity 20 years after RSV infection in infancy.
14 Kröger L, Arikoski P. Lapsuusiän krooniset sairaudet ja luusto.
15 Kröger L et al. Transient bone marrow oedema in a child.
16 Kumpulainen K. Lapsuuden traumaperäinen stressireaktio ja kognitiivis-behavioraalinen terapia.
17 Kumpulainen K. Epidemiologia ja häiriöiden jatkuvuus.
18 Liu J et al. cAMP-dependent protein kinase activation inhibits proliferation and enhances apoptotic effect of tumor necrosis factor-alfa in NCI-H295R adrenocortical cells.
19 Liu J et al. DNA methylation affects cell proliferation, cortisol secretion and steroidogenic gene expression in human adrenocortical NCI-H295R cells.
20 Márky I et al. Intensive chemotherapy without radiotherapy gives more than 85% event-free survival for non -Hodkin lymphoma without central nervous involvement. A 6-year population-based study from the Nordic Society of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology.
21 Mähönen S et al. Oral anticoagulant treatment in children based on monitoring at home.
22 Piippo-Savolainen E et al. Asthma and lung function 20 years after wheezing in infancy. Results from a prospective follow-up study.
23 Pirttilä T et al. Cerebrospinal fluid insulin-like growth factor-1, insulin growth factor binding protein-2 or nitric oxide are not increased in MS or ALS.
24 Riikonen R. Infantile spasms: Therapy and outcome.
25 Riikonen R et al. Cerebrospinal fluid insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) and insulin-like growth factor binding protein (IGFBP-2) in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
26 Salonvaara M. Coagulation Physiology and Abnormalities in Newborn Infants. Association with Intraventricular Haemorrhage and Central Venous Cather-related Thrombosis.
27 Salonvaara M et al. Diagnosis and treatment of a newborn with homozygous protein C deficiency.
28 Salonvaara M et al. Development of selected coagulation factors and anticoagulants in preterm infants by the age of six months.
29 Sourander A et al. Mental health service use among 18-year-old adolescent boys: a prospective 10-year follow-up study.
30 Suomalainen L et al. Activator protein-1 in human male germ cell apoptosis.
31 Taipale P et al. Cloacal anomaly simulating megalocystis in the first trimester.
32 Tupola S et al. Comparison of regional cerebral perfusion, EEG and cognitive functions in type 1 diabetic children with and without severe hypoglycaemia.

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