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Julkaisut 2004
Publications 2004

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1 Alhava E. Osteoporoosin epidemiologia Suomessa.
2 Arokoski JP et al. Activation of lumbar paraspinal and abdominal muscles during therapeutic exercises in chronic low back pain patients.
3 Arokoski JPA. Nivelrikko - sairauden syyt ja hoidon mahdollisuudet.
4 Arokoski JPA et al. Estimation of femoral head bone density using magnetic resonance imaging.
5 Arokoski JPA et al. Polvi- ja lonkkanivelrikon konservatiinen lääkkeetön hoito.
6 Arokoski MH et al. Physical function in men with and without hip osteoarthritis.
7 Aukee P et al. The effect of home biofeedback training on stress incontinence.
8 Auvinen A et al. A randomized trial of choice of treatment in prostate cancer: the effect of intervention on the treatment chosen.
9 Eskelinen M et al. Preoperative serum levels of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and prognosis in invasive breast cancer.
10 Haara MM et al. Osteoarthritis in the carpometacarpal joint of the thumb. Prevalence and associations with disability and mortality.
11 Hakulinen MA et al. Ability of ultrasound backscattering to predict mechanical properties of bovine trabecular bone.
12 Heikkinen A-M et al. Leucine7 to proline7 polymorphism in prepro-NPY gene and femoral neck bone mineral density in postmenopausal women .
13 Hellsten K et al. Gammakuvauksen merkitys lisäkilpirauhasadenooman paikantamisessa.
14 Holopainen K et al. Effects of vocationally oriented medical rehabilitation for aircraft maintenance personnel - a preliminary study of long-term effects with 5-year follow-up.
15 Huopio J et al. Calcaneal ultrasound predicts early postmenopausal fractures as well as axial BMD. A prospective study of 422 women.
16 Janket S-J et al. Asymptotic dental score and prevalent coronary heart disease.
17 Jokinen JJ et al. Effects of coronary artery bypass related conduction defects: a 10-year follow-up study.
18 Kanis A et al. A meta-analysis of previous fracture and subsequent fracture risk.
19 Kröger L et al. Transient bone marrow oedema in a child.
20 Kyrölä K et al. Long-term MRI findings in operated rotaror cuff tear.
21 Lintula H et al. The costs and effects of laparoscopic appendectomy in children.
22 Martikainen T et al. Long-term results, late complications and quality of life in a series of adjustable gastric banding.
23 Martikainen T et al. Mahalaukun ohitus laihdutusleikkauksena. Alkuvaiheen kokemuksia Kuopiosta.
24 Mayhew P et al. Discrimination between cases of hip fracture and controls is improved by hip structural analysis compared to areal bone mineral density. An ex vivo study of the femoral neck.
25 Miettinen T et al. Whiplash injuries in Finland - the possibility of some sociodemographic and psychosocial factors to predict the outcome after one year .
26 Miettinen T et al. The possibility to use simple validated questionnaires to predict long-term health problems after whiplash injury.
27 Miettinen T et al. Whiplash injuries in Finland: the situation 3 years later.
28 Mustonen P et al. The surgical and oncological safety of immediate breast reconstruction.
29 Mustonen PK et al. The effect of fibrin sealant combined with fibrinolysis inhibitor on reducing the amount of lymphatic leakage after axillary evacuation in breast cancer.
30 Määttä A-M et al. Non-small cell lung cancer as a target disease for herpes simplex type 1 thymidine kinase - ganciclovir gene therapy.
31 Oksala N et al. Heat shock preconditioning and eicosanoid pathways modulate caspase 3-like activity in superficially injured isolated guinea pig gastric mucosa.
32 Papp A et al. The progression of burn depth in experimental burns: a histological and methodological study.
33 Pellikainen J. Activator Protein -2 in Breast Cancer.
34 Pellikainen J et al. Expression of HER2 and its association with AP-2 in breast cancer.
35 Pellikainen JM et al. Expression of matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)-2 and MMP-2 in breast cancer with a special reference to activator protein-2, HER2, and prognosis.
36 Remes T et al. The association of bone metabolism with bone mineral density, serum sex hormone concentrations, and regular exercise in middle-aged men.
37 Setälä LP et al. Glucose, lactate, and pyruvate response in an experimental model of microvascular flap ischemia and reperfusion: a microdialysis study.
38 Sillanpää P et al. Vitamin D receptor gene polymorphism as an important modifier of positive family history related breast cancer risk.
39 Sirola J et al. Factors related to postmenopausal muscle performance: a cross-sectional population-based study.
40 Soininvaara TA et al. Bone mineral density in the proximal femur and contralateral knee after total knee arthroplasty.
41 Soininvaara TA et al. Periprosthetic femoral bone loss after total knee arhtroplasty: 1-year follow-up study of 69 patients.
42 Soininvaara TA et al. Periprosthetic tibial bone mineral density changes after total knee arthroplasty.
43 Suomen Kardiologisen Seuran asettama työryhmä. Syvä laskimotukos ja keuhkoembolia.
44 Suuriniemi M et al. Association between exercise and pubertal BMD is modulated by estrogen receptor alfa genotype.
45 Toivanen A et al. Polvinivelrikon kliininen ja radiologinen diagnoosi väestötutkimuksessa.
46 Tuhkanen K. Contact and Hybrid Laser in the Treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia.
47 Tuhkanen K et al. Sexual function of LUTS patients before and after neodymium laser prostatectomy and transurethral resection of prostate.
48 Tuomisto TT et al. HIF-VEGF-VEGFR-2, TNF-alfa and IGF pathways are upregulated in critical human skeletal muscle ischemia as studied with DNA array.
49 Turunen V et al. Työikäisten potilaiden lonkan tekonivelleikkausten sairaalahoito- ja päivärahakustannukset.
50 Turunen V et al. Polven nivelrikko työikäisillä.
51 Valkeinen H et al. Changes in knee extension and flexion force, EMG and functional capacity during strength training in older females with fibromyalgia and healthy controls.
52 Venesmaa P. Periprosthetic Femoral Bone Loss and Bone Turnover after Primary Total Hip Arthrosplasty.
53 Ylinen J. Treatment of Chronic Non-Specific Neck Pain with Emphasis on Strength Training.
54 Ylinen J et al. Kaularangan ja hartialihasten harjoittelu kroonisen niskakivun hoitona.
55 Ylinen J et al. Association of neck pain, disability and neck pain during maximal effort with neck muscle strength and range of movement in women with chronic non-specific neck pain.

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