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Julkaisut 2004
Publications 2004

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1 Alanen E et al. Measurement of hydration in the stratum corneum with the MoistureMeter and comparison with the Corneometer.
2 Elomaa M et al. Determination of the degree of substitution of acetylated starch by hydrolysis, 1H NMR and TGA/IR.
3 Hakkarainen S et al. Electrochemical and calorimetric study of oligonucleotide complexation with cetylpyridinium chloride.
4 Harjunen P. Modification by Spray Drying of the Physicochemical Properties of Lactose Particles Used as Carriers in a Dry Powder Inhaler.
5 Harjunen P et al. Determination of amorphous content of lactose samples by solution calorimetry.
6 Holappa J et al. Synthesis and characterization of chitosan N-betainates having various degrees of substitution.
7 Holappa J et al. Synthesis and characterization of chitosan N-betainates with various degrees of substitution.
8 Honkakoski P et al. Effects of triaryl phosphates on mouse and human nuclear receptors.
9 Hyvönen Z et al. Dioleoyl phosphatidylethanolamine and PEG-lipid conjugates modify DNA delivery mediated by 1,4-dihydropyridine amphiphiles.
10 Jääskeläinen I et al. Requirements for delivery of active antisense oligonucleotides into cells with lipid carriers.
11 Kinnarinen T et al. Cyclodextrins in pulmonary drug delivery: in vitro toxicity of cyclodextrins in calu-3 cells.
12 Koistinen R et al. Kasvun vuosikymmen. Kuopion yliopiston farmaseuttinen tiedekunta 30 vuotta.
13 Korhonen O. Starch Acetate as a Novel Tablet Excipient for Extended Oral Drug Delivery.
14 Korhonen O et al. Evaluation of novel starch acetate-diltiazem controlled release tablets in healthy human volunteers.
15 Lampela P et al. Effect of cell-surface glycosaminoglycans on cationic carrier combined with low-MW PEI-mediated gene transfection.
16 Lampela P et al. Synergism in gene delivery by small PEIs and three different nonviral vectors.
17 Murtomaa M et al. Effect of particle morphology on the triboelectri? cation in dry powder inhalers.
18 Mälkiä A et al. Drug permeation in biomembranes in vitro and in silico prediction and influence of physicochemical properties.
19 Palmgrén J et al. Characterization of Caco-2 cell monolayer drug transport properties by cassette dosing using UV/fluorescence HPLC.
20 Pitkänen L et al. Neural retina limits the nonviral gene transfer to retinal pigment epithelium in an vitro bovine eye model.
21 Pohja S et al. Starch acetate as a tablet matrix for sustained drug release.
22 Raunio H et al. In vitro methods in the prediction of kinetics of drugs: focus on drug metabolism.
23 Ruponen M. Role of Exogenous and Cell Surface Glycosaminoglycans in Non-Viral Gene Delivery.
24 Ruponen M et al. Cell-surface glycosaminoglycans inhibit cation-mediated gene transfer.
25 Suihko E. Lääkepäivät, Eurooppalaistuva farmasia, 7.- 8.5.2004 Kuopio.
26 Tarvainen M. Starch Acetate as a Coating Polymer for Oral Extended Release Products. Film-forming Ability, Permeability and Plasticization.
27 Tarvainen M et al. Aqueous starch acetate dispersion as a novel coating material for controlled release products.
28 Tuovinen L. Starch-acetate Films and Microparticles. Degradation, Erosion and Drug Release In Vitro.
29 Tuovinen L et al. Drug release from starch-acetate microparticles and films with and without incorporated alfa-amylase.
30 Tuovinen L et al. Starch acetate microparticles for drug delivery into retinal pigment epithelium - in vitro study.
31 Vellonen K-S et al. Substrates and inhibitors of efflux proteins interfere with the MTT assay in cells and may lead to underestimation of drug toxicity.
32 Windshügel B et al. Molecular dynamics simulations of the human CAR ligand-binding domain: deciphering the molecular basis for constitutive activity.

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