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Julkaisut 2004
Publications 2004

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1 Holopainen J. Effects of air pollutants on VOC signals between plants and animals.
2 Holopainen JK. Multiple functions of inducible plant volatiles.
3 Holopainen JK, Kainulainen P. Reproductive capacity of the grey pine aphid and allocation response of Scots pine seedlings across temperature gradients: a test of hypotheses predicting outcomes of global warming.
4 Holopainen T. Ekologisen ympäristötieteen laitos - ilmastomuutostutkimuksen pioneereja.
5 Ibrahim MA, Holopainen JK. Podisus maculiventris (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae), a potential biocontrol agent of Plutella xylostella is not repelled with limonene treatments on cabbage.
6 Ibrahim MA et al. Effects of limonene on the growth and physiology of cabbage (Brassica oleracea L) and carrot (Daucus carota L) plants.
7 Karlsson PE et al. New critical levels for ozone effects on young trees based on AOT40 and simulated cumulative leaf uptake of ozone.
8 Kasurinen A et al. Soil CO2 efflux of two silver birch clones exposed to elevated CO2 and O3 levels during three growing seasons.
9 Kivimäenpää M et al. The use of light and electron microscopy to assess the impact of ozone on Norway spruce needles.
10 Loivamäki M et al. Chemical changes induced by methyl jasmonate in oilseed rape grown in the laboratory and in the field.
11 Nerg A-M et al. Significance of wood terpenoids in resistance of Scots pine provenances against the old house borer, Hylotrupes bajulus, and brown-rot fungus, Coniophora puteana.
12 Nissinen A. Kaalin tuholaistorjunta monipuolistuu. Houkutuskasvit käyttöön.
13 Reddy GVP et al. Elevated atmospheric CO2 affects the chemical quality of Brassica plants and the growth rate of the specialist, Plutella xylostella, but not the generalist, Spodoptera littoralis.
14 Repo T et al. Effects of elevated concentrations of ozone and carbon dioxide on the electrical impedance of leaves of silver birch (Betula pendula) clones.
15 Riikonen J. Modification of the growth, photosynthesis and leaf structure of Silver birch by elevated CO2 and O3.
16 Riikonen J et al. Silver birch and climate change: variable growth and carbon allocation responses to elevated concentrations of carbon dioxide and ozone.
17 Rinnan R, Holopainen T. Ozone effects on the ultrastructure of peatland plants: Sphagnum Mosses, Vaccinium oxycoccus, Andromeda polifolia and Eriophorum vaginatum.
18 Saari A et al. Methane oxidation in boreal forest soils: kinetics and sensitivity to pH and ammonium.
19 Uddling J et al. Biomass reduction of juvenile birch is more strongly related to stomatal uptake of ozone than to indices based on external exposure.
20 Venäläinen M et al. The concentration of phenolics in brown-rot decay resistant and susceptible Scots pine heartwood.
21 Vuorinen T et al. Ozone exposure triggers the emission of herbivore-induced plant volatiles, but does not disturb tritrophic signalling.
22 Vuorinen T et al. Emission of Plutella xylostella-induced compounds from cabbages grown at elevated CO2 and orientation behavior of the natural enemies.
23 Vuorinen T et al. Monoterpene and herbivore-induced emissions from cabbage plants grown at elevated atmospheric CO2 concentration.

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