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Julkaisut 2004
Publications 2004

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1 Bhowmik A et al. Regulation of restitution after superficial injury in isolated guinea pig gastric mucosa.
2 Cao J et al. Distinct requirements for p38alpha and c-Jun N-terminal kinase stress-activated protein kinases in different forms of apoptotic neuronal death .
3 Hanisch U-K et al. The microglia-activating potential of thrombin.
4 Kanninen K et al. Glycosylation changes in Alzheimer's disease as revealed by a proteomic approach.
5 Kemppainen S. Chemoarchitectonic and Connectional Characteristics of the Rat Amygdaloid Complex and Changes of Amygdalo-Hippocampal Connectivity in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.
6 Kemppainen S, Pitkänen A. Damage to the amygdalo-hippocampal projection in temporal lobe epilepsy: A tract-tracing study in chronic epileptic rats.
7 Knuuttila JEA et al. Effects of antidepressant drug imipramine on gene expression in rat prefrontal cortex.
8 Koistinaho J et al. Tetracycline derivates as anti-inflammatory agents and potential agents in stroke treatment.
9 Koponen E et al. Overexpression of the full-length neurotrophin receptor trkB regulates the expression of plasticity-related genes in mouse brain.
10 Koponen E et al. Transgenic mice overexpressing the full-length neurotrophin receptor trkB exhibit inceased activation of the trkB-PLCgamma pathway, reduced anxiety, and facilitated learning.
11 Krjukova J et al. Phospholipase C activator m-3M3FBS affects Ca2+ homeostasis independently of phospholipase C activation.
12 Kubová H et al. Status epilepticus in immature rats leads to behavioural and cognitive impairment and epileptogenesis.
13 Kukkonen A et al. Muscarinic toxin 7 selectivity is dictated by extracellular receptor loops.
14 Lukasiuk K, Pitkänen A. Large-scale analysis of gene expression in epilepsy reseach: is synthesis alreasy possible?
15 Lähteinen S. Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor in the Development of Epilepsy.
16 Lähteinen S et al. Brain-derived neurotrophic factor signaling modifies hippocampal gene expression during epileptogenesis in transgenic mice.
17 Majak K, Pitkänen A. Do seizures cause irreversible cognitive damage? Evidence from animal studies.
18 Majak K et al. Projections from the amygdaloid complex to the piriform cortex: A PHA-L study in the rat.
19 Marvanová M et al. Identification of genes regulated by memantine and MK-801 in adult rat brain by cDNA microarray analysis.
20 Marvanová M, Wong G. Adenosine A2A receptor mRNA expression is increased in rat striatum and nucleus accumbens after memantine administration.
21 Nairismägi J et al. Progression of brain damage after status epilepticus and its association with epileptogenesis: a quantitative MRI study in a rat model of temporal lobe epilepy.
22 Niittykoski M et al. Electrophysiologic changes in the lateral and basal amygdaloid nuclei in temporal lobe epilepsy: an in vitro study in epileptic rats.
23 Nissinen J et al. Effect of lamotrigine treatment on epileptogenesis: an experimental study in rat.
24 Nurmi A. The Role of Nuclear Factor kappa-B in Models of Adult and Neonatal Cerebral Ischaemia: The Effects of Pyrrolidine Dithiocarbamate.
25 Nurmi A et al. Nuclear factor-kappaB contributes to infarction after permanent focal ischemia.
26 Nurmi A et al. Pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate inhibits translocation of nuclear factor kappa-B in neurons and protects against brain ischaemia with a wide therapeutic time window.
27 Pitkänen A. Denervation and reinnervation of amygdaloid neurons in drug-refratory temporal lobe epilepsy.
28 Pitkänen A. New pharmacotherapy for epilepsy.
29 Pitkänen A, Kubova H. Antiepileptic drugs in neuroprotections.
30 Pitkänen A et al. Atipamezole, an alfa2-adrenoceptor antagonist, has disease modifying effects on epileptogenesis in rats.
31 Sinkkonen ST et al. Selective reduction of gamma-aminobutyric acid type A receptor delta subunit mRNA levels by MK-801 in rat dentate gyrus.
32 Storvik M. Molecular Mechanisms of the Effects of Uncompetitive NMDA-antagonist MK-801 on CREB Related Transcription Factors.
33 Toronen P. Selection of informative clusters from hierarchical cluster tree with gene classes.
34 Törönen P. Analysis of Gene Expression Data Using Clustering and Functional Classification.
35 Uustare A et al. Characterization of M2 muscarinic receptor activation of different G protein subtypes.
36 Åkerman KEO et al. Ca2+ -dependent potentiation of muscarinic receptor-mediated Ca2+ elevation.

Neurobiologian laitos Department of Neurobiology
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