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Julkaisut 2004 (alustava)
Publications 2004 (preliminary)

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1 Heikkinen S. Glucose Metabolism in Heterozygous Hexokinase II Knock-out Mice.
2 Kaasinen SK. Putrescine Accumulation in Mouse Central Nervous System. Neuroprotection at the Expense of Learning Deficiency.
3 Kavec M. Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Misery Perfusion, Chronic Cerebrovascular Disease and Acute Stroke. A Study Using Transverse Relaxation Contrast.
4 Kemppainen S. Chemoarchitectonic and Connectional Characteristics of the Rat Amygdaloid Complex and Changes of Amygdalo-Hippocampal Connectivity in Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.
5 Lähteinen S. Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor in the Development of Epilepsy.
6 Nordlund HR et al. Construction of a dual chain pseudotetrameric chicken avidin by combining two circularly permuted avidins.
7 Nurmi A et al. Nuclear factor-kappaB contributes to infarction after permanent focal ischemia.
8 Räty JK et al. Enhanced gene delivery by avidin-displaying baculovirus.
9 Storvik M. Molecular Mechanisms of the Effects of Uncompetitive NMDA-antagonist MK-801 on CREB Related Transcription Factors.
10 Toronen P. Selection of informative clusters from hierarchical cluster tree with gene classes.
11 Tuhkanen H et al. Genetic alterations in the peritumoral stromal cells of malignant and borderline epithelial ovarian tumors as indicated by allelic imbalance on chromosome 3p.
12 Tuomisto T. Gene Expression in Atherosclerosis and Skeletal Muscle Ischemia. A DNA Array Study.
13 Tuomisto TT et al. HIF-VEGF-VEGFR-2, TNF-alfa and IGF pathways are upregulated in critical human skeletal muscle ischemia as studied with DNA array.
14 Turunen P et al. Adenovirus-mediated gene transfer of Lp-PLA2 reduces LDL degradation and foam cell formation in vitro.
15 Törönen P. Analysis of Gene Expression Data Using Clustering and Functional Classification.
16 Utriainen A et al. Structurally altered basement membranes and hydrocephalus in a type XVIII collagen deficient mouse line.
17 Uustare A et al. Characterization of M2 muscarinic receptor activation of different G protein subtypes.
18 Valonen PK et al. Water diffusion in a rat glioma during ganciclovir-thymidine kinase gene therapy-induced programmed cell death in vivo: Correlation with cell density.
19 Walkowiak J, Herzig K-H. Vegetarian diet and exocrine pancreatic function using fecal tests.
20 Walkowiak J et al. Giardiasis aggravates malabsorption in cystic fibrosis.
21 Walkowiak J et al. Faecal elastase-1 test is superior to faecal lipase test in the assessment of exocrine pancreatic function in cystic fibrosis.
22 Walkowiak J et al. Serum lipase after secretin stimulation detects mild pancreatic involvement in cystic fibrosis.
23 Ylä-Herttuala S. Therapeutic angiogenesis.
24 Ylä-Herttuala S. Viral vs. non-viral vectors for myocardial angiogenesis.
25 Ylä-Herttuala S, Dzau VJ. Introduction.
26 Åkerman KEO et al. Ca2+ -dependent potentiation of muscarinic receptor-mediated Ca2+ elevation.

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