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Julkaisut 2003
Publications 2003

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1 Aarnio T et al. Long-term availability of nutients in forest soil derived from fast- and slow-release fertilizers.
2 Airaksinen M et al. Transport of fungal spores and particles through a building structure.
3 Asikainen A et al. Spectroscopic QSAR methods and self-organizing molecular field analysis for relating molecular structure and estrogenic activity.
4 Asikainen A et al. Predictive value of comparative molecular field analysis modelling of naphthalene inhibition of human CYP2A6 and mouse CYP2A5 enzymes.
5 Asikainen V et al. The verifying concept for the cleanliness of HVAC systems.
6 Asikainen V et al. Mineral oil residues on HVAC components: measuring methods.
7 Baverstock K. The 2003 NRPB report on UK nuclear-test veterans.
8 Björk E. Lehtipuhaltimien melu.
9 Christensen TR et al. Factors controlling large scale variations in methane emissions from wetlands.
10 Egorov AI et al. Exposures to drinking water chlorination by-products in a Russian city.
11 Hartikainen T. Biological Purification of Odorous Sulphide Compounds from Effluent Gases.
12 Heikkinen J. Carbon Balance of the Arctic Wetlands in Europe.
13 Heikkinen P et al. Effects of mobile phone radiation on UV-induced skin tumourigenesis in ornithine decarboxylase transgenic and non-transgenic mice.
14 Heinonen-Tanski H. Jätevesi uudelleenkäyttöön -menetelmät ja kustannukset.
15 Heinonen-Tanski H et al. Costs of tertiary treatment of municipal wastewater by rapid sand filter with coagulants and UV.
16 Heinonen-Tanski H et al. Ympäristön ja työympäristön hygieenisen laadun parantamisen tarve. Behov för förhöjning av hygienisk kvalitet i miljön och arbetsmiljön.
17 Heinonen-Tanski H, Savolainen R. Disinfection of septic tank and cesspool wastewater with peracetic acid.
18 Holopainen R et al. A cleaning concept for HVAC system.
19 Holopainen R et al. Effectiveness of duct cleaning methods on newly installed duct surfaces.
20 Holopainen R et al. Effectivenes of duct cleaning methods on newly installed duct surfaces.
21 Huttunen JT et al. Fluxes of methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide in boreal lakes and potential anthropogenic effects on the aquatic greenhouse gas emissions.
22 Huttunen JT et al. Contribution of winter to the annual CH4 emission from a eutrophied boreal lake.
23 Huttunen JT et al. Nitrous oxide flux to the atmosphere from the littoral zone of a boreal lake.
24 Huttunen JT, Martikainen PJ. Järvet ja tekoaltaat kasvihuonekaasujen päästölähteinä.
25 Huttunen JT et al. Fluxes of nitrous oxide and methane from drained peatlands following forest clear-felling in southern Finland.
26 Huttunen JT et al. Methane emissions from natural peatlands in the northern boreal zone in Finland, Fennoscandia.
27 Hyttinen M et al. Reactions of ozone on ventilation filters.
28 Hyttinen M et al. Ultrafine and fine particles, VOC and odour emissions from dusty air filters.
29 Isosaari P et al. Bioxin levels in fish caught from the Baltic sea in 2001-2002.
30 Jurvelin JA et al. Residential indoor, outdoor, and workplace concentrations of carbonyl compounds: Relationships with personal exposure concentrations and correlation with sources.
31 Juutilainen J. Developmental effects of extremely low frequency electric and magnetic fields.
32 Juutinen S et al. Major implication of the littoral zone for methane release from boreal lakes.
33 Juutinen S et al. Methane (CH4) release from littoral wetlands of boreal lakes during an extended flooding period.
34 Kalliokoski P. Risks caused by airborne microbes in hospitals - source control is important.
35 Kalliokoski P. Controlling worker exposure to waste products.
36 Kalliokoski P et al. The predicted performance of activated carbon filtration for VOCs at indoor air concentrations.
37 Kangas J et al. Occupational hygiene aspects of cleaning solutions used in offset printing.
38 Keinänen MM et al. Gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric detection of 2- and 3-hydroxy fatty acids as methyl esters from soil, sediment and biofilm.
39 Keinänen MM et al. Microbial community structure in biofilms and water of a drinking water distribution system determined by lipid biomarkers.
40 Kiuru A et al. Hereditary minisatellite mutations among the offspring of Estonian Chernobyl cleanup workers.
41 Kiviranta H et al. PCDD/Fs and PCBs in Baltic herring during the 1990s.
42 Koivunen J et al. Elimination of enteric bacteria in biological-chemical wastewater treatment and tertiary filtration units.
43 Kolehmainen M et al. Monitoring of yeast fermentation by ion mobility spectrometry measurement and data visualisation with Self-Organizing Maps.
44 Korpi A et al. Slight respiratory irritation but not inflammation in mice exposed to (1-3)-beta-D-glucan aerosols.
45 Korpi A et al. Acute effects of Aspergillus versicolor aerosols on murine airways.
46 Kukkonen J et al. Extensive evaluation of neural network models for the prediction of NO2 and PM10 concentrations, compared with a deterministic modelling system and measurements in central Helsinki.
47 Kärtevä J et al. Pine particle sampler characterization.
48 Larmola T et al. Ecosystem CO2 exchange and plant biomass in the littoral zone of a boreal eutrophic lake.
49 Lehtola MJ et al. Microbial nutrients in drinking water biofilms.
50 Lehtola MJ et al. Impact of UV disinfection on microbially available phosphorus, organic carbon, and microbial growth in drinking water.
51 Leskinen A, Raunemaa T. Semivolatile fraction estimation of ageing combustion aerosols.
52 Liikanen A et al. Spatial and seasonal variation in greenhouse gas and nutrient dynamics and their interactions in the sediments of a boreal eutrophic lake .
53 Liikanen A, Martikainen PJ. Effect of ammonium and oxygen on methane and nitrous oxide fluxes across sediment-water interface in a eutrophic lake.
54 Liikanen A et al. Greenhouse gas dynamics in boreal, littoral sediments under raised CO2 and nitrogen supply.
55 Loikkanen J et al. Pb2+ -induced toxicity is associated with p53-independent apoptosis and enhanced by glutamate in GT1-7 neurons.
56 Loikkanen J et al. Glutamate increases toxicity of inorganic lead in GT1-7 neurons: partial protection induced by flunarizine.
57 Lozeva V et al. Increased concentrations of histamine and its metabolite, tele methylhistamine and down-regulation of histamine H(3) receptor sites in autopsied brain tissue from cirrhotic patient who died in hepatic coma.
58 Maljanen M. Greenhouse Gas Dynamics of Farmed or Forested Organic Soils in Finland.
59 Maljanen M et al. Methane fluxes on agricultural and forested boreal organic soils.
60 Maljanen M et al. Nitrous oxide emissions from boreal organic soil under different land-use.
61 Maljanen M et al. Measuring N2O emissions from organic soils by closed chamber or soil/snow N2O gradient methods.
62 Miettinen IT et al. Microbial growth in artificially recharged groundwater: experiences from a 4-year project.
63 Myllykangas T et al. UV affecting the formation of disinfection by-products after alum coagulation. P10 .
64 Myllykangas T et al. Bromide affecting drinking water mutagenicity.
65 Mäkinen M. Dermal Exposure Assessment of Chemicals.
66 Naarala J et al. The effects of wood dusts on the redox status and cell death in mouse macrophages (RAW 264.7) and human leukocytes in vitro.
67 Niska H et al. Hybrid models for forecasting air pollution episodes.
68 Niska H et al. Evolving the neural network model for forecasting air pollution time series.
69 Nykänen H. Sensitivity of CH4 and N2O Dynamics in Boreal Peatlands to Anthropogenic and Global Changes.
70 Nykänen H et al. Annual CO2 exchange and CH4 fluxes on a subarctic palsa mire during climatically different years.
71 Oravisjärvi K et al. Source contributions to PM2.5 particles in the urban air of a town situated close to a steel works.
72 Pasanen A-L. Laskentamalli sisäilman kemikaalien ärsyttävyydelle.
73 Pasha TS. Occupational Health and Safety Profile of Punjab, Pakistan and Strategies for its Improvement.
74 Pelkonen KHO et al. Accumulation of silver from drinking water into cerebellum and musculus soleus in mice.
75 Rajala RL et al. Removal of microbes from municipal wastewater effluent by rapid sand filtration and subsequent UV irradiation.
76 Rantakokko P et al. Analysis of bromate in drinking water with ion chromatography using suppressor current switching as a tool to decrease baseline noise.
77 Rantakokko P et al. Suppressor current switching: a simple and effective means to reduce background noise in ion chromatography.
78 Reiman M et al. Coincidence of microbial findings, complaints and symptoms in a building.
79 Rinnan R et al. Carbon dioxide and methane fluxes in boreal peatland microcosms with different vegetation cover - effects of ozone or ultraviolet-B exposure.
80 Saari A. Methane Oxidation in Forest Soils as Affected by Environmental Changes.
81 Saari A, Martikainen PJ. Dimethyl sulphoxide (DMSO) and dimethyl sulphide (DMS) as inhibitors of methane oxidation in forest soil.
82 Saarijärvi K et al. Kuormittaako nurmiviljely pohjavettä? Vertailussa säilörehunurmi ja laidun.
83 Schlink U et al. A rigorous inter-comparison of ground-level ozone predictions.
84 Schneider T et al. 'EUROPART'. Airborne particles in the indoor environment. A European interdisciplinary review of scientific evidence on associations between exposure to particles in buildings and health effects.
85 Sippula O et al. Development of a wood burning flow reactor.
86 Tuomainen JM et al. Baltic Sea cyanobacterial bloom contains denitrification and nitrification genes, but has negligible denitrification activity.
87 Tuomainen M et al. The 3-year follow-up study in a block of flats - experiences in the use of the Finnish indoor climate classification.
88 Tuppurainen K, Ruuskanen J. NMR and molecular modeling in environmental chemistry: prediction of 13C chemical shifts in selected C10-chloroterpenes employing DFT/GIAO theory.
89 Turrek T et al. Characterisation of a diesel exhaust in dilution.. Impact of dilution ratio and residence time on the particle size distribution in the dilution tunnel.
90 Uusi-Kämppä J et al. Ravinne- ja mikrobikuormitus nurmelle levitetystä lietelannasta.
91 Uusi-Kämppä J et al. Ulko- ja jaloittelutarhojen rakentaminen ja tarhoista aiheutuva ympäristökuormitus.
92 Vallius M et al. Source apportionment of urban ambient PM2.5 in two successive measurement campaigns in Helsinki, Finland.
93 Varjo E et al. A new gypsum-based technique to reduce methane and phophorus release from sediments of eutrophied lakes: (Gypsum treatment to reduce internal loading).
94 Vartiainen T et al. Vesiepidemiat - kasvava ongelma?

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